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    The Goal Is To Survive

    Chapter 7

    Chapter 7: Poison and Reward

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 7: Poison and Reward


    The flowers of the muguet(lily) plant have a sweet scent reminiscent of musk.


    The fragrance of muguet is processed into perfume, and the poisonous component is also extracted in the process.


    The scent of muguet is the favorite perfume of noblewomen.


    It was the scent of muguet that reached her nostrils with the sensation of vomiting.


    Faritina opened the perfume bottles on his dresser to make sure she was right.




    Gemini must have been given poison by his mother.


    Gemini’s weakness could have been caused by the small doses of poison she was constantly given.


    To kill him.


    How shallow.


    How pathetic.


    It was clear to me that Gemini was an illegitimate child and a nuisance to his mother.


    Nevertheless, Faritina decided to take the risk of having the medicine taken to Gemini for evaluation.


    It was more difficult than Faritina had expected to get the medicine to Gemini without her family’s knowledge.


    She searched for a lab that could analyze the poison. She read several books on poisoning and looked up institutions and researchers who had published reference papers on the subject.


    I wrote to each of them and asked if they would be able to do an analysis and what the cost would be.


    She knew it would be quicker to contact the ducal physicians or the chamberlains of the royal court, but since Faritina didn’t trust any of them, she had no choice but to be careful.


    She sends the medicine to the researcher she finally found, and now looks for a doctor who can examine Gemini.


    The Duke’s doctors are not to be trusted.


    Faritina has taken Gemini to a renowned street doctor under the guise of taking him to a park outside the house.


    She was told that Gemini’s internal organs were severely damaged, and was prescribed medicine and instructions on how to live.


    Visits to the doctor and medicines were expensive and what little pocket money there was in Faritina’s room soon disappeared.


    From this point on, Faritina’s finances become a problem for her.


    Although the dukes are wealthy, Faritina has very little cash at her disposal.


    It was difficult to find a lab to test the drug without the knowledge of the house, and to prepare the real drug for Gemini.


    At that point, Faritina realized that she also had no allies in the house.


    As a duchess, she would have to be accompanied by guards and maids. Although she had her own maids, they were employed by the dukes. In other words, the mother of Gemini’s enemies.


    She would be no match for any suspicious activity reported to her.


    If only she had taken pity on Gemini and helped him instead of herself.


    But Faritina, who had made a name for herself as a proud young woman, had no maid to talk to.


    A month passed quickly, and it was the day that Faritina left for her domain.


    The second son, Colin, was to study in a neighboring country, and she wanted to say goodbye to him.


    With Gemini’s back turned, Faritina left the mansion with Colin.


    “No, no,Neesama! Gemini won’t let go.”


    Gemini clung to Faritina and didn’t want to leave her.


    “I’m sorry, Gemini. Neesama, I’ll be back soon.”


    “Will you be back today?”


    “Not today, but soon.”


    “Picture book. Picture book.”


    “Adele will read to you. If you sleep well, she’ll give you a treat. It’s a special treat for you.”


    “Nee-sama is good. Nee-sama. Nee-sama.”


    Colin, who had come to say goodbye before they left, was stunned to see his little brother clinging to Faritina in a way he hadn’t seen in a long time.


    He had no idea that such a bond had existed between Faritina and Gemini.


    Faritina managed to calm Gemini down and put a small piece of candy in his mouth. Gemini’s mouth watered.


    “Wait for me, Gemini. I’m sure your Neesama will come back. She’ll be back before the candy runs out. I know the medicine is too bitter to drink, but by all means eat it after each lick. But you don’t have to take it. It would be worse if you threw up like last time, wouldn’t it?”


    With that, Faritina hugged Gemini tightly, kissed him on the cheek and forehead, and regretfully left the house.


    I really want to take you with me. But Gemini’s fever had just broken, and the carriage ride, which took two full days round trip, would be too much for him.


    When they left the house, Serion came to see them off.


    Faritina was surprised to see him and looked at him carefully.


    Serion gave Colin a few words of advice, telling him to study so that he would not be ashamed to be a member of the dukedom, and then turned to face Faritina.


    “You too, Neesama. How many times have you visited the school in the last month? And you took a leave of absence from the summer party organized by the executive committee to go on a vacation to the territory? I can’t even begin to tell you.One day the prince will tire of you and break off the engagement.”


    Since Gemini’s fever, Faritina had drifted further and further away from the school.


    Once she found the goal of keeping Gemini alive, she no longer had time for school.


    “I’m sorry, Serion. Am I making you feel small?”


    I’m aware that I’m doing something selfish. Serion is a person who lives in a different dimension from me, and I don’t think he can be blamed for having a sister who is not good at her job, but I still felt sorry for him if he had difficulty living in the small world of the academy.


    “Because of you? No, of course not. You don’t come to school so often that people seem to forget that I have an older sister.”


    Faritina was frankly relieved to hear this answer.


    Serion looked at her as if she were a fool,


    “Can’t you take sarcasm? You really are an idiot.”


    He swore and turned away.

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