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    The Goal Is To Survive

    Chapter 6

    Chapter 6: Laughter

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 6: Laughter


    When Faritina realized that her mother had cheated on her father, she remembered…


    The nightmare.


    The reason for her imprisonment was the excessive abuse of her classmates, but the reason for her conviction was treason against the royal family.


    Her mother, the acting head of the family, had conspired with her lover to keep the estate’s products secret from the kingdom and sell them abroad through her lover, the viscount.


    I remember that a poisoned cup was served to the whole family for this reason.


    The guard who offered the cup said that Faritina was the last.


    I wonder if that means that Gemini, Ceara and Serion also drank the cup.


    Ceara’s twin brother, Julian, and Serion’s younger brother, Colin.


    Colin will be studying in a neighboring country next month.


    Would he have been spared the poisoned chalice if he had not returned?


    I thought it was a dream, but then I thought of the possibility that it could have been a dream with some reality.


    The physical harassment of the baroness was wrong, but the repeated verbal assaults I would have done.


    Maybe it was a prophetic dream. It was a dream, not a real story, but it is possible.


    If that is the case, I should take a different path.


    The first thing I should do is explore the situation around the Grandquiece.


    But if I act too quickly, my mother and Serion will find out. What would be left of her after questioning his mother about her infidelity and causing a storm?


    For Serion and Gemini, she is their mother. She is still the protector they and the other children rely on. They are the ones who get into trouble when they push her around and get into mischief.


    I have to find a way out of this situation.


    She realized, however, that there was no adult in Faritina to talk to.


    My grandparents had already passed away, and my father’s siblings had become estranged from him because he had made my stepmother, a maid, his wife.


    Faritina and Serion were only a year old apart. Less than six months after Faritina’s mother died, she had a baby in her womb. This baby was Serion.


    Her father had cheated on Faritina’s mother when she was sick.


    Since Serion looked so much like his father, it was impossible to disown him, and since it was not uncommon for nobles to have mistresses, Faritina’s grandparents isolated themselves from him, but after the birth of his third son and second daughter, twins, his siblings stopped coming to the duchy.


    The reason for this is unclear, but it was probably due to the overemphasis on members of the Holland family, my mother’s family, which led to a backlash from the older family members.


    Faritina, however, had no intention of relying on this frosty relationship now.


    “She’s quite a whore when you think about it, that mother.”


    Faritina muttered in the darkened room, unable to sleep.


    Not only her father, but Viscount Gavril as well. Perhaps he was also present during that time.


    It is true that my mother has a masculine appearance.


    Not from the point of view of a child, but as an object of desire. And this sensuality has been inherited by Serion and her third son, Julian.


    He has yet to find a fiancée, but even before he entered the academy, he was the talk of the town.


    A cold nobleman who never smiles.


    His sister Faritina wondered how he could be so passionate about a woman who spoke so harshly and regarded others like scum.


    She also envied her brother, who had inherited his mother’s good looks.


    With his beauty and sex appeal, he could easily persuade her fiancé.


    Faritina laughed.


    How could I have been so blind?


    The way he had acted tonight had shown her how little Gideon thought of her.


    After all, even with Granqiece’s money, her own value was still so low.


    Faritina decided to spend the next long vacation at the estate.


    She could not find anyone to help her, but she decided to eliminate one worry at a time.


    The head of the administration was suspicious and Serion was upset that she would not attend the school’s summer festival during the long vacation, but Faritina decided not to worry.


    Her only concern was Gemini.


    Just as she was about to leave for the estate, he was struck with an unexplained fever that caused him to pass out.


    Faritina took time off from school to care for him.


    Live. Please, please live.


    Faritina held Gemini’s hand and prayed for a long time. The fever lasted two days, and when it subsided, Gemini was pale and lifeless.


    Not only was the fever feverish, but the diarrhea was so severe that Faritina cleaned Gemini’s body, even though the maidservants tried to stop her.


    Gemini especially resisted taking the medicine. The color was too poisonous and the smell too sweet to be given to a child. However, the maids tried to get him to take the medicine that his mother, the Duchess, had provided for him.


    If it was so difficult to drink it, Faritina wondered if there was anything she could do.


    The medicine Gemini didn’t like was a tonic to be taken after a normal meal. 


    Faritina wondered if she could put it in his mouth with the meal and decided to try it herself.


    Gemini doesn’t like to put it in his mouth, so he usually takes a spoonful after each meal, but he only needs to lick it once a day.


    Faritina took a spoonful and blew it out.


    “You can’t drink that…”


    Don’t, Big Sister!


    Gemini said in a tone more mature than ever. He must have been very upset.


    That day Faritina had a bad case of diarrhea. She felt like vomiting, and she remembered the smell in her nose when she sat up uncontrollably.

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