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    The Goal Is To Survive

    Chapter 50

    Chapter 50: Elgran territory 4

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 50: Elgran territory 4

    “I don’t mind my sister giving it up, because it’s no longer necessary.”

    “When did Faritina say she wanted to give it up? You haven’t spoken to each other since then.”

    “That was when you sent the letter for isolation.”


    Serion looked coldly at Gideon, who contorted in regret.

    “The royal family has abandoned Granquiece. That’s what my sister said. And she told us that our first priority is survival, not the interests of Gazelli.”

    “…I’m sorry. I didn’t think you would take it so seriously.”

    “It’s over now. But in my sister’s eyes, the end of the engagement was foreseeable at that time. And she entrusted me to do what was in the best interest of the Grandquiece.”

    Don’t hesitate to let me down. Rather, consider how the Grandquiece could survive under slightly better conditions.

    He doesn’t know how long she has known this.

    She said the Grandquiece is just an empty shell.

    A dissonance that even Serion, who was on the road more often than Faritina, had not noticed.

    Now, in this time of crisis, it is clear.

    The Grandquiece’s faction is as immobile as if it had never existed.

    They may have answered the call of the acting duke. But within Serion’s sight, there is no movement to help Faritina.

    Even the Count of Granquiece, the second largest of the factions and the closest relative, remained silent until Serion brought Gazelli’s story to his attention.

    The former members of the family watched the Duke of Granquiece’s downfall as if from the shore.

    He wondered if Faritina felt the chill in the air.

    “Did Faritina know about this? That she would be caught this way.”

    “Are you stupid? Do you think she would bother to answer a call from the academy if she knew she was going to get caught? That clever sister of mine.”

    Serion’s contemptuous words made Aiden’s back swell as he rode in the carriage.”

    There had been no civility since last night, but in the eyes of the land, this was royalty.

    According to Serion, he was surprised at how different his impression of Faritina was from what he knew about her.

    When Aiden was recruited by the Duke of Granquiece, Faritina had already been captured and was no longer in the house.

    Therefore, Aiden knew Faritina only from school.

    But he had never spoken to Faritina.

    Only rumors.

    She is a vile woman who spends her nights soiling herself with commoners, a whore who dishonors the name of the four historical grand dukes in the shadow of Serion’s glory.

    The sons of the lesser nobility around Aiden liked to spread obscene rumors.

    Some of them almost believed them.

    When they heard that Faritina had arrived at school, some of them went to see her in the classroom and returned disappointed at her mediocrity.

    Aiden raised an eyebrow in the face of such frivolity, but he had no opinion of Faritina herself.

    Even in the Duchy, Faritina was rarely mentioned.

    But it was clear that the Granquiece siblings respected and admired Faritina as their eldest sister.

    As they drove the twins to the port of Modori, Serion hugged his handsome brother, who looked very much like him, and said.

    “Your sister will come back. Trust me and wait for me at the Empire. I will bring her back.”

    Julian nodded with an uncertain expression on his face.

    “Keep Ceara safe. She is strong, like her sister. But Ceara is a girl. In time, you will be stronger and more powerful than she ever was. Be Ceara’s shield and stay by her side so she won’t be lonely. Hold her hand and comfort her when she cries.”

    “Yes, big brother.”

    “I’ll go check on big sister. I know you’ll miss us, but until then, you’ll have to bear with us. I don’t want to keep her waiting.”

    Serion gently stroked Julien’s head.

    “Make the most of the chance your big sister has given you in the Empire. We believe in you.”

    Aiden was shocked by the sweet smile.

    He hadn’t realized how loving Serion could be to his family.

    And then he felt the emotions welling up inside him.

    One day, he wants that smile to be directed at him.

    He wants him to say those words of goodwill.

    To do that, he has to win his confidence and convince him that he is capable.

    There are many competitors.

    The lab in Granquiece territory they are headed to is the source of the Granquiece’s wealth and houses many of the researchers who produced the genius Serion.

    Now that Aiden is finally allowed to visit them as an attendant, he must compete with them.

    The destination was the ore laboratory.

    Serion divided the students into several groups and sent them to the workshops of the craftsmen scattered from Elgran to Granquiece.

    There was no single workshop, but a series of workshops specializing in dyeing raw silk, making gazelli, refining herbal medicines, processing jewelry from the mines, and the ore lab run by Serion.

    Granquiece’s wealth is immeasurable when compared to the rest of the duchy’s output.

    Although the mountain range takes up most of the territory, the benefits of the entire mountain range are fully realized.

    The ore laboratory, to which Serion has led them, is conducting research to improve the safety of ore mining.

    The components of the ores, thanks to their hardness, can be used not only for processed products, but also for agricultural and medicinal purposes.

    Some of them produce toxic gases during mining or cause explosions when exposed to heat or vibration. Therefore, research is being conducted to ensure that they can be mined safely on site.

    Gideon paused outside one of the research workshops.

    A familiar smell.

    different from the sulfur in volcanic rock.

    I smelled that recently. Not here, in this more inappropriate place.


    He waded through the crowd and stopped Serion.

    “What is it? Your Highness.”

    He replied with a beautiful smile, gentle but laced with sarcasm.

    “What is that smell? Is it here?”

    “That is the smell of cinnabar being processed. It’s used to make medicine, but cinnabar itself is poisonous, so don’t breathe it in too deeply.”

    The group turns a little pale.

    Serion smiles brightly.

    “Don’t worry about it. It is not a fast-acting substance. It is a poison that destroys the internal organs when it accumulates, which is why the artisans must be replaced regularly. That’s why vermilion mines often use prisoners.”


    Gideon turned blue.

    The smell.


    Gideon tugged at Serion.

    “I smelled that in Faritina’s room.”

    Serion was caught off guard.

    “It’s red, the stone she ground….”

    Cinnabar is a stone with a characteristic red color, sometimes used as a red pigment.

    “…Who would do such a thing.”

    Serion’s eyes opened. The first corner of his eye lifted, an icy anger was in it.

    “Let me see Faritina…”

    Serion’s voice trembled.

    It was hard to tell if it was anger or fear.

    His eyes almost turned red.

    They are trying to kill her.

    The poor girl who was condemned just for being born.

    of one’s beloved.

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