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    The Goal Is To Survive

    Chapter 5

    Chapter 5: To keep Gemini alive

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 5: To keep Gemini alive


    The toast to the evening party was over and it was time to talk.


    The waltz began to play, but Faritina couldn’t get up from her chair.


    Her mother and Viscount Gavle accompanied her to greet the nobility.


    Faritina looked at the trembling fan and tried to control herself.


    How dare she.


    Even if her father, the Duke, was dead, Gemini’s relationship with Viscount Gavle would be exposed when she grew up and began to participate in society.


    How could he be allowed to remain in the family?


    I wonder if Serion and the other siblings know about this.


    What would Serion do to Gemini if he had noticed?


    Gemini is clearly an illegitimate child.


    Gemini’s existence can be kept secret from society if his mother abdicates on Serion and sends him with her to her own estate when she retires.


    But Viscount Gavle is still married. Now that they know, things won’t get any easier.


    “…Sister. Faritina.”


    Serion called out, and Faritina looked up.


    He looked at Faritina with a twisted expression on his beautiful face.


    “What’s wrong?”


    Faritina looked back at Serion.


    She wondered if Serion hadn’t noticed… that Gemini and Viscount Gavle looked exactly alike.


    That was a possibility.


    It’s only in the last few months that even Faritina has begun to recognize Gemini’s face.


    I don’t think Serion has any special affection for Gemini in that cold family relationship.


    What would he do if he found out?


    Would he go after his mother?


    Would he take Gemini into his care and raise him as a member of the Granquise?


    Would he take Gemini away from me?


    Faritina’s thoughts were lost in the rushing aromas and the noise of people.


    She turned her head in distress and saw someone talking to Serion.


    “… Serion. What’s going on?”


    It was her fiancé, Gideon, Faritina realized.


    She looked up and saw Serion standing in front of her as if to protect her.


    “I’m sorry, Your Highness. My sister doesn’t seem to be feeling well.”


    “I understand. I was going to ask her to dance, but…”


    Gideon said with a wry smile.


    Serion looked at Faritina, and she shook her head slightly, as if asking for help.


    “I’m sorry, sir. It’s just the way she looks.”


    “Yes. You are very pale. What’s the matter? You looked fine a little while ago.”


    “I’d like to get her out of here, if possible.”


    “All right, Serion, do you want to stay?The executive wants you to be introduced.”


    “Yes”. Serion replied in a firm voice.


    Faritina walked dazedly back to the house.


    When she got back to the house, she went to Gemini’s room first.


    Gemini was pleased that he returned earlier than expected.


    Without changing, Faritina took Gemini on her lap and read him a story. She held his hand until he fell asleep, as always. Gemini, a good sleeper, soon fell asleep peacefully.


    I knew they were alike.


    Hopelessly, Faritina looked at his peaceful sleeping face.


    I hope I’m wrong.


    She was looking for a resemblance to her father, but all she could see was the face of Viscount Gavle, whom she had just met.


    I wonder how many people are aware of this.


    I thought my mother had only started carrying Viscount Gavle around in the last year. The Duke was already dead, and it was too much for a woman to take on the role of acting Duke alone, so I could understand why she would want to rely on an old acquaintance.


    Since the Viscount is not staying in the duke’s household and is married, the two are currently considered to be, shall we say, kindred spirits.


    If the relationship were to turn into a love affair in the future, the Viscount would be able to keep up appearances if he divorced his current wife.


    But Gemini is a clear proof.


    Faritina sighed deeply.


    Gemini was still small. He was so sickly that he had never been outside the house, or even outside his room, until Faritina arrived.


    Only recently did Faritina take him for a walk in the garden.


    He can stay in the house like this for a few more years.


    In the meantime, I have to hide the evidence of this infidelity.


    Or else.


    Or else what?


    Shaking her head, Faritina silently left Gemini’s room.


    “Big Sister Fana!”


    It was her sister Ceara who stopped her.


    “Hello, Ceara. Are you still awake?”


    “I was trying to sleep. But then I saw a carriage coming.”


    Ceara seemed to be looking for Faritina.


    “…Big Sister, you’re beautiful.”


    Nine-year-old Ceara looked at Faritina with longing eyes.


    Faritina was dressed in her best clothes, with her hair tied up in a high bun and wearing a set of matching jewelry.


    Faritina smiled slightly.


    “Would you like to dress like this, Ceara?”


    “Yes. I’d love to!”


    “Ceara’s dress for the tea party was beautiful. Pink is not my color, but it suits Ceara.”


    “Is that so? I think Ceara should wear purple like her Faritina.”


    Faritina smiled and removed her earring.


    She gently placed it in Ceara’s hands.


    “I’m giving you this, Ceara. Learn diligently to be a lady so these earrings will fit you. Don’t worry, it won’t take long for Ceara.”


    “Yes!” replied Ceara cheerfully.


    Faritina took Ceara’s hand and accompanied her to her room.


    If the world found out that Gemini was an unfaithful child.


    The Dukes would lose the confidence of their faction.


    My mother, originally his second wife, has no powerful backing. The source of the Dukes’ power is the valuable produce from their lands, but that doesn’t help her own credibility.


    She would soon be asked to replace the head of the family.


    But the next generation, Serion, is only fourteen years old.


    He may be a genius, but he’s still a child. Who will take his place?


    The thought of that sends a shiver down her spine.


    What about the  Granquise family factions?


    When my father was alive, it was clear that he was coordinating the interests of the Council and the territory. However, I don’t think that my mother has inherited that correctly.


    I wonder how many noble families support the Granquiece’s now.


    Faritina was dumbfounded.


    I need to find out.


    I’ve been living just fine until now.


    Although her father is dead, she still has her mother to protect her and her fiancé, the second prince.


    I had a vague idea that my future was secure and I didn’t have to do anything.


    But how can I protect Gemini by myself?


    I don’t want to be separated from Gemini.


    When I graduate, I will be married to Gideon. If I could, I would take him with me to the palace. If Gemini was of my blood, I might have been selfish enough to do that.




    To keep Gemini alive.


    I need to get this Granquiece situation straightened out.

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