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    The Goal Is To Survive

    Chapter 48

    Chapter 48: Elgran Territory 2

    Translated by SkyTL
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    Chapter 48: Elgran Territory 2

    I don’t need to wait for tomorrow.

    Serion was roughly dragged out of the hall by Gideon.

    “What are you doing!”

    “Are you trying to spoil the party?”

    Serion threw off his beautiful mask and said in a cold voice.

    So that’s who you really are.

    Gideon stared at him.

    “Please don’t glare at me. We need to find a solution that is beneficial to both the royal family and us.”

    Serion said.

    “The lands rich in gazelli have been ceded to the Count of Granquiece. If you accept Amanda, you will receive the right to distribute the gazelli as a dowry. Your marriage will be consummated on the same terms as before. Although the size of the duchy will decrease, the Granquiece faction as a whole will remain almost unchanged.”


    Gideon’s blood ran cold in his veins.

    “It’s just a change in personnel. Isn’t it? I gave you Amanda, the girl you wanted.”

    “I told you I didn’t want her!”

    “You’re so annoying…”

    Serion covered Gideon’s mouth with his hand.

    “I don’t care what you really want. All that matters is that we offered our interest in Gazelli to the royal family. We have made a proposal. If you don’t like it, you can talk to the king and work things out.”

    This is why you brought Amanda Lyon here, of all places. This is blatant harassment.

    “…What about Faritina? If Amanda is included in the Duke of Granquiece’s faction, Faritina’s position is lost.”

    Faritina’s replacement.

    Faritina’s position will be replaced by Amanda’s, and Faritina will have no real position when she returns as a duchess.

    Serion said coldly.

    “Even if her imprisonment is lifted, she has no position as a duchess anyway. It is impossible for her to marry at the right age after such an ugly story has been spread and treated as fact. The only candidates who come into question are old bloodsuckers with ulterior motives who want to get close to the Grand Duchess’s faction.”

    “You! You want to put Faritina in this position?!”

    “Please don’t be silly. Why do I have to put my beloved sister in front of such scoundrels?”

    Serion said in an annoyed tone.


    Gideon repeated it inwardly.

    It was an inappropriate word for Serion, who was always so sober, so far from love and affection.

    “Generally speaking, I will not give Faritina to anyone who does not belong to my faction, under any circumstances.”

    “What will you do then? How long will she stay in that cramped place?”

    Serion looked down at Gideon with disdain.

    “What the hell do you think you’re talking about? Of course, I’ll get her back when I’m ready. If she gets out now, she’ll be locked up in the house anyway.”

    “Still, she It’s better than being treated like a criminal.”

    “Shut up. I know that. I know that much. I’ve told you. By the time my preparation is ready.”

    Just because you live in a mansion doesn’t mean you’re safe.

    His mother is upset because he sold the Gazelli lands to the Count of Granquiece.

    Now she’s being cornered little by little.

    I will cut off her escape route and confront her about the embezzlement. It’s a simple matter to get the evidence and clean up the mess.

    That’s why he got engaged to the daughter of Pareto’s faction.

    The engagement money has already been paid, and the request for engagement has been submitted to the royal family. If it is accepted, it will be announced with great fanfare.

    Faritina’s presence at these celebrations is a problem.

    He does not want her mother to call her unkind names or hurt her, and the mansion in his duchy is not a safe environment.

    He’s sending someone with great skills to prepare to expose the embezzlement.

    It is not a place of peace.

    At least until she leaves the country, I want to give her as much peace and quiet as possible.

    He wants to help her work through the grief of losing Gemini.

    He wants her to spend her life as if she were wrapped in a beautiful silk cocoon, so that she can sublimate her beautiful memories beautifully.

    It’s not easy, but the royal palace is perfect.

    As for Serion, now that he has too much to do, it’s better for her to stay in the palace, where he knows nothing can happen to her.

    “Preparations? What are you preparing for?”

    “Preparations so my sister can live a quiet life I have a lot to do.”

    Serion shrugged his shoulders.

    Gideon looked at Serion suspiciously.

    “I will now inform the royal family about the Gazelli concession. Tomorrow you will meet the Count of Granquiece. Then return home to consult with His Majesty. Don’t worry about her. She is a peasant girl with no sense of propriety, but she has been greatly encouraged by the members of the Executive Committee. In three years, she will be so good that she will be able to enter the halls of the palace without feeling ashamed.”

    This is not the academy.

    Even though it is a school event, the festival in this palace is a real social event.

    If you can only behave like that, you are not very good.

    This is not a matter of experience.

    It is a matter of preparation.

    A real person of high rank would have behaved from the very first social occasion.

    Julian and Ceara, who are only ten years old, have never displayed the kind of rudeness that would cause a stir at an official event in the royal palace.

    “Well, she’ll never measure up to my sister, who is a true duchess…”

    Serion smiled gently.

    Faritina was perfect.

    The way she walked with her servants, despite her young age, and the way she put on a face at dinner parties and social gatherings didn’t betray her true intentions.

    The way she didn’t seem to listen, but listened to the people around her and observed who they were.

    If she had known a little better what she was getting into, she wouldn’t have let herself be taken advantage of.

    Not at all. She knew enough.

    She was aware of this and tried not to get close to Gemini until she tried to protect him.

    It was the result of a crippled woman’s fighting to save the life of her helpless little brother.

    Don’t overdo it.

    True to Faritina’s words, Serion tries to end the matter as calmly and peacefully as possible.

    Frustration is growing.

    I want Faritina back in my hands as soon as possible.

    But he must be ready for that.

    Soon he will secretly, under cover of night, withdraw his sister and himself from the country. Until then, Faritina can live in a quiet environment.

    An environment where she can cry to her heart’s content, mourn for Gemini, and wait until she can rise again.

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