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    The Goal Is To Survive

    Chapter 47

    Chapter 47: Elgran Territory 1

    Translated by SkyTL
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    Chapter 47: Elgran Territory 1

    The academy’s students once again sighed, wondering what it would be like to inherit a duchy.

    This year’s extracurricular training focused on the current topic of raw silk dyeing.

    The Duke of Granquiece, from whom the idea came, had personally invited them to participate in the training.

    The area of Elgran is not far from a muddy bog where there is a lot of ore for dyeing raw silk.

    Their leader is the Count of Granquiece, the brother of the former Duke of Granquiece.

    The workshops for dyeing raw silk are located in Granquiece, but the students are housed in Elgran Castle, which is not far from the villages where the workshops are located.

    Serion also set up a workshop at Elgran where the students received careful and practical training. The workshops were also distributed for viewing.

    The dyeing techniques require special knowledge that is different from what they normally learn.

    It starts with the fact that different products can be made depending on the combination of ingredients, that the ores can be obtained from the Granquiece area, that the ingredients are dissolved in the soil, and that the soil ingredients are needed.

    For the students who only focused on human interaction and the embodiment of desires, it was often difficult to understand, but Serion explained as if even a child could understand, and finally said,

    “Grandquiece is the realm of artisans. Whether it is refining medicines or processing ores, the people of Grandquiece earn their living by practicing a particular craft. Therefore, these skills are familiar to them from birth, and in elementary school, in addition to basic reading and writing skills, they are taught about the livelihood of the kingdom. The laboratory that we have brought to the capital is part of the research that the workshops do here. You are welcome to visit the workshops. We are all fellow students at the school after all.”

    Serion smiled.

    Following that, there was a slew of jewelry.

    The wealth of the Duchy of Granquiece was obvious.

    Serion’s ruse was that not only the students were allowed to attend the training, but also the adults who had been approached at the institute in the capital.

    The eyes of these adults are serious.

    You can see that they are trying to steal the information on how to utilize this advanced technology and abundant resources with the eyes of a hawk.

    Serion responds with a cool expression.

    He is a white, handsome boy of 15, but his manner and behavior are not at all appropriate.

    He is very suspicious.

    Gideon thought as he watched Serion explain to the adults the technology for cultivating the veins in the mountains.

    Serion’s explanations are like those of a merchant trying to sell a product at a high price.

    He told them how attractive the Granquiece area and its surroundings are and how rich they will be in the future.

    How well the adults he brought together in their respective fields worked together.

    The atmosphere is such that you could talk about it for hours, and it is not easy to find your way around Serion.

    What will he do with Faritina?

    Gideon’s thoughts are circling.

    He has asked to be used, but all that is asked of him is to send the news of his brother’s death.

    Even if he wanted to talk to him about Faritina, who has become ill with grief, he couldn’t even approach him.

    Are you going to save her?

    Will you exonerate her and release her from her cell?

    He can’t even ask Serion, who doesn’t want to go near Gideon.


    Gideon accompanies the Countess, who is new to the executive this year, to a welcome reception at Elgran’s castle.

    Lately, he and Amanda are not as close as they used to be. The atmosphere on the executive committee has also changed.

    It is clear that everyone is afraid of Faritina and careful not to interfere too much in her affairs.

    The fact that the engagement with Faritina has ended is unknown to the executive committee and was not disclosed to Gideon.

    As if awakened by Serion’s anger, the members of the Executive Committee, who had previously approached Gideon with a sort of rudeness that belied their barriers, began to show Gideon a distinct courtesy.

    I do not miss it.

    They had experienced the power of status firsthand and could no longer move so easily.

    I felt constrained by my status, but the price I paid for making light of it was too high.

    With so much influence, he couldn’t even release his fragile former fiancée.

    Power is a weapon too easily wielded, and if you are too lax in your resolve, you will not only protect what you really want to save, but burn down what you thought you owned.

    Gideon knew firsthand that he wasn’t strong enough or ready to use it yet.

    And the difference between him and Serion hurt him.

    Though they are nearly the same age, he already embodies the power of a duke.

    Although he is still an illegitimate duke, he knows how to run the entire duchy and has set the course for the future.

    When they see that he can match the courage of the adults, the students have to take a step back.

    No one sees him as an equal just because he is a student or younger than they are.

    He is a genius.

    He is a leader in the skin of a beautiful boy.

    Serion is accompanied by the Countess of Parelto as his partner. It is rumored that they are about to be engaged.

    The Countess of Parelto is the granddaughter of the Duke of Parelto. She will be the heiress. The Granquiece is close to the Duke of Parelto’s faction.

    This is how it will be shown to the world.

    It seems that he is constantly preparing for the succession of the dukedom.

    As a result, he seems to lose interest in saving Faritina, and Gideon becomes impatient.

    Today, alone with her loneliness and grief over the loss of her beloved, Faritina chisels away at the forgotten tower of the palace.

    “Ah, His Royal Highness Gideon.”

    Serion calls out to Gideon, who is talking to the executive committee after his dance with the Countess of Parelto.


    “The lord of the castle, the Count of Granquiece, wishes to greet you. He has been looking for you.”

    Serion was accompanied by his uncle, the Count of Granquiece.

    Behind him, for some reason, was Amanda, all dressed up.

    Amanda wore a bright yellow dress, like a mimosa. The lightness of the dress is probably silk.

    It could be the latest achievement in dyeing raw silk.

    Around her neck she wore disproportionate jewelry, and around her ears she wore matching jewelry.

    Amanda’s cheeks flush with delight as she is adorned in all her glory, and she cannot hide her nervousness at the unfamiliar atmosphere.

    The fan in her hand remains closed and unattended.

    With a feeling of uneasiness, Gideon is greeted by the Count of Granquiece.

    “Let me introduce her once again. This is Amanda. She was recently adopted by the Count’s household.”

    The Count was a little proud of Amanda.

    Amanda smiled shyly and awkwardly to Gideon and the others.

    Gideon and all the members of the Executive Committee were surprised.

    They hadn’t had a chance to talk to Amanda lately, but none of them knew that something like this was in the works.

    “Amanda, thank you.”

    Amanda folded her arms awkwardly at the count’s prompting.

    “I am Amanda, adopted daughter of the Count of Granquiece.”

    The poor quality is typical of Amanda.

    But as the daughter of the second highest count in the ducal faction, it was a rude and ungraceful bow.

    The count smiled bitterly.

    “As you know, she was raised in the Baron’s household until recently, so please excuse her lack of manners. We will work on that.”

    Gideon looked at Serion with a puzzled look.

    Serion looked at him with a pleased, fearless smile.

    “There are only boys in the Count’s family, and he wanted a girl. She is a pretty girl with a good reputation at school, and she would be suitable for the countess.”

    The way he said it made Gideon’s face freeze.

    As if her feud with Faritina had never happened.

    He’s going to get behind Amanda.

    He’s going to abandon Faritina.

    Serion smiles seductively at Gideon, whose expression slowly changes.

    “Perhaps we can talk tomorrow? His Highness, Gideon. As a Granquiece, I have something to discuss with the Countess.”

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