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    The Goal Is To Survive

    Chapter 42

    Chapter 42: As your friend

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 42: As your friend


    “Serion, wait for me!”


    Serion Gnoll Granquiece appeared in the classroom. Gideon made his way through the crowd and stopped Serion.


    Serion lowered his eyebrows slightly, as if troubled by his good looks, and looked at Gideon.


    “That is, your highness.”


    “Give me a moment. Just five minutes.”


    “I can’t interfere in executive affairs. I’m afraid.”


    “It’s not about the executive committee.”


    “Then I’ll see you later…”


    “Is it the Remingtons who are meddling?”


    At Gideon’s interjection, Serion chuckled.


    The first corner of his eye, which had been gently lowered, was now lifted, and only his mouth was nicely curved.


    Those around him froze in the face of the ghastly smile.


    “…I see you are in a hurry.”


    A deep, commanding voice.


    Gideon’s throat tightened.


    He knew he had stepped on a tiger’s tail, but this was no time to be scared.


    “Sorry, everybody. Tell Aiden the rest. I’ll put it in writing. Aiden will come to school every day if he can.”


    The dark-haired boy who had been sitting next to Serion nodded. He belonged to a baronet who had recently been hired as an attendant at Granquiece.


    “I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. Your Highness.”


    Serion suppressed a smile. The vivid change made Gideon tingle.


    He’s angry.


    Definitely angry.


    He hadn’t seen Serion this angry since Faritina’s imprisonment.


    “So, how did you find out about the Remiltons?”


    Serion stands up and pushes Gideon against the hallway wall as he leaves the classroom.


    “The Remilton set her up.”


    “Don’t be so blunt. The house of Remilton is second in line to the Duke of Consul. Don’t claim something like that without proof.”


    “She told me that the reason you can’t see her is because they have a grudge against her.”


    Serion’s blue-gray eyes lit up.


    Gideon felt a chill run down his spine.


    “You let Faritina talk?”


    “I asked her if she had any idea why you weren’t allowed to see her, and she told me about the feud with the Remiltons. I mean, I didn’t know that. I’m sorry.”


    Serion clicked his tongue.


    His cold good looks turned into a scowl.


    Not the usual Serion.


    He had never seen such a man-devouring, beautiful, demon-like Serion.


    “I always thought you were insensitive.”


    Serion’s rage must have reached its peak. He has no regard for Gideon’s status, no respect for his seniority.


    “Where in the world is there a person who wants to be aware of being neglected by his own grandparents just because she was born? Don’t you know how cruel it is to say it out loud?”


    “I didn’t know that. I apologized for making her say something so painful.”


    “That too. You’ve been engaged to her for three years and you don’t even know her background. I was so angry at you for your indifference. I should have just called it off.”


    It’s so true that he can’t even speak for himself.


    “What are you going to do now that you know all this? The engagement was called off, just like you wanted. But that doesn’t mean that Faritina will be released. The rebuttal and the request for a meeting are in vain.”


    “I don’t want it!”


    “Allegedly. In your place, you should have said so. But that’s all. The matter is settled.”


    “No! I really don’t!”


    Serion raised his hand.


    “Silence, your highness. Your relationship is over. What else will you do if you force Faritina to listen to you?”




    I know it’s convenient.


    It’s really too late for that now. But I want to help Faritina.


    “I want to be on your side. I know from talking to her that Lady Faritina did nothing wrong, and even if she did, the situation she’s in now is not normal. It’s not such a bad crime.”


    If anything, it is I who should be condemned.


    If Faritina committed the heinous act out of jealousy, she should only be  convicted of dishonesty.


    But no one would say that. No, of course they wouldn’t. A rumor alone is not a crime. And yet Faritina was convicted.


    The abnormality of Faritina’s situation now becomes clear.


    And with it, the abnormality of the situation she finds herself in.


    The only person who really wants to help Faritina is Serion.


    Her mother, the acting head of the family, has done nothing.


    In a way, this is an admission of Faritina’s guilt.


    Even if it is not as rumored, she is trying to provoke the royal family and high-ranking nobles by some mistake and make her pay for it.


    At least, that’s what it looks like.


    The factions that are supposed to support Granquice also remain idle, as if they were just watching the situation develop.


    “I know it’s a little late for that. But if this keeps up, she’s going to…”


    He heard Serion laugh sarcastically.


    “Yes, it’s really too late.”


    He bit his lip at the voice, which made no attempt to hide its contempt. But it was oddly comforting.


    If you don’t admit your mistakes, you don’t even get an apology.


    He was tormented by an atonement that would never save him.


    “So please don’t be unreasonable, Your Highness.”


    The voice sounded gentler than he had expected, and he looked at Serion, who gently relaxed her eyes.


    “You shouldn’t do anything you’re not used to. You don’t want to get yourself in trouble by moving too fast and bringing in something unexpected.”


    Serion shrugged his shoulders.


    That face always fools me.


    Gideon regretted it.


    In the end, Serion would take out everyone but Faritina.


    He would cut off his title, his lands, his mother, his land, and flee the country.


    Worst-case scenario, Faritina can be sent to the empire first, and I can burn everything down and run away.


    It’s hard to leave, so a year at most. I can live with that.


    Get as much of the wealth out of the country as I can, and we can live comfortably for a while. In the meantime, we can rebuild.


    I will use the talent and looks Heaven has given me to live as badly I can.


    If only Faritina would stay by my side.


    What do I have to do? That’s all I’m working on right now.


    In the meantime, there are always forces trying to put Serion in his place.


    The Parelto family is trying to build a relationship with Patricia. The Minister’s Office, which is trying to get her to succeed them after she graduates from the Academy.


    There are also requests from various sectors that want to benefit from Serion’s achievements.


    He is taking time out of his busy schedule to prepare for his promotion, and in the meantime is shifting funds and personnel out of the country.


    “Serion, please.”


    Gideon bowed his head.


    “Don’t do this, your highness. Not in this place.”


    “I want to help Faritina. I know it’s very late, and I know it’s shameful. But I can’t pretend I don’t know. This has something to do with me. They used me to get into this mess. I can’t just walk away.”


    “But what can you do? The whole time you’ve been involved, you’ve just stood by and watched. There’s nothing you can do, is there?”


    “…Use me.”


    Serion raised an eyebrow sharply.


    “I don’t know what to do. But you do. You can use me, can’t you?”


    After a moment of silence, Serion took a deep breath.


    “What do you take me for?”


    Gideon swallowed and waited for the words in a voice that had lost its authority.


    “I am still not a formal duke. I’m just a student.”


    Serion’s pompous reputation was the only thing that set him apart from the crowd. Only Faritina knows how fragile this tower of sand is.


    “Besides, we’ve already broken off our relationship with you. What reason would you have to side with us?”


    “…As a friend.”


    Serion looked surprised.


    “It’s really too late. I know, I know, but… I know we’re not engaged anymore, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t known her for three years. I think I would like to know about Lady Faritina and about you. What you, your sister, are trying to protect. Who you’re fighting.”


    Serion’s eyes flashed ice cold.


    Gideon tensed and urged himself on.


    “You must believe me. I want to be on your side. She’s fighting alone, and I want to protect her. I don’t want her to suffer any more.”


    Serion frowned.


    “What are you talking about with Faritina? Who do you think she’s fighting?”


    “She won’t tell me. She doesn’t even know who she’s fighting. But she said she wants to protect you. She said she wants you to live, even if no one else does.”


    Ah, there’s that face again.


    Gideon looked at Serion.


    The same inconsolable, weeping face he had seen one day.


    I would love to take her hand. But she would just shake me off. I want to tell her that she is not alone.


    I don’t know if I’m strong enough to help. But still.


    “Use me, Serion, it’s the least I can do. I want to be your ally. I want to start over, as friends.”


    If we could start over.


    I wonder if I would be able to protect her.


    Would I be able to wipe away the tears under the mask of a happy, fluffy smile?


    I hope you will live. Even if you don’t want to


    Only me


    Wish it for you.

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