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    The Goal Is To Survive

    Chapter 40

    Chapter 40: What is worth fighting for

    Translated by SkyTL
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    Chapter 40: What is worth fighting for


    Gideon’s older sister is to be married to a border Count in the south.


    More than a decade ago, the land was transformed from an independent state into a vassal state, and after conflicts with neighboring countries, it was incorporated into the kingdom. Although it is a part of the Kingdom, it is a difficult country where there is still a spirit of independence and restraint.


    She will go far away from this land called the capital, and since her husband is still an heir, she plans to stay with him for a while in his mansion in the capital, but it has been decided that she will eventually leave as the Countess of the Border.


    Not long after the summer festival, the wedding ceremony between his sister and the heir of the border Count took place.


    His sister, who will leave the royal family in the form of surrender, will take a lower position than Gideon, who will remain in the royal family.


    Tonight was the last night she would attend the royal soiree as a princess.


    “Congratulations on your wedding. Sister Rose.”


    He saw his sister, surrounded by her brother-in-law, moving away from him and quickly called out to her.


    No matter how many brothers and sisters you have, it’s not easy to become the star of the show at an evening event like this.


    In a few days, Rosemary, the older sister, would leave the palace and move to the royal residence of a border count in the castle.


    Until that day, he had been busy with the academy’s summer festival, and it was the first time his family had all been together in a month.


    “Thank you, Gideon.”


    Rosemary thanked him cheerfully.


    Rosemary and Arpeggio, the heir of the Borderland, had become engaged a year ago.


    Although the country was officially declared a vassal state, neighboring countries continued their relentless attacks on it.


    Civil wars broke out again and again, but the kingdom was reluctant to send the national army to fight them because of its history.


    After the great civil war a few years ago, the kingdom decided to send the royal family to the border and reinforce the national army there to build an educational system. As a banner, Rosemary was given in marriage.


    It was not that Rosemary was not engaged at that time. The pre-existing engagement was dissolved and the marriage renewed.


    ‘It must have been complicated for her,’ Gideon thought.


    But he couldn’t put it into words.


    It had been several years since she had been tempted to marry on the frontier, and his former fiancée was already married to someone else.


    It wasn’t that she had fallen out with her former fiancé. In fact, he had heard that they even got along well at the academy.


    And yet he had never heard that his sister was grieving.


    If she were grieving, her parents, who had made that decision, would be heartbroken, and her former fiancé, who he did not know how he felt, would not be able to find a new happiness.


    It would take some time for her to build trust with Arpeggio, the man she was going to marry.


    He can well imagine that.


    He doesn’t want to have a loveless marriage for short-term benefits.


    What annoyed him about Amanda’s words was her lack of imagination, her inability to put herself in that position.


    “Congratulations! Rose!”


    Rosemary and Gideon were cheerful.


    It was Lillamarie, the other sister.


    She had married four years ago and was now the wife of the heir to the Maniletne family, one of the four Dukes.


    The two sisters embraced and rejoiced.


    “Thank you, sister.”


    “Rejoice, Rose. He’s a little strong, but tall and handsome. And he looks so handsome when he smiles.”


    Lillamarie closed one eye, as if speaking in private.


    “Yes. He always looks scary, but I think he’s actually nice.”


    “I think so, too. He had to be worthy, because it was hard to find a place to live.”


    Then she looked to Arpeggio, who was surrounded by Dukes in the distance.


    “A woman with your strength of character must be able to understand his isolation. You will. You have each other. You won’t know everything right away. And you will have doubts.”


    Lillamarie and her partner have been engaged for nearly 10 years. They have lived together most of their lives. Still, there are times when they don’t get along.


    “Oh, you mean sisters?”


    Rosemary was surprised.


    The heirs of the Dukes of Maniletne are on good terms. His brother-in-law has a good grip on his sister, who can be a bit roguish. He thinks he can because they’ve been together since they were kids.


    “That’s true. Especially after we had kids. People change when they have more people to protect.”


    Lillamari smiled brightly.


    “You can count on us, Rosemary. That’s what we’re here for. And trust your mate. Your bond is what you make of it. Be there for each other. See the same things. You will see. You’ll know what he’s thinking.”


    “Yes. Sister.”


    They took each other’s hands and nodded.


    The oldest, who could be called spirited, and the youngest, who was ladylike and sensible. They were opposites, but they were always close.


    They must have had a lot to talk about, he thought, although he didn’t know it because they were only a few years apart. thought Gideon.


    They were good siblings. Gideon was the youngest, but he was loved for it. When he was old enough to remember, they each had their own position, and although you couldn’t say they were free, they still took care of each other and dealt with each other.


    He thought this was normal, but when he got to school, he learned that they were unusually close for a family of their standing. The siblings of noble families, though not all, are rivals among themselves, and their relationship is cold.


    The Granquiece siblings never spoke about each other at school.


    They stood next to each other on official occasions, but they didn’t seem to speak to each other.


    So he had thought that the siblings had a weak relationship.


    He was surprised when that happened.


    Surprised that Serion was so angry about Faritina’s arrest.


    The Academy Committee was also surprised.


    “Gideon, you’ve gotten yourself into a lot of trouble.”


    Lillamarie put her hand to her cheek and heaved a sigh.


    “I’m sorry this had to happen before your big day, of all things.”


    Gideon bowed his head.


    “It is what it is. What happens, happens. But…”


    Lillamarie scowled and stepped closer.


    “Lady Faritina will always be a member of the nobility of this land. I don’t know what the Dukes will do with her in the future, but you are still young and will probably meet her at some social occasion. When you meet her, keep as quiet as you can. Never mention this incident to show your feelings.”


    Gideon looked at his sister suspiciously.


    Lillamarie looked gently at Serion.


    “The young Duke will undoubtedly be one of the supporters of your brother’s rule. We will have to reshape our relationship with Granquiece, but we do not want to make an enemy of him. You know more about his sister than we do, don’t you? Keep your relationship as civil as possible.”


    “It’s not that I resent Lady Faritina…”


    The two sisters looked surprised.


    “Oh? Then why?”


    Rosemary said sternly, while Gideon stammered.


    “So the rumors were just rumors. I knew it was wicked of you to do such a thing.”


    “Did you think I was trying to trick her?”


    Gideon said with a hint of displeasure.


    The sisters looked at each other.


    “I didn’t think Lady Faritina was as bad as they say in the castle. What can a fifteen-year-old girl do? I knew it was just an amusing and vulgar rumor in the academy.”


    Lillamarie said, playing with her fan.


    “I don’t know what really happened, but it was good for you, wasn’t it?”


    Lillamary said and Rosemary nodded.


    “Use this opportunity to your advantage. I know it’s hard, but your future will depend on how well you do at the academy and what you do next. But it’s best not to offend the young Duke. Even if you break away from Lady Faritina, it won’t do your brother any good to fall out of favor with Granquiece.”


    Gideon’s brow furrowed at his sisters’ words.


    “What are you talking about?”


    “Well… Gideon. Don’t look so anxious. It’s better to have as many allies as possible, isn’t it?”


    “I don’t understand what you’re saying. Sister Lilla. How can you say this is good for me?”


    Gideon’s voice was full of anger.


    He was angry at himself for not being able to save Faritina.


    He was not the one who had put Faritina in this condition. It was unpleasant to be seen as such and to be excluded from the start.


    “Of course, I meant the baroness. The rumors in the castle are false, but what happened in the academy is true, isn’t it? Isn’t that why she’s still in custody?”


    She said, looking at Serion.


    Serion walks around to greet his mother, the Duke’s widow.


    Normally Faritina, the eldest child, would have to be there.


    In social circles, it is known that she is absent because she has not been dismissed.


    Serion is right, whether Faritina admits it or not, the reality created by the situation has become the truth and is spreading.


    “No, I …”


    Gideon said regretfully.


    “Lady Faritina is quiet. She hasn’t been to the Academy for a year. She hasn’t been near me, she hasn’t been near the board. She doesn’t have the time or the motive to keep insulting Baroness Rejon.”


    “Did she really push her down the stairs?


    “There’s no evidence of that either. It wasn’t a popular place, but she had no motive for it.”


    His sisters looked at him suspiciously.


    “She had a motive. The woman who stole her fiancé’s heart. That’s enough.”


    Gideon turned his head in silence.


    He thought so, too.


    Faritina had taken a liking to him. That was why she was jealous and committed the crime.


    But had she ever acted like that before?


    Faritina hardly approached her.


    She passed up the opportunity to be there as a partner, and she didn’t come to him when she heard rumors about Amanda.


    What Gideon hears are the words of someone who does not know Faritina well and believes the rumors.


    “…I always felt sorry for Lady Faritina.”


    Rosemary said in a dark voice.


    “She clearly had a crush on you, and you had another lover at the academy. That must be unbearable,” she said. “And with all these rumors you don’t know where they came from.”


    “We know her well enough to know she can’t do that, but not everyone at the academy. She must have taken advantage of being away from the academy to say what he or she wanted. I’m sure of it.”


    Lillamarie slammed her fan shut.


    “That shows her character. Poor thing. Not even the acting Duke can stop the rumors. I don’t think the students knew that much, but what they did was despicable.”


    Lilamarie looked at Gideon with anger in her eyes.


    “I didn’t want to say it, but you’re responsible for it, too. You may have fallen in love with her, but were you aware of your infidelity to Lady Faritina?”


    “… I am not in love. I have never had such feelings for the Baroness of Rejon.”


    Lilamary’s eyes widened.


    “What are you talking about now, that’s where the whole incident with Lady Faritina came from.?!”




    Lillamarie heaved a sigh.


    “That’s not good.”


    “I must say…”


    “What’s bad is bad. If Lady Faritina is indeed falsely accused, we can’t let the matter rest. What is going on in Granquiece, and how much does the young Duke know about it?”


    “Duke Serion… Has said from the beginning that Lady Faritina is innocent. He filed a counterclaim against the defendants.”


    “And then filed a counterclaim for contempt. And still she was not exonerated, let alone released.”


    Lillamarie shook her head.


    “The royal family can’t act now that the engagement has been broken. I wonder what the granquiece is going to do about.”


    Lillamarie heaved a heavy sigh.


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