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    The Goal Is To Survive

    Chapter 4

    Chapter 4: What I learned at the evening party

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 4: What I learned at the evening party


    This evening party was also a debutante, so many of the younger generation were in attendance.


    Before entering the hall, Faritina met with her partner, the prince.


    “Hello, Faritina. Good evening to you, too.”


    Her fiancé, Gideon, bowed reverently, and Faritina took his arm in a lady’s bow.


    “It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? We go to the same school, but we don’t see each other very often.


    Gideon said in a gentle voice.




    Faritina smiled softly and looked at Gideon.


    Gideon was born the same year as her and had been successfully nominated for the Executive Committee that year.


    Her fiancée, a handsome young man with dark blond hair and dark blue eyes, is meek to the point of being a little shy.


    I used to think that this kindness was love for me. This was a one-sided assumption, and if you think about it, it is Gideon’s original character.


    He is kind to everyone without discrimination.


    He is not like the aristocrats who pursue their own interests, and the royal family pays attention to fairness. This is how they are brought up, Faritina, who knows something about the upbringing of the prince and princess, now realizes.


    Gideon, a gentleman, does not despise or inspire Faritina, who was omitted from the Executive Committee.


    Faritina is the only one who has been trying to build a relationship since the beginning of the school year, and Gideon, who was elected to the Executive Committee and has more to do than the other students, is not worried or even notices the lack of commitment.


    At this thought, Faritina felt as if cold water was spreading in the depths of her heart.


    She wondered if this distortion would one day lead to the nightmarish outcome.


    “All members of the Academy’s Executive Committee have been invited tonight. I will introduce you later.”


    She looked in the direction Gideon had pointed and saw a familiar face.


    The number of nobles high enough to attend the royal court was limited. Most of the members of the Executive Committee knew each other by name, but there were also some lower-ranking nobles who had been nominated because of their good grades.


    When she caught sight of the Baroness, Faritina’s eyes narrowed.


    When the Baroness spotted Faritina, she stared straight back at her.


    The pressure in her eyes momentarily startled Faritina.


    It was a rude gaze that lacked civility, and Faritina involuntarily gritted her teeth.


    “Miss Faritina?”


    Gideon called out softly.


    Faritina came to her senses with a start.


    The momentary spark would have definitely been seen.


    The next thing she knew, the other members of the Executive Committee were looking at her with interest.


    “Yes, your highness. I’d like to say hello later.”


    “Yes. They are nice people. They have the will to support us in the future. Don’t be rude.”


    That last comment made Faritina laugh.


    Apparently, she was being perceived as a very uneducated person.


    I don’t think I’ve ever done anything like this before, but after two years of engagement, it must have been noticeable.


    “Yes, your highness.”


    Faritina said, nodding sincerely and smiling more and more.


    I have been treated so disrespectfully by Serion, my fiancée, and the other high-ranking sons. The expression on the Baroness’s face must have been a true reflection of the rumors of her friends.


    I was angry, but strangely I had no sense of urgency. I don’t want to be one of the group of people who involuntarily bring me down.


    What I want to see is…


    Suddenly Faritina remembered the touch of Gemini’s small, soft hands and felt an irresistible urge to meet him.


    When she remembered Gemini, those insults and taunts didn’t matter.


    I don’t care if I’m a loser.


    I can’t wait to get home and read him his favorite story. When I told him I couldn’t come tuck him in for the night, he was uncharacteristically sullen, much to the dismay of the maids.


    He told me he would wait until I got home. Maybe he really is waiting for me.


    This thought made her feel that everything that was happening here was not important, and she wanted to get home as soon as possible.


    As the King and Prime Minister announced the opening of the soiree, the Faritina and the rest lined up in their designated places. Sitting at the table designated by Granquise, across from the round table sat her mother, the Duchess, and her partner, Viscount Gavle.


    Viscount Gavle, I was told, was an old friend of my mother’s. My father had died two years ago, and my mother had filled in on official occasions until Serion took over, but her partner had changed from time to time.


    Lately, however, he has been the constant. It is rumored that he might be her lover.


    To be honest, it didn’t matter to Faritina. Serion, an acknowledged genius, would officially become a Duke after he graduated from the Academy, and his mother could do as she pleased. 


    The Viscount, I was told, is married, but adulterous relationships are not uncommon in society, and the mother is a widow of high rank. I didn’t think Granquise would be ruined by this relationship.


    But until that moment.


    Faritina looked at Viscount Gavle in amazement.


    The resemblance.


    He’s too much like Gemini.


    The wavy chestnut hair, the prominent aquiline nose. Gemini’s eyes were green like her mother’s, but her whole face was clearly of Viscount Gavle’s blood.




    Faritina looked away from Viscount Gavle and occupied herself with her own thoughts.


    Faritina’s father, the former Duke of Granquiece, had been ill for six months before he died. He died two years ago. Considering that he had been in bed for some time before that, he had probably only seen Gemini a handful of times.


    I wonder if my father was aware of this.


    If her mother and Viscount Gavle were having an affair before her father died.


    What if Gemini was an illegitimate child?


    Faritina’s hands trembled at the immoral thought.


    I’m glad my father is dead.


    If he had survived, Gemini and his mother would have been thrown out of the ducal house.


    A few years ago, Faritina would not have thought anything of it, but now, it was a shock that overturned the meaning of Faritina’s existence.

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