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    The Goal Is To Survive

    Chapter 39

    Chapter 39: Breakup of the engagement

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 39: Breakup of the engagement


    When Gideon came home late at night after cleaning up the summer party, he was called by his parents.


    They congratulated him on the success of the summer party and told him that his engagement to Faritina had been broken off.


    Gideon did not have the strength to resist the decision, which had already been made by the royal family.


    “I’m sorry.”


    Gideon simply bowed his head.


    “Don’t, your highness.


    Faritina said softly.


    Slowly, he raised his head and looked at Faritina, who, as always, looked calm and a little worried.


    “You, the crown jewel of the kingdom, must not bow your head. You are more fair and just than anyone else. Isn’t that how it should be for the royal family?”


    Faritina’s voice was softer than ever.


    “I am the one who apologizes for the inconvenience.”


    Faritina lowered her head.


    “My position has caused you much pain. I am very sorry.”


    Faritina apologized because she could not have avoided this situation.


    Gideon gritted his teeth in frustration.




    He looked at Faritina, and she met his gaze.


    “Why do you just accept it? You had feelings for me. You liked me. You were happy about this engagement. Why are you keeping quiet? You’re forcing me to do something I didn’t do!”


    He was angry.


    He was viciously angry.


    Faritina smiled gently.


    This is not the time for that look.


    Why don’t you just cry and cling to me for help?


    Why don’t you say that it was all a misunderstanding and that you were wronged?


    “All you have to do is say you didn’t do it, and Serion and I will believe it. You could be released from here and cleared of all charges! Why don’t you just say it!”


    Faritina seemed surprised by Gideon’s unusually agitated tone.


    She rolled her eyes and looked at Gideon with a blank expression.


    Then she opened her mouth to him languidly.


    “What can you do?”


    Faritina said a little more calmly.


    “I have faith in Serion. I’m sure he’ll do something to get me out of here. But what can a boy of 15 do?”




    He, Serion and herself are still boys and girls in their mid teens.


    It’s cruel.


    Forcing so much on them when they haven’t even lived half as long as normal.


    Forcing them to act as if they know everything from birth.


    What do they think they know?


    They know neither real love nor the joy of being a child.


    “I am his sister. I was older than him. I should have protected and guided him. If he were a grown man and the official heir to the duchy, he would still be fifteen years old, and it would be cruel to put him in charge of the entire grand duchy.”


    Faritina turned her head slightly.


    “Your Highness told me to tell you the truth.”


    It’s better if you don’t know.


    How childish of him to want to know.


    Who wants to know the truth about Gemini?


    Who wants to know the downfall of Granquiece?


    The people involved don’t need to know. I just wanted to believe in a future full of happiness.


    “I don’t know the truth. I don’t know who is doing what they think.”


    Faritina’s voice trembled slightly.


    They are as unreliable as a piece of wood in water. A duke may have a name, but he’s a big dead tree full of empty space.


    Still, she hoped Gemini would live. She wanted to save his life, even if that meant clinging to a rotting tree.


    “I was just working to get my wish. That’s all.”


    Before he knew it, Faritina’s smile was gone from her face.


    “What was your wish?”


    The mask fell away.


    Gideon felt that way and asked Faritina.


    Just a little more. If I could just get a little closer.


    Maybe I’ll recognize you.


    “To survive.”


    Faritina said to the empty sky.


    “If you live, there will be days when you can laugh. I just want him to live, even if no one else does.”


    Like a prayer.


    Like a dedication.


    Faritina’s determined words echoed in the cold, opulent room.


    It’s lonely.


    Gideon thinks sadly.


    What can you do? Such a small body. Crammed into a room like this.


    What is it that is putting so much pressure on you?


    “Are you just going to sit there and take the blame for this? Aren’t you going to save yourself?!”


    Gideon thinks.


    He was her fiancé. They were promised a future together.


    How could he let this happen?


    “It’s strange.”


    Faritina’s face suddenly relaxed.


    “When you wish something for someone else, it’s a good story, but when you wish something for yourself, it looks like greed.”


    Faritina chuckled as if he was worried.


    Again. A pang of frustration ran through Gideon.


    Faritina hid behind her mask again.


    Don’t go away.


    Such thoughts rose in him.


    Don’t go away from me. If you go that far, you will disappear. Don’t smile at me like you’re ready to die.


    “What about the people who want you to live?! So you give up and make them sad?!”


    Faritina laughed softly.


    He was frustrated and angry at Faritina for making this decision all by herself.


    Why don’t you understand me!!!


    There are people here who want you to live!


    “If only you had asked for help. I could help you if you screamed that it was an innocent crime!”


    Faritina tilted her head.


    “…The kind that screams into the woodlands sky.”




    “Before I can scream, there has to be a place to start. If not, then that’s what you want.”




    Hearing Gideon’s uncharacteristically loud voice, the guards rushed in.


    Seeing Gideon’s condition, they put themselves between Gideon and Faritina as if to protect him.


    This showed him the reality.


    The one who should be protected in this castle.


    It is not Faritina, it is Gideon.


    No matter what Gideon was screaming in his head, the only reality was the situation he was facing.


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