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    The Goal Is To Survive

    Chapter 37

    Chapter 37: Summer Festival 4

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 37: Summer Festival 4


    Serion spotted Gideon while cooling himself on the overhanging porch.


    “Your Highness.”


    Gideon was enjoying the evening light with several other members of the Executive Committee.


    “Hello Serion.”


    “It’s a good turnout. Congratulations on a successful summer party.”


    Serion bowed respectfully to the Executive Committee members.


    “Thank you… Serion… For all you have done.”


    “I am sorry that I could not help you because of my selfishness and personal priorities.”


    “No, if you had taken a leave of absence, the seniors would not have shown up in such numbers. Thank you for reconsidering your busy schedule.”


    That was Gideon’s honest sentiment.


    Some of the Executive Committee members might be envious or offended.


    But that is the reality.


    Without Serion’s participation, only half of the guests would have come. They would not have raised as much money as they did.


    They are not here to see Serion, the next duke.


    They are here to see Serion, the genius.


    They are interested in his ability to rebuild the foundations of the nation with new perspectives and methods.


    ‘Could this brilliant genius be real?’ Maybe they just came to the academy to see if the devil or the serpent appears.


    The advantages of being around him outweigh jealousy.


    The students who worked with Serion last year were all recruited by prestigious institutions.


    The future is bright if his or her name appears on his papers.


    In addition, inviting graduates to the party is an opportunity for students other than Serion to get to know them.


    The executive committee has taken full advantage of Serion.


    “It’s for my own good. I don’t think I’ll be able to do as much research this year as I did last year because I won’t have as much time to do other things.


    “You’ve already done one. Normally, that would be enough to get promoted.”


    At the beginning of this school year, Serion had already submitted his research paper.


    Normally, that would be enough to meet the requirements for promotion.


    And the content of the paper was excellent.


    A method for dyeing raw silk.


    The raw silk, which was previously just white, was later embroidered with cotton embroidery thread to give it a touch of glamour.


    However, the lightness characteristic of raw silk becomes somewhat heavy.


    Nevertheless, the luster of the silk is excellent, and it is now an important import.


    The raw silk is then dyed.


    If successful, it is not used for embroidery, but for dyeing and weaving to produce silk fabrics with various expressions.


    This was groundbreaking research, and some of it was successful and is already available as a product.


    It was sold by Count Psyllium.


    He dyed the raw silk bought from the empire and sold it in the capital as his own special product.


    The red silk with its beautiful luster attracted the attention of the ladies of society and became popular as a hard-to-find product.


    It was worn by the widow of the Duke of Granquiece.


    The beauty, who is said to have defeated the late duke with her charm, set the trends in beauty and dress.


    There were signs of the emergence of a great industry.


    “Was raw silk ever made in Granquiece? Was it a new and successful industry?”


    “What Granquiece makes is a catalyst for dyeing raw silk. To dye cotton with indigo or scarlet, you use plant ash, but for raw silk you take mineral-rich mud. The color depends on the composition of the mud used as a catalyst. I tried it with soil from the Zeno Mountains in Granquiece.”


    “How did you know that? Using mud as a catalyst?”


    Said a member of the Executive Committee.


    Silk is white. That was common knowledge, and you overturned it.


    Thin and light silk is in demand not only for clothing but also for medical treatments and equipment.


    If they study it, they can develop new technologies.


    “First it was my sister who noticed it.”


    Serion said, smiling.


    “Lady Faritina?”


    “Yes. But she’s not very good at experimentation or collaboration, so I took it from her.”


    Said Serion deliberately and deceptively.


    Faritina’s vision is amazingly good.


    The fact that the silkworms that ate the ore spat out red threads, and the fact that the quality of the ore from the Empire was comparable to that of the Zeno Mountains in the Grand Canyon, showed that Faritina had a surprisingly deep knowledge of a variety of subjects.


    Faritina is neither as stupid nor as shallow as the naysayers would have you believe. On the contrary, she makes them believe that.


    There was even a time when Serion thought that because he only saw the surface of Faritina.


    There are times when you have to make a fool of yourself to get by. Especially when you get power you don’t want.


    “Your Highness Gideon.”


    Serion called out to Gideon.


    “May I take a moment of your time now? I must leave in a few minutes.”


    “What, you’re leaving, Master Serion?”


    Said a member of the Executive Committee regretfully.


    The dance time has just begun.


    Not only the adults who graduated, but also the students of the academy would like to take the opportunity to get closer to Serion.


    “I was asked to introduce you…”


    As Serion’s popularity increased, the opportunity to get closer to him became more and more rare. Lately, he has not been present at the institute, which has made him a kind of nobody. Students who have no contact with him can’t even approach him unless they’re sitting in an informal setting.


    “I apologize. I was invited to the prime minister’s salon afterwards.”


    The prime minister is also a graduate of this school.


    Although he did not attend the banquet, the Prime Minister’s money was sent to him and a donation was made. Since he could not attend the banquet, he is to meet him in the salon.


    With feelings of confusion and envy on their necks, Gideon and Serion move away from the members of the executive committee.


    They close the distance and lean a little closer so that whispers can barely be heard.


    From the dance hall, they glanced at each other.


    Gideon, with his sweet smile and gentle demeanor, and Serion, with his cool looks, are currently two of the best looking students in the school.


    A sigh escaped their lips at the sight of them standing close together in the darkness of the hall.


    “Yesterday, together with my mother, I advised His Majesty to break off the engagement with my sister.”


    Serion said softly and clearly.


    Gideon looked at Serion with a blank look.


    “…Why… Lady Faritina has committed no crime. If you do, then you admit that she is guilty!


    “It’s been a month since my sister was taken into custody. Even though she has not admitted her guilt, she is considered a sinner and is being detained. The fact that she is being held without being released has already spread through social circles. Even if she is exonerated in the future, the rumor will be that she is guilty of a mistake.”


    The dim light of the lantern cast a shadow over Serion’s good looks. He was calm, almost heartless.


    Gideon was horrified by the cold expression on his face.


    “Any further betrothal would be bad for you and for the crown. I don’t believe my sister has committed a crime, but if she has given the impression that she has, it will be difficult to welcome her as a member of the royal family.


    To be fair and decent.


    This is what Gideon was raised to be, and this is what he strives for.


    “A princess who marries from the outside must not be jealous or hurt others. Even if it’s just a rumor, it’s hard to be blessed if you’re perceived as unkind.”




    Gideon’s blood ran cold.


    Faritina would no longer be his fiancée.


    Because he didn’t know her, because he didn’t want to know her, she would fall from grace and he would never get her back.


    “…What will become of Faritina? She will still be known as the daughter of ill repute.”


    “There’s nothing you can do about that. For a week you can think it was a mistake, but a month. It’s more than a mistake. Somebody has to make it right somehow.”


    “Are you saying this means the breakup of our engagement? No, I don’t want that! I don’t want that!


    “This engagement was not made because of your feelings …”


    Serion’s voice changed harshly.


    Gideon swallowed.


    “As far as Gazelli’s interests are concerned, we have to start all over again. We can’t give them to you as compensation, because we don’t believe my sister sinned. But Granquiece is a duchy, a shield of the kingdom. We mean no harm to the crown.”


    Serion bowed gracefully to Gideon, who froze.


    “I am sorry that this has happened. Your Highness, Prince Gideon. Your relationship with Granquiece is now distant, but I will continue to serve the Kingdom as a vassal of the Crown. I wish you well in your future endeavors.


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