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    The Goal Is To Survive

    Chapter 35

    Chapter 35: Summer party 2

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 35: Summer party 2


    Amanda caught Gideon’s sigh.


    “It really makes you sigh, doesn’t it?”


    Amanda said cheerfully.


    “I never thought I’d have such a good time. I’m glad to be alive. I’m glad I came to the Academy and met all the members of the Executive Committee. God rewarded me for all the hard work I put in.”


    Amanda said as she sang.


    “I wish this time could last forever. I’m sure the people here feel the same way.”


    “I hope they do. They’ve worked hard and it’s paying off.”


    Gideon smiled at Amanda’s innocent words.


    That’s just like Amanda.


    Amanda’s words are beautiful.


    Straightforward and pure. Her words make me feel that people’s kindness is the most trustworthy thing in the world.


    “I’m sure it is! It would be crazy if you didn’t. After all we’ve been through. And we owe it all to you, Master Gideon.”


    “To me? Not just me.”


    “Thanks to you, we were able to borrow things from the palace and decorate with your help. We should be grateful to everyone who was able to be here at the school this year. It’s a glorious year!”


    Gideon smiled, a little annoyed at the general compliment.


    “That’s just a coincidence. You weren’t born that year by choice. You may have been more fortunate than in other years, but not enough to be grateful.”


    “You are so humble, Master Gideon. You are royalty. No, you have such a big heart because you are royalty.”


    Amanda said admiringly.


    “I really admire you. You don’t pretend to be something you are not, and you treat a baron like me as an equal. And yet you are humble.”


    Amanda looked at Gideon with passionate eyes.


    “I want to be worthy of Master Gideon. That is what I want. With my lowly status, that is impossible.”


    Gideon searched for words, but could find none.


    “You have done enough.”


    “Have I? But it’s days like today that remind me I haven’t.”


    “Why is that?”


    “Because it’s different. There are a lot of guests, but I don’t know any of them. Countesses and Dukes like Serion know each other from the beginning or are related. It’s not like I work hard on the Executive Committee, but because they know me, they look down on me.”


    Amanda took a deep breath.


    “And then there’s the appearance. You all got new dresses for tonight, and you put a lot of effort into your makeup and hair. I’m the same as I was last year.”


    Amanda’s dress was a gift from last year’s Executive Committee.


    A feeling of unease spreads through Gideon.


    “I’m sure some of the girls are wearing the same dresses as last year. No matter how high their rank, they don’t get a new dress for every social occasion.”


    If it had been Lady Faritina, I’m sure she would have worn a beautiful dress. She is a Duchess. When I met her at the palace, I was surprised to see her in an unusual tapestry dress. It’s quite different from what I saw at the summer festival.”


    Gideon frowned inwardly.


    The dress Amanda referred to at Summerfest had to be from the year before last. That was before they were elected to the Executive Committee.


    After his election to the Executive Committee, Gideon had invited the future members of the Executive Committee to several soirees at the Royal Palace.


    There he also sat with Faritina on one occasion.


    Of course, the dress differs between the summer party at the academy and the royal soiree.


    At the royal soiree, she was actually a duchess. She is the second prince and thus the figurehead of the kingdom supporting the royal family. She must prove the power of Granquiece, in the most fertile fishing grounds of the kingdom.


    Finally, the soirée to which he had taken Amanda was attended by foreign guests.


    To show how rich the Kingdom was, the high nobles brought their own local specialties as a kind of social etiquette.


    In the case of Granqiece, where the mines are located, they are jewelry with exquisite technique.


    The dress would be a splendid garment of dignity and elegance.


    She would have her own position and dress accordingly.


    She cannot attend the school’s summer festival dressed like those.


    The school festival should have been lighter and less intimidating.


    Still, it would have been amazingly luxurious for Amanda, who was almost a commoner.


    And she had many such dresses.


    For Amanda, who had no way of knowing what Faritina’s life was like, it seemed like she was buying as many new dresses as she wanted.


    “I don’t think it’s fair,” she says. “When you have status, you’re born with connections, and it’s easy to dress well. That’s why people with high status get married and make relationships, even if they don’t love each other.”


    Yes, that’s right.


    That’s how they protect their bloodline and wealth.


    That’s how you could put it, but before that there were things they struggled for and acquired unexpectedly.


    Identity is one of them.


    As a noble, Gideon found that status confining.


    But it’s not something you throw away just because it’s constricting.


    His brother took on the more difficult and burdensome role of Dauphin, and his two sisters were married to men who would serve their country.


    There is no love for the other.


    But they love their parents, who are responsible for this Kingdom, and the Kingdom

    they are trying to protect.


    I respect and love my parents, and I want to help them. I want to take the same responsibility as them and carry on their feelings.


    Please don’t dismiss this with such a flippant, literal word as “political.”


    “I don’t want you to be like that, Master Gideon. Living a loveless life and thinking only of immediate profit. That’s unfortunate.”


    Gideon’s back was glowing.


    The song had just ended and their hands had parted.


    Gideon looked up and saw Amanda.


    Amanda’s cheeks flushed and she smiled at him.


    “Amanda, you’ve got this all wrong.”


    Gideon noticed that his voice was harder than usual.


    “It’s not a misfortune to have the status we were given at birth. We are born with a lot of responsibility. We learn here to be worthy of it. We learn not to be unhappy with ourselves and the responsibilities we’ve taken on.”


    Amanda looked at Gideon with a puzzled look.


    “N-no, I know that. But!”


    “Political marriage is about trust. Can’t love be born in a relationship based on trust? Isn’t it love when two people who have something to carry support each other? As for my parents, I think so. I have a lot of respect for them.”


    Gideon smiled gently at Amanda.


    “This is not the place to talk about that. Today is the day to have fun. Have fun. Amanda.”


    Gideon took Amanda’s hand and led her out of the dance circle.


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