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    The Goal Is To Survive

    Chapter 34

    Chapter 34: Summer party 1

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 34: Summer party 1


    Noble Academy’s Summer Party has been a traditional event since its inception.


    Currently, it is an occasion where the hottest personalities are invited for personal meetings, charity concerts and dances.


    University graduates are also invited to this event. It is an important event that brings together some of the leading figures in politics and business.


    For the adults who have graduated, it is an opportunity to speak directly with young talent and see who they are.


    The star of this year’s Summerfest will be Serion Granquiece.


    Status is a major obstacle, especially for those who are slightly outside the political center, and it is not possible to approach them unless it is an event at an institute that does not care about this difference in status.


    Although he is a student, he is destined to become one of the leading nobles of the Kingdom.


    At official functions, he can sit with others, but since he attends as a member of the nobility, he can only meet those who have the same rank.


    He rarely attends social soirees, as he is still young and busy with the duties of a student.


    The measures he takes at the Institute, which he calls research, are remarkable. They range from modest demographic studies to proposals for new taxing powers and new business ventures, all of which have impressed the established powers.


    So it’s time to seize an opportunity.


    Serion was surrounded by ten or twenty layers of people.


    Gideon looked at them with mixed feelings.


    “Your highness. The guests have been admitted.”


    The Executive Committee member in charge of the reception came to inform Gideon.


    “I thank you. You did a good job.”


    “The attendance was even higher than last year, and we were afraid we wouldn’t have enough souvenirs. We still made it in time.”


    Especially this year, there were rumors that this might be the last party Serion would attend, and there were more last-minute RSVPs.


    Rumors that Serion would be taking some time off to prepare for his succession to the dukedom spread quickly in social circles.


    When he attains the title and officially becomes d

    Duke, there will be no more opportunities to get closer to him than now. Impatiently, the older members of the circle arranged to attend.


    “We raised more money than last year! I think that’s a new record. All the hard work paid off!”


    Amanda said good-humoredly.


    Gideon smiled and nodded. One by one, the other members of the Executive Committee agreed with Amanda.


    Amanda suggested sending a report on the Institute’s policy research in return for a donation. She also suggested sending small products from the social service agency that the school was involved in managing, and giving priority to the school’s students for part-time jobs.


    It is true that Amanda actively participates in the Executive Committee and works hard.


    However, Serion is the reason for the increase in donations and attention to Summerfest.


    Serion listened to Faritina’s words and withdrew his leave of absence.


    However, the leadership refused, citing his busy schedule.


    Still, they were grateful to him for withdrawing the leave of absence.


    If Serion had taken a leave of absence before the summer festival, this success would not have been possible.


    Gideon also had mixed feelings.


    I will be Serion’s shield.


    Faritina wished Serion would take back his leave of absence.


    If he stays here, the adults who buy his talent will protect him.




    He wondered if that was what Faritina meant.


    Had Faritina ever seen anything like this?


    Last year, Faritina did not attend the summer festival.


    Even though it was such a big event, she didn’t go and return to her estate.


    Certainly, she has no need to associate her name with the social scene.


    She already has more than enough status.


    Besides, she could attend any number of more dignified banquets and celebrations with more splendid faces than the rash parties of these children.


    But for some time Faritina has been absent from all social gatherings. This was noticed by Gideon, who was in a similar situation and received the same invitations.


    Faritina had been taking care of her youngest brother, who was very sickly.


    Every morning she would peel and grate fruit for him, and when the weather was nice, she would pick him up and take him for a walk in the garden.


    She took naps several times a day, but made time for her schoolwork and looked for nutritious food for her younger brother.


    Such was the life of Faritina that Serion offered as rebuttal.


    Most of the testimony comes from the servants of the estate, but it is concrete and consistent, showing that Faritina worked hard.


    She returned to the estate this time last year to see if there was any medication for her brother.


    There was a recording of her conversation with some people at the estate to see if there was anything that would give him a clue if he was in Granquiece, which is known as a large producer of herbal medicine.


    Lively music, well-dressed ladies and gentlemen with smudged cheeks.


    Faritina is not one of those friends who enjoy their youth in this privileged institute, where the world expects a lot from them and where they recognize themselves in friendly competition.


    On that day last year, Gideon also enjoyed the party very much.


    The event raised more money than any other in history and attracted an unprecedented number of celebrities who came to see Gideon and Serion.


    The Second Prince’s tenure was heralded as the most glamorous in years, and the students were full of enthusiasm.


    Gideon himself was proud of his success, and his confidence grew.


    But in the meantime.


    What was Faritina, his fiancée, doing in the background?


    At her age, she didn’t know how to play, she didn’t make friends.


    Even at her own birthday party, where she allowed herself to be rude, she remained polite.


    Even at the academy, she maintained the dignified manners of a duchess.


    The same was true for her brother Serion.


    Unlike Serion, who was surrounded by people, Faritina was shunned and treated as if she did not exist, even though she maintained the same politeness.


    How could this happen?


    Was this what you wanted?


    You left the circle to talk with them and experience happy events, and you stayed with your little brother so he wouldn’t be lonely.


    Weren’t you lonely?


    It was the first time he felt compassion for Faritina.


    The music in the hall began to play a waltz.


    It was time to dance.


    A member of the Executive Committee, who was near Gideon, suggested that he dance with Amanda.


    Gideon extended his hand to Amanda.


    Gideon was the highest ranking person in the room.


    If he didn’t start dancing, the others wouldn’t either.


    That’s an unwritten rule in the ballroom.


    Amanda’s cheeks flushed and she bowed slightly.


    As she started to slow waltz, Amanda said dreamily.


    “I’m glad we all seem to be enjoying ourselves. It really is like a dream.”


    The school’s large auditorium was decorated with flower

    s and an exotic carpet from the royal palace.


    Even though it was not as magnificent as the royal palace, it was a banquet with a splendid atmosphere that a simple noble family could not experience.


    It was like a real ball for Amanda, who had said that her title was just a name until she entered the academy.


    He had invited her to some social soirees at the royal palace, but she had been so nervous that he had felt sorry for her. Compared to that, a meeting of boys and girls of the same age would be pleasant.


    I wonder if Faritina ever attended such a meeting.


    The thought of Faritina came back to his mind.


    She used to attend his birthday party every year. This year was the first time he hosted a birthday party as a full-fledged social event.


    Until then, it was a venerable affair, a birthday party for a prince with all the dignitaries in attendance, as was customary at the royal court.


    Even in such a situation, Faritina and Serion did not stand out and behaved as befitted a ducal title.


    Perhaps it was he who had changed.


    Gideon thought.


    Faritina had not changed.


    At the academy, at the palace, at all necessary social occasions, she behaved as befitted the eldest child of the Granquiece.


    She made no public outcry when she fell from grace, nor did she publicly confront her fiancé when she suspected him of infidelity.


    She asserted herself as a future member of the royal house in a school of equality and obeyed the unreasonable and cruel letter.


    When he stopped Faritina and Serion in the hallway on the day Amanda was said to have been pushed, Faritina bowed respectfully.


    He had ordered her to stay away and not approach them.


    His heart ached like a creak.


    In her rightful place, she had no need to thank him in this way.


    She was the second highest person there after him, his future companion.


    And yet she bowed to lesser nobles who were only confidants.


    How did she feel?


    Gideon could not help but sigh.

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