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    The Goal Is To Survive

    Chapter 32

    Chapter 32: Lemon custard pie

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 32: Lemon custard pie


    I’ve never seen Serion like this before.


    He looked so hurt, like he was about to cry. Like a child who has been left behind.


    Serion took Faritina’s message and held his hand without saying a word.


    The expression on his face.




    The message Faritina had given him was very short.


    It was too cryptic to be a message from the imprisoned Faritina.


    Thinking he wouldn’t get an answer if he asked too deeply, he told Serion with a puzzled look.


    He could see Serion blink slightly and grit his teeth.


    He wondered what he had been told in that short message.


    Why was she praying for Serion’s safety when it was Faritina who was in danger?


    He had many questions, but he couldn’t talk about them because he knew there was something between them that he couldn’t get through.


    The Granqiece siblings were famous for a reason.


    Faritina, the second prince’s fiancée, and Serion, the most talented man in the school’s history.


    They hold the highest noble title in the land and are spectacularly related.


    But they don’t seem to get along.


    It was mockingly rumored that she sulked and didn’t go to school because she lost everything to her younger brother Serion and because Amanda, a lesser noblewoman, stole her fiancé’s favor.


    Serion did not seem to care about her sister.


    Faritina was never mentioned by Serion.


    No one had ever asked Serion directly about Faritina.


    I didn’t know. I didn’t know they had such a strong bond.




    Gideon had once again visited Faritina’s locked room.


    For some reason, he felt an urgent need to see Faritina ever since.


    There were many questions he wanted to ask her.


    I didn’t think she could answer any of them, but I still wanted to see her and talk to her.


    Faritina remained silent as always.


    “Well, Your Highness…”


    When he visited Faritina in her room, she was picking at something that looked like a stone.


    “It is the task of the prisoners to cut the stone, which will serve as a catalyst for a drug.”


    Faritina said, putting her tool away with a practiced hand.


    “Prisoner? That makes you look like a criminal, doesn’t it? And you’re still silent.”


    Gideon said, and Faritina raised her eyes and smiled.


    “Well. Fufufu.”


    Gideon was surprised by her bright smile. In Gideon’s memory, Faritina was a Duchess of high dignity who followed the rules.


    She was always well dressed and smiling, as befitted a glamorous soirée.


    Now, with her hair up and without makeup, Faritina smiles softly in her maid’s robe.


    “I’m bored. Just the thing to pass the time.”


    Faritina’s soft voice reached his ear.


    Yes, that’s what it sounded like.


    Gideon took another look at his fiancée’s face.


    When was the last time she had spoken to me like that, alone and in peace?


    Before entering the academy, they had met several times at the royal palace to deepen their friendship.


    After he entered the academy, his parents told him that they could meet whenever it was convenient for both of them. Once or twice he invited her to lunch, but that was all.


    No wonder Faritina misunderstood.


    Since then, Gideon has followed up on the rumors about Amanda.


    It is said that the second prince is in the favor of Baroness Amanda Rejon. They are always together at the academy, and at lunch she always sits next to him. Sometimes the two meet alone in a secluded courtyard and hold hands amicably.


    It is said that he gives Miss Rejon a ball gown at the soiree and keeps the Duchess away. Since it is a political engagement, he has no choice but to invite her to a short dance out of courtesy, but after that he keeps the Duchess away and does not let her near him.


    The Duchess was jealous of this and spilled wine on Miss Rajon at a soiree and sent her away.


    It is said that the Duchess was so angry with Baroness Rejon that she came to the Executive Committee office and yelled at her. The Prince was so angry that he forbade her to enter the Executive Committee office and told her not to speak to him at school. On this occasion, the Duchess slapped Baroness Rejon.


    Gideon began to falter.


    More than half of the rumors were delusions of grandeur.


    He said, “No, that’s not what I meant,” but telling that to the servants who had told him the rumor would be like shouting to the heavens and would not erase the rumor itself.


    He shuddered at the thought that this rumor had reached Faritina’s ears.


    How could she keep a cool head after hearing such a thing?


    It reminded him of the social experiment Serion wanted to conduct.


    Is it possible to unilaterally break off an engagement because of a rumor?


    That was directed at him, he realized.


    The rumors of his contempt for his fiancée had been so widespread. If this lawsuit was even possible, it would surely destroy him.


    The fact that Amanda was the victim was no excuse.


    Rumors mixed with facts.


    It is true that Amanda sat next to him at lunch as if she had a permanent seat.


    It is also true that the Executive Committee members and he pooled their money to give Amanda a dress when she informed them that she was unable to buy a dress for the evening event due to her financial difficulties.


    It is also true that he sent her a letter asking her not to talk to him at school. He did this to protect Amanda.


    All this time he never gave Faritina an explanation.


    I never said that I had lunch with other members of the Executive Committee to deepen our friendship. It was purely by chance that we sat next to each other, and somehow we ended up in such a firm position. The other members of the Executive Committee also had their seats, and I was one of them.


    He had never explained anything to Faritina in this way, nor had he ever asked for her understanding.


    Since Faritina had not shown up at the academy, he had not found it necessary to explain it to her either.


    He had never imagined that Faritina would hear from Gideon the way Gideon had heard from Faritina.


    And yet, every time they met, Faritina smiled like a young lady. He wondered what she thought in her heart about Gideon’s infidelity.


    He was too afraid to ask her.


    A maid set the tea and pastries in front of them.


    “Serion told me you liked it. He said it was your favorite dessert of all in the palace. You like sweet things, don’t you?”


    A lemon custard pie with baked meringue was one of the desserts served at the royal banquet.

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