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    The Goal Is To Survive

    Chapter 31

    Chapter 31: I wish you all the best.

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 31: I wish you all the best.


    “Thank you for bringing it to my sister.”


    It was Serion who opened the conversation.


    “No. She was happy. The sand ornament, the letter from your brother.”


    “That’s good. How is my sister?”


    “She’s much better. She looks better than ever. But she’s still silent. I asked her too, but she wouldn’t answer.”


    Gideon heaved a small sigh.


    “I still didn’t understand what happened to Amanda. I apologized to her, but I don’t know if she even accepted me. She thought I wanted Amanda so badly that I would break off the engagement and take the Gazelli share away from the Dukes of Granquiece to hurt Faritina’s bad reputation.”


    ‘That’s my sister.’ Serion suppressed a laugh.


    To be able to read so much in a place of captivity where information was completely cut off.


    I really admire you as a sister.


    That must be the reason for Faritina’s silence.


    To not put salt in the eyes of the enemy.


    To block out any weakness they can read in Faritina.


    In this way, she makes it easier for me to move.


    Faritina will not ask for help.


    Serion wants to save Faritina because he is convinced of Faritina’s innocence.


    He can use Faritina as a victim when the injustice of his own dukedom and the ugliness of the dukes come to light.


    I will never let that happen.


    Serion thought resolutely.


    Julian and Ceara were sent to the Psyllium the day before yesterday.


    They are not yet ready to be taken into the Empire, but they will stay with Gemini at Castle Modori for a while, and as soon as they are ready, they will be sent to the Empire from the port.


    Serion drove them to Psyllium, and although it took him a day and a half to make the two-day trip, he met up with Lord Psyllium and Gemini at Castle Modori and returned after about a day’s ride.


    The twins were worried about Faritina, who had not returned, and were in a bad mood.


    Julian and Ceara always stood close together and seemed to cling to each other.


    When Faritina wanted to send them to study in the kingdom, they agreed without asking.


    Serion and her mother are the only ones who live in the capital now.


    Even though they didn’t see each other every day, the house is very empty without his siblings, and the coldness it radiates makes even Serion miss them.


    All they want is their sister.


    Faritina, if only you were here.


    Every time Serion saw the twins’ worried faces, worried about their sister, who for some inexplicable reason was detained and didn’t return but still didn’t speak, or when he saw Gemini’s weakening face, he felt sorry for her.


    I’m not good enough.


    I can’t show them the enveloping love that Faritina does.


    The only place they will ever feel safe is with her.


    And so do I.


    I loved talking to Faritina, how she relaxed and didn’t let my enthusiasm get to her.


    Because we were sisters and brothers, because we shared the same family destiny, we had a bond to share.


    It was too late for me to realize this, but now that I have, I don’t want to lose her.


    If I lose her in this way, even if I continue to live, my life will be as empty as the sands of the sea.


    I don’t want to lose her.


    I don’t care who else is unhappy.


    Even if I lose the honor and luxury of nobility.


    I can’t lose Faritina and what she wanted to protect.


    “She has a message for you.”


    Serion looked at Gideon.


    “Live. That’s it.”


    Serion felt something shoot up his spine.


    A burst of emotion.


    The kind of emotion that shakes you to the core and makes you forget that Serion is a genius and thinks of everything strategically.


    No “help”, no word of concern for his brothers and sister.


    Just a word of warning to Serion.


    Serion grips his hand tightly.


    Sister, I want to see you.


    As you pray for my happiness, I and my brothers and sister pray for your happiness.


    Do not give up.


    You are our hope.

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