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    The Goal Is To Survive

    Chapter 30

    Chapter 30: Amanda and Serion

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 30: Amanda and Serion


    It was the first time in ten days that Serion visited the Executive Committee office.


    Lately, Serion has been busy with his own personal affairs, coming to school every few days and leaving after a hectic day coordinating actions.


    He has no time to show up at the Executive Committee office, and this time he came to the office with instructions to show up when Gideon visited the Academy.


    When he arrived after school, he found some familiar members of the Executive Committee, Amanda Rejon and the second prince, Gideon, at his desk in the back.


    “Master Serion!”


    Amanda jumped up from her chair.


    “I am sorry that I cannot help you. I am here today at the request of His Highness Gideon.”


    “Well! I wanted to talk to you too!”


    “Yes. I’m sorry I didn’t respond to your request for a meeting. Miss Rejon. I have been very busy. I’m here to see His Highness Gideon.”


    Serion’s expression was gentle, but he declined.


    “Would you mind speaking with me as well? I know you are busy, but I don’t see you very often…”


    Amanda pressed closer to Serion and pleaded with him.


    Serion looked at Gideon.


    “What’s going on here? I thought I was meeting with His Highness Gideon at this time today, but did you make an appointment with Miss Rajon?”


    Serion said, and Gideon sat up in a panic.


    “No. No, I’m sorry Amanda, but please don’t. I called Serion to run an errand.”


    “But I have something to tell him too! I applied for a meeting and was turned down because of my lowly status! We’re colleagues on the Executive Committee and that’s terrible!”


    “But Serion is busy. He went to a lot of trouble to make time for me. That’s because I’m a prince and his sister is my fiancée.”


    Gideon had summoned Serion to deliver a message from Faritina. Otherwise, he would not have stopped by the executive office.


    “Me too, me too, it’s about Lady Faritina! It’s very important!”


    Amanda’s voice was laced with tears.


    “Your Highness, Serion.”


    A member of the Executive Committee who was older than the Prince spoke up.


    “Could you give Amanda a moment? She is so distressed. Just listen to her.”


    He belonged to the Dukes of Consul faction, Serion noted in his mind. He’d done this before in defense of Amanda.


    “I understand.”


    Serion said.


    “Are you sure?”


    “Yes, I need to talk to her, too. I don’t have much time, but just a little.”


    Serion smiled gently at Gideon’s surprise.


    “I’ll see you in the other room.”


    Amanda asked to see him in the other room.


    “I don’t have that much time. If it’s that complicated, we’ll have to reschedule. When I’m settled in.”


    Serion refused to budge.


    “Amanda, please don’t make this more difficult than it needs to be.”


    Gideon said, and Amanda clutched her skirt tightly as if she were afraid.


    “I heard you accuse us of insulting her. I know it’s hard to hear that from your sister, but it’s true that I was treated badly. Maybe you don’t think Lady Faritina mistreated me. I am just a commoner of low status. I…”


    Amanda gathered her courage and stated her case.


    Serion interrupted her.


    “I am not accusing you of anything.”




    Everyone in the room cried out.


    “Have you seen the lawsuit? I sued those who accused my sister. Unfortunately, my sister’s lawsuit did not mention the name of the accuser. It was anonymous.”


    Serion said quietly.


    Amanda looked confused.


    “B-but… I’ve been abused.”




    Serion only affirmed.


    Amanda waited for Serion to say something, but said nothing and opened her mouth.


    “Why is that? Don’t you believe me?”


    “Honestly, I don’t believe you.”


    Despite her soft tone, Serion said.


    “Why not? I had a bad experience and I’m afraid… It’s true…”


    Amanda began to cry.


    Serion’s gentle smile remained unchanged as he watched Amanda.


    “I don’t think this is the right place to talk about it…”


    After a moment of silence, Serion said.


    “But you are never here, Master Serion! You are always busy!”


    “I’m sorry about that. I have my own priorities.”


    Serion lowered his eyebrows as if to appease Amanda, who was arguing with him. His face looks really apologetic.


    His usual cool beauty turns sweet, and for a moment you can’t help but stare at him.


    “If you wish to refute my complaint, I suggest you file it with the Department of Justice where the complaint was received. Both the complaint against my sister and my complaint filed with the Department of Justice are public record. That being said, I would like to speak with you. That’s true.”


    Serion puts a finger to his lips and tilts his head.


    Amanda’s tears stopped at this flirtatious gesture.


    “So, please wait a little longer. The Duke’s family will send out a formal invitation. Are we done here for today? Miss Rajon.”


    Amanda nodded, her eyes appealing with frustration.


    Serion turned to Gideon.


    “Sorry to keep you waiting, Your Highness. What can I do for you?”


    The graceful but fearless look in his eyes was quite different from before. Gideon clutched his stomach.


    “It’s hard to talk here. I won’t take up much of your time. Let’s go into the other room.”


    “Then I’ll check in with you first. I’ve requested a leave of absence so I can work on my family situation in peace. In the last few days, despite being on the Executive Committee, I have not been able to help you, but because of these circumstances, I am formally requesting my resignation.”


    They all gulped.


    Noble Academy has accomplished a lot since Serion’s arrival. Although it has only been a year, it has changed the position of policy research.


    It has produced a set of policies that will be the touchstones of the future, not just the trivia we call research.


    Not only are there teams working with him on policies, but there are many teams being advised by him.


    The absence of Serion is a blow to the institute.


    “I-Is this a decision?”


    “I submitted my resignation application today. I was told that I will receive an answer later whether my application will be accepted or not. But from now on, I can’t live my life around school like I did before. At least not until my sister comes back.”


    After the indescribable silence, Serion and Gideon left the room.

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