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    The Goal Is To Survive

    Chapter 3

    Chapter 3: Neglected Children

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 3: Neglected Children


    Gemini was a neglected child.


    Her mother is busy as the deputy head of the family, and her older siblings are so busy with their own affairs that they have forgotten he even exists.


    Only the eldest daughter, Faritina, cared for Gemini and visited his room every day.


    Faritina is a student at the Noble Academy.


    In the pseudo-society of the Academy of Peers, simulated measures of real politics are carried out. The school is designed to teach the younger generation about welfare policies that would not become decisive political issues, and research to improve national power.


    Before the nightmare, Faritina’s world was limited to the academy.


    The small social world was a whirlwind of praise, criticism, and obedience.


    Perhaps she was tired of it.


    Faritina thought as she gently stroked Gemini’s head.


    I was too tired to notice how distorted the world was.


    She hadn’t known the warmth and security of trust and affection.


    I was desperate to outdo others, to get around the rules and laws, to achieve results in my favor.


    We thought the people we worked with were our friends, but we found fault with each other and bribed each other mercilessly when our positions changed.


    I thought that was normal.


    I don’t want that to happen to Gemini.


    Tired of playing, Gemini slept in Faritina’s arms.


    When she started seeing Gemini, Faritina’s life changed drastically.


    She lost interest in her life at the academy that she had been so attached to.


    Her attachment to her fiancé, the second prince, was strangely diminished as well.


    The nightmare made me realize.


    I just wanted to be loved.


    I didn’t love the prince. And he didn’t love me either.


    In return for marrying Faritina, the royal family was to receive the rights to sell the herbal medicines produced on the dukes’ lands.


    The marriage was a political maneuver.


    When I realized this, I felt a sudden chill in my heart.


    I was no longer interested in that cold relationship, even though I knew it.


    Instead, I wanted to be with Gemini, who needed me right now.


    I want to get back from the academy as soon as possible and read a new book to Gemini.


    She wanted to give Gemini new toys and help him learn to have more fun when he played the same games over and over again.


    With this in mind, Faritina went to Gemini’s room as often as she could.


    The soirée was an event that the Duchess could not miss: she was accompanied by Faritina and her brother Serion, who entered the society at the age of 14, and her mother. The mother had chosen her lover as her companion and the prince as Faritina’s companion. Serion, who had no fiancée, came without a partner and rode to the palace in the same carriage as Faritina.


    “You seem to be paying a lot of attention to Gemini lately.”


    The usually silent Serion spoke to Faritina.


    Faritina, who was looking through the curtains of a thin window, looked at Serion when he spoke to her.


    He was tall and well-built for a fourteen-year-old. He was considered a genius and had been admitted to the academy earlier than the others. He was in the same grade as Faritina.


    He was quite popular in the academy, but because he had skipped a grade, he was not nominated for the Committee, but he would be confirmed for the next year’s Committee.




    Faritina replied briefly. Serion’s eyes narrowed and he looked at Faritina intimidatingly.


    “Why is that?”


    “Because he’s cute.”




    There was obvious disdain in his reply.


    “Yes. He’s cute. Because he’s my brother.”


    Serion looked at Faritina with a raised eyebrow, sincerely surprised. Faritina tilted her head, deliberately playing dumb.


    “What’s so funny?”


    Serion snickered.


    “What kind of whim is that if you’ve never taken an interest in us before?”


    “It was a whim, but I met him and he was lovely. I felt sorry for him because he was so small and sick and always in bed.”

    “So you took pity on him.”


    ‘Yes’, nodded Faritina.


    “Is it wrong to love your brother?”


    ‘Not that there’s anything wrong with that,’ Serion said, looking at Faritina questioningly.


    You’re rude.


    Faritina hid her irritation with a fan.


    Even though we don’t know each other, I don’t deserve to be mocked in this way. I am her sister, an established duchess.


    “Don’t you have a job to do before you worry about Gemini? You’re the prince’s fiancée and you’re not even on the Executive Committee.”


    So, that’s what it is.


    That finally made sense to Faritina.


    She was disappointed not to be on the Executive Committee. But what could she do? You don’t get elected to the Executive Committee by running for office.


    It’s a nomination from the previous year.


    And they have three years of school ahead of them. They just started building connections.


    And then, suddenly, Faritina had a nagging thought.


    It’s that nightmare.


    Eighteen-year-old Faritina is said to have resented the Baroness for not including her in the Executive Committee and bullied her.


    If the dream comes true, she will work in the executive for a long time to come.


    I want no part of it.


    My instincts refused.


    As long as there is a political deal, the commitment cannot be reversed. Why should I compete with you now?


    “Can’t I be Princess and Queen if I don’t join the executive committee? Was that the deal?”


    Faritina said deliberately in a low voice, and Serion looked at her with contempt and said.


    “How lazy of you. Don’t you want to be worthy of royalty?”


    “Because it’s not my fault that I didn’t.”


    “You didn’t try hard enough. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? You are second only to the prince in the academy and inferior to the others. It’s unbecoming.”


    Serion sighed deliberately.


    Faritina was disgusted by the duke’s nobility.


    Yes, he was right.


    You have been given a high position, you should be smarter and prouder than anyone else.


    That was what Faritina was striving for.


    She was no match for the genius that was Serion. 


    But it feels so empty when all you’ve achieved is a jealous foot-dragging.


    It’s like a nightmare.


    Faritina shrugged her shoulders and made a small apology, “I’m sorry.”


    Serion’s eyebrows drew closer together.


    Faritina suddenly chuckled.


    “…Do you understand?”


    “It’s fine, but I’m not a genius like you. I’m just trying. As much as possible.”


    “To the extent that you can!”


    Faritina interrupted Serion’s slightly raised voice with a sigh.


    “The Executive Committee is supposed to suggest improvements to the Institute, isn’t it? I don’t think I can handle such an important role.”


    “What are you talking about, you who will be a princess and queen!”


    “A princess consort doesn’t do politics. She doesn’t even sit in parliament.”


    “You”. Serion said, with anger in his voice.


    “Effort or no effort, I’m still the eldest daughter of Granquiace. Hey, Serion. What you’re worried about is that I’m not good enough and that will hurt Granquiace?”


    Serion choked on the question.


    The expression on his face gave Faritina some satisfaction.


    “Just because I’m a little clumsy doesn’t mean I’m flawed. I have you, the genius.”


    Serion was momentarily taken aback. Faritina giggled with growing satisfaction.


    “I’m sorry. Serion. I didn’t mean to drop out. But I want to stay with Gemini for now. He’ll be so happy. I just don’t want him to be lonely until he’s a little stronger.”


    Faritina said softly and closed the fan as the carriage arrived at the palace.

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