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    The Goal Is To Survive

    Chapter 29

    Chapter 29: Hope is what I entrusted

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 29: Hope is what I entrusted


    “With Amanda Rejon. I apologize for the misunderstanding.”




    “It’s nothing with her. We don’t have the kind of relationship that is being talked about. I’m sorry for misleading you and making you feel bad. I’m sorry.”


    Faritina is quiet as a mouse while Gideon bows.


    Gideon clears his throat and continues.


    “If you think I got you into this situation, you’re wrong. I had nothing to do with it. So tell me the truth. I know you didn’t abuse Amanda Rajon.”


    When Gideon did not speak further, Faritina exhaled.


    “…The truth is an ugly thing.”


    Faritina muttered to herself. Gideon listened to the low murmur again, but Faritina remained silent.


    ‘I don’t have the rumored relationship with Amanda Rejon,’ he said.


    For the moment, Faritina thought to herself.


    She wondered what Gideon’s intentions were in telling her this after all this time.


    Had his plans been dashed because of my silence?


    He said that they were not lovers, but it was unreasonable of him to claim that they were just friends after they had shown such intimacy.


    It is true that they did not have a relationship to the extent that he was accused of infidelity, but the fact that he sent her a letter that could have been taken as a declaration of separation, and the way he had put her first up to that point, was enough to make her believe that he was in love with her.


    You can’t just dismiss the whole thing as a misunderstanding now.


    What would be the right answer, then?


    Faritina wants to live with Gemini if she can, but now that she’s here, she’s ready to die.


    That doesn’t mean I’m going to hasten my death.


    Rather, she wants to delay it as much as possible to give the remaining siblings time to find a safe place.


    I want to give them the best chance of survival.


    As she pondered this, Gideon exhaled softly.


    “I know you won’t believe me when I tell you this. But I had no intention of breaking my engagement to you. I was happy to join the Academy, to join the Executive Committee, and to have friends who thought the same of me. I wanted to have friends who were not afraid of my status, who were not afraid of the royal court. I didn’t realize there would be so much talk just because they happened to be of the opposite sex.”


    Oh my god, you’re not sorry at all.


    Faritina was disgusted by Gideon’s words.


    He had thought he had found a real friend in that boxwood garden at the academy.


    It just happened to be a woman.


    Completely by chance.


    There was always the question of whether it was possible to make real friends with the opposite sex.


    I don’t think so, but the Prince really believes it is possible.


    I’d love to hear you say that after 10 years, when you’ve proven you can’t develop romantic feelings for any of your ‘friends’.


    Judging by the expression on the prince’s face, it doesn’t look like he’s trying to come up with a plan and execute it. He’s obviously a puppet.


    I don’t know who told him to do it, but I think he decided to play it down for once and let himself be convinced.


    She wants to make something clear.


    How much does he know about Gazelli’s interests and the misappropriation of the ore? And how he intends to deal with it.


    “…Our engagement …”


    Faritina began to speak slowly.


    “It is based on the fact that the decision on the distribution of Gazelli is reserved for the royal family. Even if His Highness has a mistress, I can marry into the royal family, and the royal family can rule over the Gazelli Concession as promised, as long as he doesn’t make a problem out of it.


    “I’ve been thinking about this…


    “If that were to happen to me and I had to pay the price for my disgrace, I would be willing to give up only my interests to settle the score.”


    Gideon shook his head in panic as Serion said the same thing she had said.


    “No! That’s not what I think!”


    “Yes, you do.”


    He had no intention of breaking the pact that primarily benefited Gazelli.


    The prince was really just playing with fire.


    But this noble woman would never have let it come to that.


    Faritina remembered Amanda’s triumphant face.


    When she accompanied the prince to Modri Castle, she had not thanked him, but had sat down beside him as a matter of course.


    Although the prince does not intend it, he is already trapped and threatened his fiancée.


    His alliance with Granquiece over the gazelles is threatened.


    If the prince doesn’t know what’s going on, Granquiece should break off the engagement and start over.




    But if he wanted to destroy the entire Granquiece family, he would use the opportunity to expose the embezzlement of the ore.


    So far, Second Prince Gideon does not seem to know about the embezzlement.


    If he knew, he would threaten Faritina to confess to having abused Amanda.


    ‘I would do the same,’ Faritina thinks.


    He forces a confession, portrays Faritina Windy Granquieth as the villain, breaks off the engagement, and receives the Gazelli concession as compensation. As for the embezzlement, you can either destroy the Granquiece or use it as a leash to keep the genius Serion alive.


    Either way, Faritina’s life would end in this room, as she had predicted in her dream.


    But if the prince is the puppet, then the person who will expose the embezzlement is close to the mastermind of this scenario.


    Until that mastermind shows up.


    Is it the royal family itself or a group that wants to connect with the royal family? Or…


    Faritina decided to remain silent.


    Once again there was an uncomfortable silence, and the knight of the guard called out to them.


    It seemed that the visiting time due to the prince had expired.


    Gideon stood up with an unusually sullen expression on his face.


    Gideon said to Faritina as he stood up to thank her for seeing him off.


    “Serion and I will meet at the academy. If there is anything you need to tell him, I will take care of it.”


    “Thank you.”


    “Is that all you have to say?”


    She thought about it for a moment.


    Faritina said.






    When Gideon asked again, Faritina nodded silently.


    The eyes that looked at Gideon were not veiled.


    No despair, no sorrow, no resignation.


    What he confided to Serion was hope.

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