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    The Goal Is To Survive

    Chapter 28

    Chapter 28: The truth is an ugly thing

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 28: The truth is an ugly thing


    Gideon came into Faritina’s room.


    Faritina bowed respectfully and waited for him.


    “Thank you for rescuing me from that prison. I apologize for my rudeness the other day, for I was too weak to move my neck and could not answer well.”


    Faritina said with her head bowed.


    Gideon was taken aback by her perfect politeness.


    He thought she was angry and upset, and that’s why she didn’t respond well. To ease her anger, he wanted to take the initiative and come to her.


    “No, I’m sorry I tried to make you talk when you were weak. I hope you’re feeling better.”


    “Yes. I have you to thank for that. I’m at peace now.”


    Gideon turned away from Faritina, looking uncomfortable.


    “Well… Let’s sit down, shall we? I need to talk to you.”


    He came.


    Faritina thought under her downcast face.


    He will make me confess when I calm down.


    She still won’t talk to him about pushing Amanda Rejon, about the insidious abuse.


    I’m not going to talk to him.


    But I can’t send him away either.


    Faritina faced Gideon at the tea table.


    Gideon took out a small packet.


    “Serion gave it to me. I asked to see it, but for some reason he won’t give it to me. I took it with me in case I might see you.”


    She was presented with a glass ornament filled with sand, a large book, and a folded piece of paper.


    “This is from my youngest brother.”


    The folded paper was a drawing of Gemini. The top half of the paper was filled with blue chalk, and the bottom half of the paper showed two human-like figures with hands and feet sticking out of an oval. Next to the oval figure, a shell was clearly visible.


    This must be the Modori sea.


    The egg-shaped people must be twin siblings.


    “Well, he did a good job.”


    Faritina couldn’t help smiling.


    The writing pressure is sufficient. I can see that his body is recovering.


    Tears came to Faritina’s eyes as she realized that Gemini was safe and unharmed.


    On the glass ornament in the sand was a short message from Serion.


    ‘I made it from the sand of Modori Beach and gave it to Gemini,’ he said.


    “I like it.”


    The glass ornaments were made of multi-layered transparent glass with shades of sand in between, reminding them of a beach. The sand is held in place by oil, water and the pressure of the multiple layers of glass, and when the edge is tilted, the sand flows away to reveal another sand mountain shape.


    It is an abstract decoration that captures the beauty of natural forms. The shape of the mountain keeps changing when tilted, so you can look at it for hours.


    The two stared at the flowing sand for a while.


    ‘It’s beautiful,’ Gideon thought honestly.


    Gently, he looked at Faritina beside him.


    Her white face is calm as she looks at the crumbling sand. She was a little older than Gideon remembered her, and her thin, unadorned cheeks looked tired.


    During the three days she spent in the Avenald prison, Faritina did not eat, speak, or cry. As soon as she was admitted, an inmate across the aisle made noise with obscene words and beat him to silence him.


    At this point she turned pale and shook without words. 


    The guards reported.


    It was too ugly for him to tell Serion.


    Serion had remembered her as a strong, rather stocky woman, as he had described her to Gideon. Perhaps that was why she kept her wits under these degrading conditions, never begging for her life, never complaining of hunger or dirt.


    It is said that she had remained silent since his arrival in prison, with little or no help from her keepers.


    The guards report that she reflects on her actions,


    Serion says she has nothing to regret.


    So why is she so willing to accept this unjust treatment?


    Gideon lets out a deep sigh and wonders if she is suspicious of him because she thinks he tricked her.


    “This book …?”


    It was a book like a thick dictionary.


    “It’s a plant book.”


    Faritina flipped through it lightly.


    “Are you interested in plants?”


    Faritina nodded her head.


    “I don’t like them much, but I used to watch them with my brother.”


    She took the book to Psyllium. Serion must have remembered, because during stops on the road she compared the plants on the side of the road with Gemini with the dictionary.


    In fact, she was looking for an antidote for the muguet poison.


    The muguet poison that Gemini had had to take was a slow-acting poison that gradually accumulated in his body and weakened him. She was looking for something that would detoxify the poison and eliminate it from the body, as well as a nourishing plant that would strengthen the body and make it more resistant to the poison.


    Serion brought this illustrated book, which Faritina used as a reference book.


    She liked it because of the many illustrations, the easy-to-understand classification of the plants and their uses.


    “You really love your brother, don’t you?”


    Faritina turned her head and smiled thinly.


    “…He is my youngest brother. He’s so cute.”


    Faritina’s curt reply kept the conversation going. Gideon felt uncomfortable.


    After another moment of silence, Gideon said.


    “Was he sickly from birth?”


    Faritina nodded her head again.


    “I don’t know much about it. I only started taking care of him recently, I’m ashamed to say. Until then, I only thought about myself.”


    She laughed softly.


    “Then I realized that my mother was busy running the household and my siblings weren’t taking care of him, and I felt sorry for him because he was home alone. “


    “I heard that he relies on you. I’m sure he’s worried about you at home.”


    “… He’s at the Psyllium estate. I couldn’t bring him back here because he hasn’t recovered from his critical condition.”


    “This… I… I’m worried about you.”


    Faritina did not reply to Gideon’s words, but simply stared at the book in front of her.


    ‘This is a blessing in disguise,’ Faritina thought.


    Gemini would be very sad if he knew what had happened to me. On the contrary, it would be good if he didn’t know.


    Ceara and Julian would be very worried. If that’s the case, I should have sent them to the Empire right away instead of waiting.


    I wonder what my mother would say about that.


    ‘I can’t read her mind.’ Gideon turned his head uneasily.


    He didn’t know. He didn’t know that her brother was in such a serious condition. He was glad that Serion had joined the Executive Committee, even if he could have guessed it, since not all the siblings had returned from Psyllium yet.


    Now he is faced with the fact that he had not given a single thought to Faritina.


    “Well, I’m sorry…”


    Gideon said.


    Faritina looked up cautiously.

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