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    The Goal Is To Survive

    Chapter 27

    Chapter 27: Why?

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 27: Why?


    Serion came to school for the first time in a week. Gideon quickly went to the Executive’s office.


    Serion’s eyes lit up with anger when he heard that Faritina had been in Avenald’s prison.


    “Avenald. So it was not a detention center, but a prison where the crime was already considered certain. What are the levels?”


    Serion turned to the Ministry of Justice, but they would not tell him where Faritina was being held, as they were still interrogating her.


    “The lowest level. It’s the lowest level,” Gideon admitted with difficulty.


    “On death row for heinous crimes?”


    Unlike the executive, who didn’t seem to understand what he was saying, Serion correctly understood the meaning of hierarchy.


    That’s why he didn’t like it.


    Gideon heaved a sigh.


    Serion is a genius. He understands better than any of them what it means to have Faritina imprisoned and treated like a criminal without due process.


    More than any of them here.


    There is someone on this committee who has suggested that Faritina be treated this way.


    Serion has that suspicion. And he doesn’t try to hide it. But he wonders how many members of the Executive Committee know they are suspected.


    The other day Serion wanted to conduct a social experiment to see if it was possible to unilaterally break off an engagement based on a rumor, but it didn’t happen because the dean tried to placate him.


    The Count’s son, who was supposed to be an example of the experiment at the time, no longer attends the Academy. Shortly thereafter, he asked for a leave of absence.


    Amanda returns to the school, but she seems confused and upset by the drastic change in the atmosphere of the school administration.


    But no one is talking. Lunches, which used to focus on Gideon and Amanda, are now taken in groups, and Amanda is not invited.


    Gideon lightly explained that Serion would file a contempt counterclaim. Amanda turned pale and said she would explain it to Serion herself.


    However, she could not see Serion.


    Apparently, she went to the Duke’s house to ask for a meeting, but was turned away on the grounds that she did not have an appointment, and even when she tried to make an appointment, she was turned away on the grounds that her identity was unclear.


    Amanda was in a state of shock.


    Gideon thought Serion’s radical action was a bit over the top, but it was true that there was a big difference in status between them after they left the academy. It was only natural that they were now feuding.


    Gideon had also asked for a meeting to report on Faritina’s treatment, but was turned down, citing his busy schedule.


    So he waited for Serion to come to the school.


    “I thank you for the news. Your Highness. Is my sister safe?”


    Serion soothed the anger in his eyes and bowed gracefully.


    “I will take her to the west wing of the palace. She was weak from not eating or drinking for three days while she was in Avenald, but she seems to be eating well now.”


    Serion looked at Gideon attentively and thanked him again promisingly.


    His demeanor was one of grace and dignity, and he seemed to have forgiven the Executive members present. Perhaps they can become close students of the college again, as they once were. His manner is gentle enough to make them think so.


    “I am relieved to know that my sister is safe. I was once in Avenald Prison, and it’s a very bad place for a young girl who grew up in a box to keep her sanity. No matter how persistent she was, it would have been difficult for her to survive on her own until she was exonerated.”


    “…Have you ever been there?”


    “Yes, I have been. It’s the most brutal punishment in the country. You have to have seen it with your own eyes to use it as a basis for considering punishment.”


    A shiver ran down Gideon’s spine.


    Serion is different. They are definitely different. Very different from them, who were only dimly and unconsciously aware of the cruelty of reality.


    Gideon knew that the prison of Avenald was such a place. He knew it was a place where those sentenced to death were held. But he had never seen the death penalty or imagined what it would be like for the guilty.


    Did the person who suggested taking Faritina there know about it?


    Serion suspects that it was someone in the academy who made the suggestion. If he/she knew, it would be a strong malicious desire for death, and if he/she didn’t know, it would be a criminal act of ignorance.


    “The west wing of the palace, yes? I assume you are in charge of the palace guard. May I request a meeting?”


    “That may not happen right away…”


    “Yes, I am aware of that. It is a place of confinement that will be scrutinized. I am relieved that there is hope of seeing her again, even if it takes some time. She has a better chance of surviving than in the Avenald prison.”


    Serion’s eyes narrowed slightly.


    “…Serion, do you believe in Lady Faritina’s innocence?”


    Asked one of the Executives.


    “Of course I do. I submitted my rebuttal testimony to the prosecution yesterday. Unfortunately, the statement of claim before the court did not clearly state the day, time, and place of the Amanda Rejon’s assults. We will therefore need to combine as much as possible with eyewitness accounts of her actions before and after the assault. If you are interested in this, please contact the Court. It will be made available to anyone who wants to see it.”


    “So, why doesn’t Lady Faritina deny it? She’s been silent all this time.”


    “I don’t know what my sister thinks.”


    Serion said, lifting his chin.


    “But in a situation where you are suddenly arrested and already being treated like a criminal, it is not surprising that you find it difficult to maintain your innocence. In fact, you do not know how an unintentional remark will be used by your enemy. After all, you have already fallen into the trap of the enemy and are in his hands.”




    Everyone scowled as he said this.


    “Are you doubting us? That we’ve lured her into a trap?”


    Gideon said in a harsh voice.


    Serion looked silently at Gideon’s pale face. ‘Why are you doing this?’ his expression told him.


    “Serion! You are rude!”


    One of the members of the Executive Committee exclaimed.


    “I’m just saying hypothetically why my sister is silent. Remember the indictment. It says that she was jealous of Amanda Rejon and caused her harm. She was also concerned that she might jeopardize her position as Prince Gideon’s fiancée.”


    Serion’s blue-gray eyes look coldly at Gideon and his entourage.


    “I deny that my sister committed the crime. She had no time for that. She spent as much time as she could taking care of her sick brother. But I can’t say she didn’t see Amanda Rejon as an enemy in her heart. I don’t either. Rumors about Prince Gideon and Amanda Lyon have spread through society.”


    “Oh, no. That’s not true! There is nothing between me and Amanda!”


    “That is the rumor.”


    Serion replied inorganically.


    This panic convinced Serion that Gideon probably wasn’t behind it. Gideon had to have been taken advantage of because of his relationship with Amanda.


    Even if Gideon and Amanda had not engineered this absolution, they could not deny that their love affair was involved.


    “If you believe the rumors, my sister was driven to the brink by her fiancé. It’s not surprising that you feel that way.”


    “No, no! We didn’t do that! Why….?”




    Serion’s voice was frighteningly cold as he took in Gideon’s mutterings.


    Don’t overdo it.


    Faritina’s words hold Serion back.


    People who are backed into a corner don’t do well. Those who suffer the most are the weakest.


    How refreshing it would be to yell at this fool right here and now.


    Make his beautiful, spoiled, naive face turn pale with fear.




    You have shown such contempt for your fiancée and such sympathy for your lover that she has become the talk of society.


    Don’t you see how your recklessness has humiliated a woman who should be dear to your heart?


    I thought you acted like that on purpose to achieve that, but if not, how shallow of you.


    Faritina, what bad luck you have. A man of enviable rank, dignity and talent, bound by such an insignificant obligation, is unnecessarily humiliated. You are putting your life at risk.


    I will not hunt him now. My precious sister is still under the protection of that manly bitch.


    Serion smiled thinly.


    “Hey, your highness.”


    There’s a sweet flirtation in the way he says it.


    “I know exactly where your heart lies, even without your words. My sister doesn’t even come to the academy, but I’ve been in and out of here.”


    Gideon was caught off guard. And then his cheeks turned red.




    “But don’t you think this is a bad idea? It’s impossible to incriminate Faritina on the basis of rumors alone, and above all, what about the right to decide on the distribution of the gazelli that come with the dowry? Do you think our duchy will give it up voluntarily after being humiliated in this way? Or did you intend to deprive us of the entire Granqiece during our provisional duchy?”


    “The Gazelli… have the right to distribute?”


    Serion could not hide his contempt at the expression on his face, as if he had never heard it before.


    “Oh, have you forgotten that? All you had to do was get Miss Amanda. Then break off the engagement.”


    “It’s not that I forgot. No, I didn’t. Amanda? What are you talking about?”


    Gideon is confused. He props his head in his hands.


    “No, of course I didn’t! Amanda and I are really nothing. She’s just a friend!”


    Serion said nothing, but just looked at Gideon.


    “Is it you? Did you tell Faritina about the rumors? That’s why she misunderstood and did what she did!”


    “Really nothing? I don’t know what such a really nothing is, but you never told my sister about your rumors. There was enough to believe without talking about it.”


    “How, what…?”


    “You have no idea what I’m talking about?”


    Serion narrowed his eyes, which were growing fearful.


    Don’t overdo it. Now is not the time.


    “I’m sorry if I misunderstood you. But again, I’m sure my sister has done nothing wrong. Her engagement to Your Highness is a contract that includes Gazelli’s interests. If nothing goes wrong, the marriage will be consummated. To court His Highness’s favor is not a motive. And at that time she had no time for anyone but her youngest brother.”


    “Then why didn’t you say that? I…”


    Faritina suspects that Gideon is the one who imprisoned her. Gideon was speechless when he realized this after all this time.


    “I need to see Faritina. I am not the enemy. I need to clear up this misunderstanding…”


    Serion smiled gently.

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