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    The Goal Is To Survive

    Chapter 25

    Chapter 25: The confusion of the prince

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 25: The confusion of the prince


    It was so degrading that he threw up.


    At the insistence of Serion, who did not try to hide his icy superiority, Gideon inquired about the place of Faritina’s imprisonment.


    He did not receive an immediate reply, and it was not until two nights later, at noon, that he finally received an answer.


    Faritina was being held in Avenalds Prison on the outskirts of the capital.


    It was a prison for those who had repeatedly committed heinous crimes and murders, all of which could be punished by death.


    When he arrived, he found Faritina sitting in a dark dungeon in the lowest cell.


    There was a stench in the air and strange noises could be heard.


    In Faritina’s cell, rats were congregating around what appeared to be food scraps.


    Gideon shuddered at the sheer ugliness of the surroundings.


    How could this be here?


    She was a duchess, the prince’s fiancée.


    One wrong move and she could have been mortally wounded, but she was only slightly injured.


    The other party was of some rank, but a baroness of much lower rank. Even if there was a scar, it would be a settlement at most.


    This is a misconception.


    When Faritina noticed Gideon, she put her head on the ground without even looking at him.


    He was at a loss for words, for he had heard that she was silent, and he had expected her to look at him with resentment.


    Why, if she didn’t admit it?


    You are like a sinner who has admitted his guilt!


    Serion claimed that Faritina could never have tortured Amanda, and took a leave of absence from the Academy to disprove it.


    Serion must be convinced since he is so desperate. If that’s the case, why doesn’t she just say she isn’t?


    Faritina’s depressed state and attitude make it hard for him to think clearly.


    At the moment he thought she should go outside, but the only place he could think of was the west wing of the royal palace.


    Faritina did not say a single word.


    Not even during the carriage ride, not even when she was waiting in her room in the palace for her captivity to be prepared.


    Gideon turned to Faritina and begged her to deny it, but she seemed to refuse to answer at all.


    This attitude troubled Gideon greatly.


    My fiancée.


    The one he promised to be with until death do us part.


    The silence of the other.


    Even though he was bound by a contract, he wanted to be able to trust her.


    There had been nasty rumors about Faritina for some time, but Gideon, busy with the administration of the academy, his studies, and his official work as prince, had tried to keep them at bay by keeping Faritina away from him.


    Her reliable brother Serion, who denied this out of the goodness of his heart and hugged her youngest brother and took care of him when he visited her again, felt a little relieved that the rumors were only rumors.


    If she had wanted it, he hoped she would have taken care of it herself.


    But the person in question didn’t show up, nor did she seem to care, and the bad publicity only grew with a tail.


    The people around him, some of them amused, some of them seriously concerned, put it in Gideon’s ear. Gideon was also troubled.


    Then Amanda, a close friend of the Executive Committee, said she wanted to help Gideon and persuade Faritina to help him. Amanda wanted to help Gideon.


    Amanda is a brilliant personality with excellent political ideas and a good sense of citizens’ sensitivities and people’s currents. She has a straight heart, a strong desire to help others, and a cheerful personality. 


    She is a type of person that Faritina, the prime example of a high-ranking nobleman’s daughter, does not have, and he introduced her to her because he thought she could put her mind at ease.


    The result was a disastrous failure.


    From the point of view of the Duchess, who was at the top of power, it was unacceptable for her to be approached by Amanda, who was almost a commoner.


    Amanda told him that instead of Faritina, who had left earlier.


    Amanda apologized to Gideon for her mistake and for upsetting Faritina.


    However, she did not show her usual sass and brusqueness.


    When asked, she shouted that she had been humiliated and that it had been hard not only for herself but also for her family.


    And besides, Amanda continued.


    “Lady Faritina is suspicious of my relationship with Lord Gideon. She thinks I am a thief. She accused me of being a thief and said she would destroy my house… I was afraid.”


    Ugly, Gideon thought.


    He had heard so many ugly things about women, but he didn’t realize how ugly and unpleasant they could be around him.


    From there, Amanda began to tell of all the things she had to deal with. Some of the stories sounded familiar to Gideon.


    Amanda was bullied for being good and staying around him.


    Gideon felt sorry for her and finally decided to keep Faritina away.


    In a few years, there will be a prenup anyway. Faritina will be less jealous if Amanda is out of sight.


    She is greedy. Gideon was disgusted.


    She is so infatuated with her brother that she neglects her studies, yet she is jealous of a member of the Executive Committee.


    His distrust of Faritina grew.


    When he heard that she had pushed Amanda down the stairs, she was distraught that she had finally done it. 


    I was disgusted at the thought of reporting it to my father, the king, and the faces of the royal family.


    However, the mood changed when he met with Serion afterwards.


    It was the first time that Serion, who is so smart and cool headed, showed such an outburst of emotion and anger.


    And with every word Serion asked him, it was as if he had been slapped in the face.


    Rumors are just rumors.


    Don’t make a decision based on testimony alone, without solid evidence.


    Faritina was taken into custody without these basic facts being proven.


    Faritina did not even claim her innocence with Gideon.


    ‘If notoriety alone is enough to convict a man of adultery, then adultery it is.’


    Serion’s reasoning sent a shiver down his spine.


    Faritina had a bad reputation as a sexually promiscuous and lustful woman. It was rumored with a frown that she will never be a member of the royal family.


    Gideon knew her well enough to know that she was not such a bad woman.


    She doesn’t go to soirees. She never asks him out, and he never heard that she attended one.


    She spends her evenings in the ballrooms of the city. He knows very well, however, that a ducal lady cannot go out without an escort, for he has been in a similar situation.


    It is an impossible rumor that does not know the reality of a high-ranking nobleman.


    But since neither she nor her fiancé denies it, the prejudice only increases. This is the most degrading rumor a woman can hear.




    And that is the basis for this case.


    She is being held for hurting Amanda, but her crime is certain: she hurt a close friend of the prince out of jealousy, regardless of her own bad behavior.


    Serion has read the complaint and confronted Gideon.


    ‘You want to convict her of adultery to make the rumors true.’


    With a terrible smile, Serion stared at the executive.


    “I hereby declare. I will prepare a counterstatement and file a complaint for insulting the Granquiece.”


    ‘It was you who brought Faritina down,’ Serion’s expression said.


    “If you have nothing to hide, there’s nothing to worry about. It’s just that the child’s play in the garden has gone too far. I will give you a moxa(tea) while you are still in school. But I want you to know that once you leave here, you will be scheming for your life. If the other party is the royal family of another country, you must expect to be attacked and destroyed. If it is two of our allies, it is not only their own heads that are at stake, but also the heads of their families. That is what it means to be insulted. And you have chosen a high-ranking member of a country of distinction.”


    Serion smiled.


    “You will have to show me that you are willing to do so.”


    Serion was about to prepare another complaint.


    “That’s just as well, as part of a social experiment.”


    The executive members opened their mouths wide at the idea.


    “If rumors can be used to charge someone with adultery,” he said, “then we can also use rumors to unilaterally break off an engagement.” he continued.


    Specifically, he claimed that some members of the executive committee were so infatuated with Amanda Rejon that they despised his fiancée. 


    Would this rumor result in the engagement, which was made as a marriage contract, being broken?


    “Wait! Why me? Why me?! Everyone here did it!”


    A member of the Executive Committee, who was about to be named as a test subject, snaps at Serion.


    “That’s because we have the consent of the person filing the complaint…”


    Serion said without hesitation.


    “This is part of our research program. And you’re helping us do it.”


    “No, don’t do that… That’s an insult!”


    “Yes. I’m sure it is. Then let’s do it. Rumors are hard for the accused to disprove. Proving the innocence of the accused is called proving the devil. Of course, it is difficult to get physical evidence or testimony that nothing happened. You can consider it a challenge to this difficult task. I will add in the complaint that it is for political research. If this spreads unpleasant news, please sue me for contempt. I would be interested to see how this turns out.”


    Serion turned to Gideon and said.


    “Just and merciful Gideon, your highness. Please help me. Don’t you want to see for yourself how your qualities affect the real ruling?”

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