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    The Goal Is To Survive

    Chapter 24

    Chapter 24: In the prison

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 24: In the dungeon


    I should not have known.


    That it is such a joy to receive love.


    That the desire for another’s happiness inspires me so much.


    That I am protected by protecting someone smaller and more pathetic than me.


    I want to pass on this feeling. I want to pass on my feelings to someone else. This thought fills me with a real sense of pride.


    I feel like I’m finally living like a human being now that I’ve met you.




    In the dim light of the semi-prison, Faritina thinks absently.


    It has probably been three whole days since she entered this prison. The sun has come in through a small lighted window near the ceiling and it is dark again.


    When the sun went down, there was literally darkness.


    The prison was substandard.


    The door to the corridor was barred, and the cell in front of it was easily visible.


    On the first day, a man stood outside Faritina’s cell. When he saw Faritina in her white uniform, he took out his private part and began to masturbate.


    Faritina could not bear the sight and turned away, but the man shouted, “Look, look,” and threw obscene words at her.


    The guards immediately rushed over and beat and kicked the man.


    The man lay in a pool of blood and appeared to have died the next day.


    At that moment, Faritina understood for the first time what her captivity meant.


    They want me to die.


    As miserable as possible, without dignity and pride.


    When she realized this, she held her face and cried. 


    She didn’t want to let out a single sob. She didn’t even want to make the sound of a sniffle.


    In the cell with no doors and only bars, all sounds could be heard, sometimes the sound of bowel movements could be heard from somewhere, and at mealtime the sound of chewing could be heard.


    This alone made Faritina nauseous, and she did not eat, drink, or defecate at all.


    She didn’t even feel the sensation, just sat dazed on a bed covered with a thin sheet.




    Faritina called out in her mind to her beloved little brother.


    Are you feeling better? Don’t you miss your big sister? I’m sorry I couldn’t come home. I promised that I would be back soon. I wonder if I can be with you when I’m just a soul.


    Unable to eat or drink, but able to think, Faritina slumbered, thinking about many things.


    Faritina was thinking about her own mother when she noticed that many footsteps had stopped near her prison.


    ‘A pity,’ she thought, as she watched the squeaking of the rats that had gathered around the meager meal of bread and water that Faritina had not touched.


    My own mother had been engaged to my father since her college days. She had married right after graduation, just as I had.


    Faritina did not know such a story until Lord Psyllium told it to her.


    Less than a year after Faritina’s birth, her current (step)mother, who had grown a big belly, had married her as his second wife, and out of consideration for his current wife, no one had told Faritina who her real mother was. For this reason alone, Faritina feels pity.


    As the fiancée of the next Duke, she must have had a difficult time as a student. Her (step)mother, a maid, soon became his second wife. There must have been no love in their relationship, only a sense of responsibility.


    If so, her days must have been very empty.


    Her mother must have been loved by her own parents, for they were angry with him for his relationship with his second wife and broke off all relations with the Dukes of Granqiece, including their own granddaughter.


    But how empty and sad her life must have been to be abandoned by her parents and to be treated in the place where she married as if she had never existed.


    Faritina never even saw a portrait of her birth mother.


    Even the child she gave birth to has been forgotten, and the child is dying in this degrading prison, trapped in someone’s greedy plans.


    It’s pathetic.


    Faritina thought to herself.


    As is so often the case with noble women, they are forced into marriage for political reasons and only bear children who fall from grace.


    I’m sorry, mother, I don’t even know you.


    A child that should have been a bond between families wasn’t your hope either.


    As she was lost in thought, she heard the cell ring.


    She opened her eyes and saw a handsome knight and a nobleman.


    When Faritina realized that it was her fiancé’s second prince, she rose from the bed.


    Her legs were weak and she collapsed on the floor, which was covered with mouse droppings.


    She doesn’t know what to do, she can’t get up.


    I will just stay here.


    I’m just a sinner waiting to die.


    Faritina remained on her hands and forehead to the group.


    “…What is the meaning of this?”


    A deep, growling voice rang out.


    Faritina remained silent, her head lowered.


    “She is a Duchess. Why is she in this cell? She has done nothing to deserve this punishment!”


    The prince was furious.


    She thought the prince had thrown her in here, but he probably didn’t know that.


    If so, the prince is an idiot.


    As always, Faritina’s thoughts were becoming clearer.


    It may have been a mistake to lock her up here, but will they force her to confess?


    Faritina kept silent during the official interrogation.


    If she were whipped, she would admit it immediately. 


    I can’t stand pain, I’m not a fighter.


    “Sorry, Faritina. This is a mistake. We must leave here at once.”


    “But, your highness. She is a sinner.”


    “Are her sins that great? Not really.”


    The guards around him look at each other in confusion.


    “Let’s see what we can do. Please wait here for a while until another prison becomes available…”




    The prince interrupted himself.


    “I’ll take her to the palace. To the west wing.”


    Oh, that’s where they keep the political prisoners.


    Faritina was convinced.


    Traditionally, the royal family and high-ranking nobles were locked up there.


    I’m not a political prisoner, so for me this is unparalleled treatment. But it seems that they can’t change the treatment of a criminal if she didn’t even admit her crime.


    Faritina had to get up and was led out of the prison.


    She went with the prince, surrounded by knights.


    After three days of not eating or drinking and sitting on a bed, her body could not move as she wanted and she could not keep up with the speed at which they walked.


    “Go quickly!”


    The prince turned around as if he had heard the jailer’s voice.


    “Stop, you’re being rude. She is my fiancé.”


    The prince’s face turned grim and the guards bowed in surprise.


    They didn’t know that.


    Obviously the prisoners here are of very low rank and do not know the charge or the identity of the prisoner.


    They must have treated the guilty very roughly.


    Surprisingly, the transport to the palace was the prince’s carriage.


    The knights guarding the carriage and the prince argued, but the prince remained adamant, saying what could a helpless young lady with handcuffs do?


    As the carriage began to move, the prince spoke softly.


    “Why don’t you deny it?”


    Faritina looked up at the agonized murmur.


    The prince had put on a blue face and a scowl.


    I stink, I’m sure of it.


    I’ve been in this dungeon in my clothes for three days. No wonder I stink.


    She thought and let out a small sigh.


    Then you shouldn’t have been in the carriage with me. 


    So is the prince here to interrogate me.


    I have no intention of answering. I will continue to do so.


    The accusations against her are false, but the prince knew that and put her in prison. He didn’t know it was so bad there. He came to check on her. He was in a panic.


    I wonder if Serion was angry.


    He’s going to curse me when I get home.


    I couldn’t help it, but I answered the call and left without thinking. 


    It was no wonder she was called careless and stupid.


    “You didn’t do it, did you? Why don’t you plead innocent?”


    Faritina remained silent.


    It’s kind of a scenario until you plead innocent. You can’t just go down that road here.


    “Serion is working very hard to save you. If you tell you’re innocent, they might let you go. Why don’t you just deny it?”


    I’m sorry, Serion.


    I don’t mean to interfere, but I feel like I’m giving my enemies something new to love when I open my mouth.


    About the embezzlement, about my (step)mother’s betrayal.


    I will keep silent until you convince the people you have chosen with your mind.


    Faritina closed her mouth and eyes tightly.

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