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    The Goal Is To Survive

    Chapter 23

    Chapter 23: A nightmare comes true

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 23: A nightmare comes true


    Faritina received a call from the school.


    When she arrived at the school wondering what was going on, she was led into the president’s office, which is not normally open to students.


    In the room were the prince, the chairman of the executive committee, several other members of the executive committee, the dean of the school, and several other adults.


    Without being offered a seat, the chairman of the executive committee approached Faritina with a scorpion-like look.


    “Two days ago, after school, you pushed Amanda Rejon down the stairs.”


    Faritina blinked at this statement.


    “Why did you do that, Faritina, even though I warned you to stay away?”


    Said the prince to Faritina with a pale face.




    Faritina’s throat tightened.


    It was the beginning. At last. The nightmare. I knew it was a premonition.


    Faritina was thrown into the prison.




    “What do you mean?”


    Serion learned of Faritina’s capture during lunch, when a member of the Executive Committee took him to the meeting room.


    “After he left you that day, Faritina followed Amanda and pushed her down the stairs on the third floor of the west wing. No one could help her because she had gone to the west wing alone to prepare for the next summer party. Fortunately, she only suffered a bruised ankle, but it was too vicious to push her down an outside staircase without a railing.”


    “That’s based on Miss Rajon’s accusation, isn’t it? Are there any witnesses? Is there any physical evidence?”


    “So far, there are no witnesses. It was an unpopular time of day. There is no physical evidence.”


    “Were there any witnesses who could refute this? Did you compare the location of the fall to the location of the injury?”


    “She’s just been injured, Serion! She can’t do that if she’s still very shaken up psychologically!”


    An agitated member of the executive yelled at Serion.


    “You caught my sister based on a statement without any evidence?”


    “It’s the testimony of the person who was dropped. We have to believe her.”


    “You said she was being questioned. And where is she? She’s at the academy, right?”


    “No,” said the Executive.


    She’s been taken to the capital by the guards. We questioned her once, but she didn’t say anything. So she will be interrogated by the prison.


    Serion’s surroundings froze even more.


    “Prison? Why do that when there is no indictment yet?”


    “There is a charge. Attempted murder. There are other charges that require special interrogation.


    “What charges?”


    “We don’t know everything yet, but Faritina has been harassing Amanda for a long time. First she ignored her, then she persistently and cruelly berated her for her election to the Executive Committee and for her contact with me. There was no physical abuse, but some of her personal belongings were destroyed. That is what we were looking for together.”


    The prince tried to calm the atmosphere. Serion did not raise his voice, but his icy anger made the board pale.


    “So you have eyewitness testimony and solid evidence that my sister did it?”


    “No,” another member of the executive committee denied.


    “You’ve got to be kidding!”


    Serion’s shout shook the room.


    “This is all just a rumor. Have you allowed yourselves to be deceived by this uncertainty and arrested the Eldest child of Granquiece! What do you want?”


    The eyes of the executive committee members met.


    “Calm down, Serion, it’s just a testimony. But it’s her own testimony, and we’ve seen Amanda cry many times.”


    “Yes, I saw it too, at His Highness’ birthday party.”


    The man who spoke to Serion was a son of the Duke of Consul’s family. He was very impressed with Serion’s abilities and wanted to get involved in exploring what the team was doing.


    “I thought she cried a lot.”


    The Executive Committee members were shocked at the disparaging tone of his voice.


    “Serion, you can’t talk like that.”


    “What’s the difference? I wonder how the place would’ve turned out if my sister cried as well. You want to be friends with the duchess? That’s insolent. If you weren’t in the academy, you’d only be in her presence as a servant. It is laughable that you would forget your true status and think to remonstrate with Faritina just because you have joined the executive committee, a mere social experiment. I don’t know how it came to your ears, but if Faritina didn’t allow it there and appealed to His Majesty through the Duke, she could have had her dropped for impiety.”


    “Serion, with my permission, that was a rude moment.”


    Serion looked at the prince with dignity.


    “Yes, that’s why my sister didn’t make a fuss. Stubbornly cruel words? How often is that the case? As you know, she has hardly been to school since last year. Have you seen her in class even though you have the same class? Did she chase after her before school?”


    ‘Haa,’ Serion exhales mockingly.


    “Faritina, who takes care of her brother all the time, can’t afford to go out at night. Your Highness, how many soirees have you been to in the last year?”


    The prince looked shocked.


    Faritina had never been to the palace except on official occasions. And last year she was not invited to a single soiree.


    If her testimony is enough to incriminate my sister, then the recent rumors alone are enough to incriminate her. She seems to be flourishing with someone else’s fiancé.


    Serion’s mouth twisted into a grin.


    “And not just my sister. Adultery with a fiancé can be grounds for annulment. That’s just a rumor.”


    Serion looked around the group.


    It is rumored in the academy that Amanda Rejon is close to the sons and daughters of the Executive Committee and that she is favored by them because of her low status.


    The second prince in particular is so obsessed with her that he always places her next to his seat, and it is a semi-accepted fact that the candidates in his entourage take advantage of this and lift Amanda Rejon up.


    Serion stood up.


    “I’m going to review the complaint to see if there are enough offenses to charge her with a crime. If you will excuse me. I’ll check it out at the penitentiary.”


    Serion straightened his clothes slightly and left the room.


    His graceful but frighteningly sprawling aplomb made it impossible for anyone to move.

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