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    The Goal Is To Survive

    Chapter 22

    Chapter 22: Isolation

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 22: Isolation


    Faritina and Serion talk to each other as they walk slowly through the deserted corridors of the academy.


    Until now, the two have been focused on their own lives, and a sudden approach would make their mother unnecessarily cautious. They should avoid active discussions in the house as much as possible. suggested Faritina.


    “People don’t think well when they are cornered. In the end, it’s the weakest who suffer the most when they act rashly.”


    Although he is back in school, he does not actively attend. He meets Faritina once or twice a week after school at the library, and that’s the only time he can talk to her.


    Gemini is not at the mansion, but now Julian depends on Faritina’s presence.


    After learning firsthand that he was poisoned, Julian is suspicious of his mother. Faritina doesn’t explain anything because it would be too much for her to tell the whole story, but she can’t leave the house to reassure Julien.


    Serion does not know that Faritina and Julien are in the house.


    At first glance, life seems the same as always, but things have changed quickly.


    “I’m glad Julian found a good teacher.”


    Faritina says.


    It turned out that Julian was good at painting, so a painting teacher was sent to him through a teacher at the school.


    Painting and music are usually considered hobbies of women and livelihoods of men who do not have the status to produce luxury goods.


    Famous portrait painters, for example, are respected as such, but it is rare that they are the hobby of sons of high rank.


    But Faritina insisted.


    Just as Colin is trying to fulfill his dream of becoming a knight, I want Julian to have a dream too. Besides, some men of rank also have a hobby: painting.


    Most of them have retired from politics and enjoy the comforts of their rich estates, but sometimes their fame is sold for a high price.


    “They seem to be a good fit for each other. And I didn’t think he had what it takes.”


    “Yeah, I’m surprised, too. His pencil drawings alone are worthy of recognition. He’s got a lot of talent. I hope we can find a place to develop it.”


    They decided to send him and Ceara to the Empire to study.




    Upon her return from the Psyllium, Faritina sent a letter to her fiance to let him know she was coming home.


    A ceremony had taken place at the palace during her absence, and she wanted to see him to apologize for her omission.


    The answer made Faritina turn pale.


    After a few congratulations on her safe return, he declined to see her, referring to his busy schedule.


    Most of his response consisted of reminding her how she should spend her time at the school.


    According to him, the feud between Amanda Rejon and Faritina has been known for a long time, so she should stay away from Amanda. Besides, Amanda Rejon is under a lot of psychological pressure because of the commotion at his birthday party the other day, he said. He asks that she be allowed as few visits to the academy as possible because, as a member of the Executive Committee, she frequently works with the prince.


    “The royal family has excluded the Granquiece…”


    Two days after she received the letter, Faritina told Serion about it at school after class.


    Her cheeks were pale and stiff.


    “Let’s take Julian to the Empire with Ceara. As soon as possible. If we don’t, he will be involved in our downfall.”


    Faritina will return to Modori Castle as soon as her leave is settled. She would then take Ceara with her.


    She would take Ceara from the port in Modri to a ship in the Empire.


    Julian was to stay in the capital with Serion or go to Castle Modori if he could not go with Faritina.


    He feared that the departure of half of the Granquiece children in such a short time might arouse suspicion.


    But Faritina got a shock when she received a letter telling her that she and the prince were indeed separated.


    If things continued like this, the prince would break off the engagement because of Faritina’s bad reputation. She doesn’t know what they plan to do with Gazelli’s interests, but she is sure that they also want to expose the embezzlement of the ore.


    It will be quicker to send Julian abroad to study than to find a place at home where he can be protected.


    With three children in the Empire, it would not be suspicious at first glance if he ceded part of his fortune. Choose a trustworthy chamberlain immediately and prepare the manor.


    Faritina said to Serion as they sat side by side on the sofas in the deserted garden, looking out over the landscaped garden.


    Serion gritted his teeth.


    Faritina looked at him and saw that his eyes were flashing with anger.


    “Don’t be a fool. Don’t let a mere rumor stop you from breaking our engagement. The royal family has been looking out for Gazelli’s interests from the beginning. How dare they cut off Granqiece itself to save the face of his lover! This engagement had nothing to do with the ore.”


    “Yes, but you are a nobleman. You’ll do whatever it takes to get what you want. Don’t be so angry.”


    Faritina sighed sadly.


    “It’s okay to be angry, Faritina, because you’re not angry.”


    “You can’t change people’s minds for your own reasons. If you could win them over by pleasing them, none of this would have happened.”


    Before the nightmare, Faritina had feelings for the prince. To the horror of the others. And yet the prince had rejected Granquiece.


    Faritina’s heart contracted and she held her chest.


    “You want what you cannot have. How ugly I am …”


    Tears rose in her open eyes.


    I asked him for a favor because I thought he would be my future partner. It took me a long time to realize that I would never get him back. In the meantime, I must have seemed like a fool to the people around me.


    “…Faritina, please don’t cry. Elder sister.”


    Faritina wiped her tears with her fingers and bit her lip.


    “I’m sorry for being such a stupid sister. I wish I had more strength. If I had more talent.”


    “No, it’s not your fault.”


    “Protect them, Serion, if you feel sorry for them. At least they will survive.”


    “Elder sister…”


    Serion took Faritina’s hand, which he clenched in his lap.


    “I will not let anyone die. Smile, Faritina, your smile is their hope.”


    Faritina nodded and her tears fell onto Serion’s clasped hands.




    Faritina, walking beside Serion, smiled as she remembered.


    “What is it?”


    Asked Serion.


    “Yeah, I didn’t know you had it in you. I didn’t think so.”


    “Hmm,” sniffled Serion.


    “You know. The current fashion is not for realistic landscapes, but for more abstract ones. I think my paintings come close to that. It’s okay if people don’t get it right away.”


    The twins, who have a lot of time on their hands in the Psyllium, spend their time drawing. They were joined by Faritina and, for once, Serion.


    They laughed at Serion’s disastrous drawing.


    “You know what? People call a painter a painter who paints too avant-garde.”


    The term ‘painter’ is a term of endearment for a person of rank who likes to paint.


    However, it is said to be used ironically and awkwardly.


    “Good, very good. Put it on the market now, and in a hundred years everyone who understands it will benefit from it.”


    “My God, Serion! Even if you’re only joking, if you do that, your followers will really try to outdo you.”


    Faritina laughed out loud.


    Serion indeed has a lot of charm and is very popular in school.


    In Psyllium, the son of the Lord of Psyllium, who had initially sought him out only because of his reputation, liked him so much that he became a true believer when he left.


    “What do you say to that? What if it is framed with your name in Modori Castle? Every few years the students of the school come to visit. These are the avant-garde paintings of the genius Serion.”


    Faritina said with a grin, and Serion frowned in disgust.


    “That’s the worst. I’ll never paint again.”


    Faritina smiled brightly. Serion burst out laughing as well.


    “Serion, wait.”


    A voice stopped them from laughing at each other.


    It was the prince.


    A little later, of course, Amanda and a few others had arrived.


    “Good, we were looking for you already. I’d like to ask you a few more questions about the nursing home policy that was just on the agenda. Would you please go back to the executive office?”


    Serion’s eyebrows lifted.


    “Right now?”


    The tone of his voice was a bit rough, startling the prince and his entourage.


    Serion looked at Faritina.


    Faritina had lowered her head slightly, as she had done before, waiting for him to finish speaking. He could not see her expression.


    “Excuse me, elder sister. May I return to the executive office?”


    Faritina raised her head and nodded slightly. Her face is ladylike, with a slight smile on her face.


    “Are you sure? You will have to wait in the library again.”


    The prince said, thinking about the carriage on the way back.


    “Don’t worry about the ride back. I’ll take Serion home.”


    But Serion’s face did not brighten.


    He thought the prince was really in the way.


    This short time before he goes home is his precious time with Faritina. The other day he regretted not wanting her to cry…


    When he thought of how many tears Faritina had shed, alone and afraid, before Serion became her associate, he wanted to take it back and ask her to cry only in front of him.


    And yet…


    “Do not worry, Serion, I will go home first.”


    “But, Elder Sister.”


    We still have a lot to talk about.


    The reason why Faritina is not given leave is that her mother is against it. So are the twins in the villa. If they feel abandoned and disappointed, they will not be able to bear life in the empire.


    Serion considered sending them to Psyllium without waiting for the leave to be approved, but he wasn’t quite prepared for it.


    “I promised Ceara a cake. I can’t be late.”


    Faritina said cheerfully.


    “Again? I just bought it last week.”


    “That’s all right. Now you’re going to eat something else.”


    “Please be moderate. Are you going to let the piglets out?”


    Faritina chuckles as usual at the sarcasm.


    “I’ll leave you some.”


    Faritina says, and Serion shrugs.


    I don’t like sweets.


    “You’re still cute.”


    Not just Gemini, but all her siblings.


    Who could this Elder Sister be spoiling?


    Serion thought sadly under the mask of her beautiful smile.

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