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    The Goal Is To Survive

    Chapter 21

    Chapter 21: Empty waiting time

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 21: Empty waiting time


    More than a month after Serion, Faritina returned to the capital.


    “I apologize for keeping you waiting, Elder Sister.”


    Serion came to pick up Faritina at the academy’s library.


    Faritina looked up and smiled a little, then stood up and began to arrange her things.


    She held a stack of books in front of her.


    “You’re borrowing all these?”


    He took the books from Faritina, who held five books in her hands, each as thick as a dictionary.


    “I need them for my term paper.”


    Faritina said, as if it were no big deal.


    “The number of these assignments is also extraordinary. No political study from this period has gone this far.”


    Looking at the list of research assignments Faritina was assigned, Serion again sounded frustrated.


    “I guess I’m filling in the blanks since I didn’t get into school,” she said.


    “I’ve already given your reasons for not coming to school, and they won’t be considered. You don’t have to do that. You’re taking a leave of absence anyway.”


    “…I’ll do as much as I can. That’s what happened last year. No amount of reasoning is going to change that. As long as you’re in school, you’re trying to learn.”


    So Faritina said, taking some more books with her.


    Faritina knows she is bullied.


    But she had resigned herself to the fact that her protests would be in vain. Besides their own bad behavior, the other side has prejudices against Faritina.


    I don’t want to correct them.


    I don’t have enough time and resources to fight against someone I can’t see and who wants to humiliate me for his own benefit. And above all, there is nothing to guard.


    The person who wants to humiliate me has probably already written the scenario.


    I just hope my brother doesn’t get involved. If it were up to me, that’s exactly what I would want.


    “You don’t have time for this anyway, not with Gemini around.”


    Faritina’s chest creaked at the mention of Gemini’s name.


    Gemini is still in Psyllium.


    It wasn’t until the day Faritina and the others returned that Gemini was able to leave the bed and go to the beach alone.


    Even when there is a break, he needs a lot of energy to digest the food. He spends a lot of time in a drowsy sleep and develops severe dermatitis in response to something.


    Nevertheless, Faritina returned with Julian and Ceara.


    Lord Psyllium, who had seen the siblings, noticed their unusual condition and offered active help to Faritina and Serion.


    Lord Psyllium belongs to the Duke of Parelto’s faction. He had noticed Gemini’s resemblance to Viscount Gavle. Viscount Gavle is now known to be the public and private partner of the Duchess of Granqiece.


    Considering Gemini’s age, he quickly realized that she was an illegitimate child.


    The illegitimate child was apparently poisoned and was dying.


    The oldest children, just making their debut in society, must be aware of the betrayal that Gemini represents, but they are desperately trying to save him.


    From Gemini’s own mother.


    Lord Psyllium confided in them what he knew and offered his help.


    The two young siblings looked pale and remained silent, but the Count shook their hands.


    “I am sorry I did not see you sooner after the Duke’s death. I considered him a good friend despite our differences. You are his last remnant. Those of you who are at the head of the family may think that I am a man of an enemy faction and cannot be trusted. But I want to do something for my deceased best friend. Please, rely on me.”


    Lord Psyllium also knew Faritina’s mother, the eldest daughter, when she was a student. He also heard directly from Faritina’s father how Faritina’s mother lost support when he took her current second wife shortly after her death.


    For this reason, he feels even more sorry for Faritina.


    He had also witnessed firsthand how the late duke had clumsily tried to connect this poor eldest daughter to the royal family.


    It was hard not to be moved when he saw the girl struggling to the point of exhaustion of body and soul for her non-blood brother, who was being hounded by her mother to hide evidence of her infidelity. He also saw up close that she was struggling to maintain her relationship with her family.


    The Duke informed them that he had thought of them and wished them happiness, and the eldest siblings, brought up strictly as the children of high-ranking nobles, took it calmly without raising an eyebrow.


    Even after Serion first returned to the capital, Lord Psyllium continued to protect the siblings.


    Faritina decided to trust Lord Psyllium, who knew what was going on and kept a certain distance from her despite his cordiality.


    She returned to the capital to take a leave of absence and sort out her future.


    Although Amanda takes the place next to the prince, Faritina is his official fiancée and student at the Noble Academy.


    Her (step)mother had informed her that she was to return.


    There was a ceremony at the royal palace that she had to go to with the prince, which was not a pleasant event.


    Her twin siblings do not need to be in Psyllium if they are healthy.


    It would be easier for Gemini and Faritina to leave the palace if they could go back.


    Serion decided that it was not safe for Gemini to be in his home in the capital. If he was near his mother, it would be easy for anyone to target Gemini at any time of day. And now he is under the protection of Lord Psyllium. It’s not easy to send someone as far away as Psyllium,


    It’s safest to stay inside Psyllium.


    Faritina agrees with him.


    But we can’t stay in other areas any longer. If possible, I would like to prepare a hiding place for Gemini in one of our territories and stay there. 


    She suggested it to Serion.


    She said she would put Ceara in a dormitory in the Empire.


    To provide an escape route out of the country in case of emergency and to provide a safe environment for Ceara.


    Now that he know, it can’t go on like this, can it?


    Faritina said to Serion.


    “If we stay at the compound in the capital, Ceara and the others will also be involved in some way. They’ll find out about Mother, about the embezzlement, and even about me when I’m in the capital. It is a pity that they are still so small and cannot do anything by themselves except be exposed to malice. 


    They cannot learn in peace here. 


    That’s why I want them to stay out of the Kingdom. In the Empire, it is customary for boys and girls to be taught in separate dormitories at a younger age than is the case in Ceara. It would be a little reassuring if we could choose a place close to Colin’s school so we could see him on the weekends.”


    Although concerned about Gemini’s health, he followed Faritina to visit and found that it was the Minister of the Empire, to whom they had been introduced during their last internship at the Academy.


    Serion questioned Faritina, who was eager to learn about the education of girls, and also about certain procedures.


    “I thought you were going to take Gemini and leave the country”.


    The day he spoke was the day she had spoken about his mother’s betrayal. At that time, Serion still felt bitterness toward Faritina.


    “I can’t take Gemini to the boarding house.”


    Faritina laughed.


    A sad laugh.


    A resigned, self-deprecating laugh that smacked Serion in the chest.


    “Besides, I’m the prince’s fiancée. Even if I don’t do well in the academy, there’s no reason for me to go abroad to study if I’m going to marry into the royal family in a few years. In that case, even if you don’t get into the academy, it would be better for you to spend some time in the country and get married quietly with Gazelli’s interests as promised.”


    Faritina speaks as she looks out the window at the sea glistening in the setting sun.


    “The royal family would see it the same way.”


    So there’s no way they’ll let it happen, and Faritina knows it.


    Serion again sensed the difficulty of Faritina’s position.


    He had thought her a shallow woman.


    She didn’t know how difficult it was to govern a Duchy, she was extravagantly decorated, and although she was the fiancée of a royal family, she didn’t have the spirit to protect the Kingdom or think about politics together.


    She was simply lazy and indifferent to the child who accepted him unconditionally, and he really thought her unfit to be a royal fiancé.


    If that were so, she would rather be a baroness, who, as they say, has a low status but a good reputation.


    On the way to the Psyllium, he was annoyed by Faritina’s complacency and admired her affection.


    Gradually Faritina had become trustworthy enough to change Serion’s mind.


    He had never known her to be so thoughtful and resourceful. The usual Faritina gave not the slightest hint of such a thing, quite unlike the unique, brilliant, but arrogant friends Serion had around him.


    The usual Faritina is aloof and inscrutable


    And yet she understands the politics of aristocratic society so well that she is aware of her position, both good and bad.


    It is the first time I have seen a woman from a prominent family embody such determination and pride.

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