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    The Goal Is To Survive

    Chapter 2

    Chapter 2: A cast called family

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 2: A cast called family


    Faritina suddenly realized that she had a younger brother.


    The nightmare haunts her forever and for days Faritina thinks about her family and the Duchy.


    The family was not very close, even before her father’s death. Faritina was even vaguely aware that they were not the definition of a normal family.


    My father and mother would have respected each other. But the brothers were never very close. The family got together only a few times a year for Kingdom events.


    And even then, they moved only to play their roles.


    A family, a cast of characters.


    No one complains about that. Faritina thinks.


    Each of them seemed to be aware that they had a better life than anyone else.


    In particular, Faritina had been asked to dress up and speak and act nobly in order to support her fiancé, the second prince, which she did.


    The other brothers and sisters also dress and live differently than the common people of the city.


    This is quite normal for a Duchy that is part of the state.


    And then it came to Faritina’s mind.


    About two years ago, a new brother was born.


    Faritina had only seen him when he was born because he was too small and too young to attend events.


    Wondering what his name would be.


    Thinking of this, she couldn’t help but ask her servant about her younger brother.


    Faritina felt sorry for her youngest brother Gemini, who she was told was weak and constantly down.


    She didn’t know.


    She didn’t know there was such a weak being in the house.


    Faritina decided to go visit Gemini.


    Gemini, who was almost three years old, was really weak. Faritina was shocked to see his small, thin hands.


    Gemini seemed to have a friendly nature, and although she had never met him before, she was very fond of him. He didn’t mind that the bridesmaids were afraid of her, but he wanted to play with her.


    Faritina took pity on Gemini and spent as much time with him as she could that afternoon.


    The child did not understand what she was saying.


    But he is trying hard to say something so he can be with Faritina.




    His innocent gestures, the way he cuddled up to her, the fragile and vulnerable nature of his very existence, made Faritina want to protect him.


    From that day on, Faritina went to Gemini’s room.


    Gemini was very happy to have Faritina there.


    He was so happy that he came down with a fever.


    Whenever he developed a fever, Faritina would stay with him at night and pray earnestly that the fever would go down and Gemini’s suffering would be relieved.


    The more she cared for him, the more Gemini trusted her and the more he loved her.


    Faritina indulged Gemini.


    No one had ever wanted her so badly before.


    The thought brought tears to Faritina’s eyes.


    Yes, for sure.


    Faritina thought.


    This is all I’ve ever wanted.


    I just wanted to be loved.


    And she felt sorry for Gemini’s situation.


    A poor child who was born into a Dukedom and didn’t get the love of his parents and siblings that they should have.


    It was the same for Faritina and the rest of her siblings, but they didn’t realize how pathetic and sad it was.


    At least not Gemini.


    I’ll love him myself.


    Gemini may not live long. I want him to feel loved even if his life is short. I want him to think he was wanted here.


    To keep him alive.


    Faritina’s goal in life changed to keeping Gemini alive.

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