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    The Goal Is To Survive

    Chapter 19

    Chapter 19: Truthful Revelation

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 19: Truthful Revelation
    “Serion should take the twins and return to the capital,” Faritina said.”
    Almost ten days have passed since Gemini’s sudden change.
    Like water warming up, Gemini has gradually recovered and is able to sit up and eat. He is not yet able to get out of bed and walk, and it is unlikely that he will be able to spend three days in the carriage.
    But he is well ahead of schedule.
    Serion was elected to the academy’s board this year and should arrive at the school before the new school year.
    I feel sorry for Lord Psyllium. There are so many of us here. I want you to take them back with you. We will find a place to stay longer.”
    Lord Psyllium kindly allowed Faritina and the others to stay at Modori Castle.
    Lord Psyllium was sympathetic to the struggling Gemini and offered to help in any way he could.
    “Julian and Ceara will be reluctant to leave you. Don’t worry about me. If I’m a little late, it’s only because I’m at the academy.”
    “It’s going to cost a lot of money to house all these people, and it’s not going to get better quickly. Even if we cash in the bills we drew earlier, we won’t be able to keep them for long with so many people. I want you to go home first and send me money for a place to stay.”
    The three days of panic had sapped Faritina’s strength. With a very tired expression in her eyes, Faritina said to Serion.
    In front of her brothers and sisters, she tries to be cheerful, but she is very careful about food and water.
    “Let’s take advantage of Lord Psyllium’s kindness. He is not the kind of man who would throw you out of his castle with a sick child. If you want to thank him, He’ll give you a reason to cut the bill…”
    Faritina’s eyes flickered uneasily.
    Lord Psyllium was a high-ranking member of the faction to which Viscount Gavle belonged. Perhaps he knew about Gemini.
    If he was a member of the Society, Faritina couldn’t say she felt safe, not knowing what kind of relationship he might have with her mother.
    I’m going to stay with Gemini for a while, at least until he can get out of bed. You should get some rest. Sleeping with Gemini must keep you awake at night…
    The fever wasn’t high enough to make him unconscious, but it was still fluctuating. Every time that happens, Faritina comes to Gemini and prays all night.
    “Elder sister.”
    Serion called out to Faritina in a firm voice.
    “Was it our mother who gave Ceara the poison?”
    Faritina clasped her hands tightly.
    Serion’s eyes narrowed on her pale face.
    “How long has Gemini been poisoned? Is Mother trying to kill Gemini?”
    Faritina stared dumbly at the cold tea in front of her.
    She didn’t think she could hide it. The only reason Serion hadn’t mentioned it before was that he was waiting for things to calm down.
    But he is the real mother of Serion and the others. She wouldn’t have wanted them to know about this cruelty.
    That her own daughter would kill her brother with poison. That she would take advantage of little Ceara, who knew nothing.
    The thought of it made her desperately sad and she wept unconsciously.
    “…Gemini is very similar to Viscount Gavle…”
    Faritina’s shoulders trembled.
    Considering the season, Gemini is an illegitimate child. And the recent slump in ore prices is suspected to be a reimportation through Viscount Gavle’s territory.
    Faritina lifted her gaze. Serion’s intelligent, blue-gray eyes met hers.
    When I came here the other day, I heard that the ore was of the same quality, so I checked it out. In fact, it is very similar to the ore mined in our country. It looks like it comes from the same vein. It comes from the Viscount Gavle’s estate, where there shouldn’t be any veins at all. Apparently, there’s a large influx of people from the area around Viscount Gavle….
    That’s Serion for you.
    Faritina took a long, thin breath.
    “When did you notice? And why didn’t you tell me? It would be a betrayal of the kingdom to upset the official price of the ore. If it were known that your family, the prince’s fiancée, approved of it, it would be more than just breaking off the engagement. The dukedom may even be abolished.”
    Faritina silently turned her head.
    I just want to survive. I’m looking for a way to live with Gemini in peace.
    “I have no backing.”
    Faritina said, small and clear.
    “Think it over, Serion. If this betrayal were to be exposed, how would you take responsibility for it?
    “If you gave up your duchy and degraded yourself, how many people would stand up for it?
    “Mother inherited the duchy, even if only vicariously, and the faction is in a state of decimation.
    “No matter how good you are, you are still a student and have not even officially inherited the duchy.
    “Is there anyone I can talk to about what Granqiece can offer you, how far you can go to keep your duchy, and how far you can go to protect us?
    “If they find out that your mother betrayed them, my mother’s family, the Hollands and the families connected to them, will cut ties.
    Just like your mother’s family, the Remiltons. Father’s siblings have been estranged for years. Even if I reached out to them now, you would be the only one who could save us. Still, you can’t carry on the name of Granqiece
    .Faritina squeezed her hand again, tighter.
    “Maybe someone will take pity on Julian and Ceara and be there for them, but still… Gemini…”
    Is absolutely impossible. It is a symbol of betrayal in the prestigious Granqiece. That’s why their mother tried to kill him, even by vile means.
    “But I still want him to live…”
    With a tear-streaked face, Faritina looked at Serion.
    “He was born innocent. He has just lived and doesn’t know anything yet. I want him to live.
    I want him to walk on his feet in the bright sunshine, eating good food and laughing. I don’t want any status. As long as he is alive, there will be days when we can laugh.”
    Serion’s eyes flashed with anger.
    “You are selfish. Do you think it’s enough for Gemini and you to survive?”
    “As long as we live…”
    Faritina gulped as she said it.
    As long as there is life, there will be a day when we can laugh. I had no idea. How could I help Granqiece? Who was I going to rely on? All I could do was stay by Gemini’s side and watch over him.
    In the nightmare, Gemini wasn’t there. Maybe he had already become something that wasn’t there then.
    No one cared for him, no one loved him.
    At least I want to be there for the poor thing.
    “I’m sorry, Serion…”
    Faritina’s voice trembled.
    “I’m sorry for being such a sister. There’s nothing I can do…”

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