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    The Goal Is To Survive

    Chapter 18

    Chapter 18: Sudden change

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 18: Sudden change
    The situation changed suddenly.
    Gemini vomited after eating the candies that Ceara had given him.
    Faritina’s face changed when she heard that Julian had eaten the same thing and said he was not feeling well.
    Make Julian vomit. If he vomited, give him lots of water and make him vomit a few times.
    Faritina said as she put her hand in Gemini’s mouth, which was covered with vomit.
    Her expression was so grim that even Serion felt it.
    Ceara shivered and shook herself.
    “M-Mother said to give it to Gemini. She said not to eat it, but Julian did.”
    Sobbing and choking, Ceara repeated that she was sorry.
    Faritina put the pastry Ceara was holding in her mouth.
    “This is not muguet.”
    Faritina’s teeth clenched together and she trembled.
    “This is not muguet. Oh, my god! What is this? I don’t know what to do. Oh, Gemini.”
    Faritina hugged Gemini and cried.
    When Serion entered the room, Faritina held Gemini in her arms under the dark canopy of the bed.
    Her face was red and swollen from crying, and her hair was a mess like a ghost.
    In her arms, Gemini lay limp and motionless.
    Serion slowly climbed onto the bed and stroked his fingers over the hair on Faritina’s cheek.
    “…He is alive. Gemini is alive.”
    Two whole days had passed since the day of the poisoning panic.
    Gemini breathed with a slight movement of her thin chest. There were signs of incontinence (urine) everywhere, and the smell was foul.
    There were also traces of Gemini’s filth on Faritina’s clothes.
    “Elder sister. Faritina.”
    Serion’s deep voice echoed in the dimly lit room.
    “He will live. I will not let him die.”
    Tears came to her eyes again as she whispered to herself.
    Faritina forced Gemini to drink water and continued to hold him while he vomited and had diarrhea. Gemini’s fever kept rising and falling, and from that day on she remained in a daze.
    Not knowing what the poison was, she could only give Gemini liquid, and Faritina could only hug his weakened body.
    Thanks to the many times Julian vomited, he had diarrhea once and his symptoms subsided, but the shock scared him and Ceara stayed with him. Ceara was also very upset and regretted that the sweets she had given him had put him in that condition.
    “Gemini is alive. He is breathing. He is a strong boy.”
    “Serion stroked Gemini’s head. His bare little legs were as bloodless as wax.”
    “Elder Sister, I’m going to get someone. You should get dressed and get some rest.”
    Faritina has not left Gemini’s side since that day. She has neither eaten nor drunk. Maybe she hasn’t even slept. She is in such a bad state.
    I’ll take care of him instead. Get some rest and let Ceara and Julien come to you. They want to see you.
    I’m not good enough.
    Serion thinks.
    Ceara and Julian also need Faritina.
    While Faritina did not leave the room, Serion watched her and kept an eye on Faritina and Gemini.
    Suddenly, Faritina sobbed out and hugged Gemini.
    Serion gently stroked Faritina’s head.

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