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    The Goal Is To Survive

    Chapter 17

    Chapter 17: Afterimage of happiness

    Translated by SkyTL
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    Chapter 17: The afterimage of happiness
    I am so happy.
    Faritina looked at her siblings walking hand in hand and felt a shiver of euphoria run through her heart.
    After a long journey from the capital, they finally arrived at the port of Modori.
    The long journey seemed to be too much for Gemini’s body, and he spent a lot of time sleeping in the carriage. However, when he was awake, he spent his time playing with his siblings. This time was not only a happy and enjoyable time for Gemini, but also for his twin siblings, who always wanted to be with Gemini when he was awake.
    Surprisingly, Serion, the ice noble, took good care of his younger siblings, and while Gemini was tired from playing and sleeping, Julian and Ceara rode the gallows or the horses of the guards that ran beside them, actively taking care of them.
    Serion must have been very lonely.
    Faritina thought, noting that Serion, whom she had not expected at all, was surprisingly reliable.
    “Of course, you can’t rely on me alone.”
    Serion said, looking at Faritina as if he were looking at an insect.
    I didn’t think you’d insist on coming because you’re worried about your siblings,” she said, her beautiful eyebrows furrowing in disgust.
    “They are the children of nobles. Normally it would be too dangerous for them to move together. If there’s an accident and they’re all wiped out, that’s the end of Granqiece. If you get hurt in the explosion, it will be an ugly story forever. You are a superficial person, you say that you like to go secretly, and as expected, you tried to go with such a light protection. Let’s be clear: I don’t trust you across the way.”
    “We are very much in agreement.”
    She put her hand on one cheek and sighed.
    “You have no idea what you’re talking about. You…”
    “No, I don’t. I was aware of the slight. But I don’t like people showing off…”
    “Did you hear what I said? No, you don’t understand…”
    “Yes, I do understand.”
    “That’s enough of that. You’re wasting my breath. That’s why I have to go with you.”
    It’s the only way to get all the remaining Granqiece children to this port. If there is an accident and they are all wiped out, only Corrin will be left, who was sent to the Empire.
    If you apply that logic, then Serion doesn’t have to come.
    She thought about it, but she didn’t say anything.
    To be honest, I was tired of the prospect of a cramped trip full of small talk if Serion came along, but the trip turned out to be more pleasant than I expected.
    Serion’s nagging seemed to be limited to Faritina, and he paid a lot of attention to his younger siblings, albeit without expression. The twins, who are particularly strong, get bored when they confined in the carriage, so it helps that Serion lets them ride along.
    The younger siblings can’t hide their dislike for the unfriendly Serion, but they know he is trustworthy.
    Gemini, also though uncomfortable, is still cradled in Serion’s arms.
    As soon as they reached the port of Modori, they went out to sea. Gemini’s hands clutched the shells he had picked up.
    As Gemini walked unsteadily, Serion picked him up. Gemini held the shells he had found in his hands.
    When Serion noticed Gemini’s appearance and turned around, he looked at Faritina, frowning.
    “Are you going to leave without your parasol?”
    “Oh, I forgot.”
    “Do you still think you’re a lady? —Anyone.”
    Therion instructed his attendants to go back for it.
    Serion seemed to have grown taller again. Not long ago he had been about Faritina’s height, but now he stood next to her and appeared slimmer.
    Gemini held out his hand to Faritina and tried to move away from Serion.
    Faritina also stretched out her hand and accepted him.
    “Gemini, your sister needs a parasol. And it’s too heavy for her….”
    “That’s all right. Just until the parasol comes.”
    She hugged Gemini’s soft little body.
    “You’re so cute…”
    Serion said silently.
    I heard her say that so many times before we came here.
    Again and again he chided her for being too indulgent, for sticking too close to Gemini, for taking such good care of him.
    At first he was amazed that she bothered to soak a piece of bread in milk before handing it to him.
    He also admonished Gemini that he should eat by himself since he was three years old, but Faritina defended him.
    Faritina was lenient not only with Gemini, but also with the twins. She let them sleep together in one bed and read to them what they wished.
    “The children are going to grow up spoiled. They’re going to be nobles. They’ll need a good governess.”
    “Well, I’ll leave the strictness to you. I don’t think I’m cut out for that sort of thing…”
    “I was just being sarcastic. They say you grow up paying attention to your parents. Will they have the courage to stand up for their country by then?”
    “No, of course I don’t. I’m not part of the royal family yet.”
    “You’re the fiancée of a prince. In a few years, you’ll be royalty, that’s decided. Or do you plan to refuse to be a prince and princess?”
    “I didn’t say that. I don’t think it’s too soon to get married.”
    Serion sighed.
    “It’s pathetic to think that my Elder Sister is so lazy.”
    “I’m sorry, but I want to enjoy this moment.”
    Serion scowled at Faritina’s indifference. It was the usual scene.

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