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    The Goal Is To Survive

    Chapter 16

    Chapter 16: Trap

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 16: Trap


    Halfway through the uncomfortable birthday party for the prince, Faritina stood up.


    It is time for me to go home.


    I’ll send Gemini to bed early for tomorrow’s departure, and we’ll check Julian and Ceara’s luggage together.


    That way I can make much better use of my time than attending this stupid tea party.


    With this in mind, she straightened up and was about to say something when the prince called out to her.


    “I hope you’re having a good time.”


    Faritina resisted the urge to snicker and simply smiled demurely in return.


    She had already wished him a happy birthday and had stayed half the time as a courtesy. It’s time to call it a day.


    “Thank you for the invitation. I’m sorry, but I have to leave tomorrow for a faraway destination.”


    “What? You’re leaving? The dance is about to begin.”


    You can enjoy it with your friend beside you. It’s not an official soiree, and there’s no one to blame.


    I haven’t danced for a year.


    Faritina realized. This time a year ago, there was a lot of talk about a baroness who had been elected to the Executive Committee for the next year, despite her lowly status.


    She had not been invited to this birthday party, but she had bitten her tongue at the thought of being recognized by the Prince and Serion.


    “I just need a minute of your time. Amanda wants to talk to you.”


    The prince gently pushed Amanda-Rejon, who was standing next to him.


    Faritina nodded, her smile never fading.


    The prince looked tenderly at Amanda and whispered something to her. Amanda looked at him, her cheeks flushed, and nodded.


    What is it? Have you come to show me how close you are in public?


    How shameless.


    Oh, this kind of position is called a guessing game. It’s common in the latest trendy novels about absolution. No way, I don’t fit the role. The duchess and her evil personality.


    To suppress the irritation rising in her, Faritina changed her perspective to look at herself as objectively as possible. And then she thought back a little more sarcastically.


    Okay, guessing game. I’ll give you a little ride. Just don’t push me too hard.


    People don’t do well when they’re pushed.


    “So, what can I do for you?”


    When Faritina saw that the prince had joined the others, she spoke to Amanda.


    Maybe she wanted to thank her for the last feast in Modori.


    “Forgive me! I wanted to make friends with you, Lady Faritina!”


    Faritina, raising her eyebrows.


    I didn’t allow you to call me by my name.


    “Why actually?”


    Faritina asked, genuinely curious.


    “Eh, why?”


    Amanda was surprised to be asked back.


    “Why do you want to be friends with me?”


    “Is that a bad idea? You don’t want to be friends with a lowly person like me?”


    “No, but… But what are you going to do if you’re my friend? I don’t think we have much in common.”


    “That’s the reason! We’ve never had so much contact that we couldn’t tell you when something was bothering you.”


    “What’s bothering me?”


    “You can’t come to the academy. Master Gideon and your brother Master Serion are troubled by your behavior, but you don’t want to fix it.”


    So you want to be my friend and correct my behavior?




    Her cheeks quivered with laughter.


    How arrogant.


    “Don’t you find it hard to go to school because you don’t have many friends? I’ll be your friend. You’re welcome to visit me in my office. You’ll be in good hands.”


    She couldn’t help but laugh when she realized she was serious.


    “No, thank you, Miss Amanda Rejon. I don’t need any friends.”




    “I’m not unhappy with my life at school. I don’t come to school by choice. I have no problems with it”


    “Your fiancé, Master Gideon, is in trouble!”


    “I didn’t go to the academy for the sake of the prince.”


    Amanda was shocked when she heard that.


    “How dare you! How selfish of you.”


    “Yes, I suppose it is.”


    “Your fiancé, Master Gideon, is suffering from your bad reputation! Don’t you think you should behave?”


    “If the rumors are true, then so be it. Why don’t you behave yourself?”


    Isn’t it bad publicity that Faritina’s absence from the academy has led to rumors that she is the prince’s lover.


    They are so close that such rumors circulate that they are together all the time.


    Amanda’s eyes flashed with anger.


    “What do you mean?!”


    “They say that you are supposed to be the prince’s lover.”


    “Th-that’s just what people do! And you’re jealous and mean to me?!”


    Amanda’s voice trembled as tears welled up in her eyes, as if she had been overwhelmed by her emotions.


    Faritina looked at her with cold eyes and sighed.


    It’s not a pleasant thing to say when you come at me and then use tears as a weapon when the situation becomes unfavorable.


    She could not hide her displeasure at her attitude, which did not have the pride of a nobleman.


    Amanda turned around and started sobbing in front of Faritina, who contorted her face in displeasure.


    The people around her who had been listening to her began to buzz.


    When they saw Amanda begin to cry, someone held her shoulders as if to comfort her.


    Oh, I was tricked. I shouldn’t have gotten carried away and tried to play the fool.


    Faritina thought, reassured.


    Now all the students in the school were on Amanda’s side.


    She was now the villain in this novel.


    I went from being the runner-up to the villain. I didn’t even want it.


    “What’s wrong?”


    The prince changed color and burst into the commotion.


    He looked at Amanda, who was sobbing, and Faritina and raised an eyebrow.


    “How could this happen? What’s going on here, Lady Faritina?”


    As he questioned Faritina in a harsh voice, Amanda cried and cowered as if she couldn’t take it anymore.


    The prince rushed to Amanda’s aid and squatted down beside her.


    Faritina dropped into a crouch and bowed.


    “I am sorry to have disturbed you. I’m afraid my presence will disrupt the party, so I will leave. Please ask Miss Amanda for the details.”


    With these words, Faritina left the party.

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