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    The Goal Is To Survive

    Chapter 15

    Chapter 15: Complaints

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 15: Complaints


    The Prince’s birthday party was held shortly after the end of the school year and the beginning of the major vacations.


    Since he was not the dauphin (eldest son), there was no ceremony, but a casual, informal tea party.


    The party, to which many of the school’s students were invited, was a needle in a haystack for Faritina.


    The sons and daughters of the Executive Committee looked at Faritina from the side and laughed in obvious disdain.


    Faritina spread her fan and heaved a small sigh.


    The prince who had invited her did not approach Faritina, but conversed with other members of the executive committee of the same year, as he did in the academy.


    Judging from his friendly face, the prince is a member of the nobility.


    What kind of bullying is that, leaving his fiancée in an uncomfortable place and having his presumed lover next to him?


    This reminded me of a story I read some time ago.


    It was a mystery novel in which a woman who can’t stand the bullying of her mother-in-law seeks revenge.


    People don’t think well when they are cornered.


    If you hate it so much, you should have left.


    Faritina thought to herself as she moistened her lips with a light alcoholic drink.


    Although she was known as the duchess and fiancée of the second prince, no one spoke to Faritina.


    Serion, who lived in the same house as Faritina, was swarming with people.


    Serion was chatting with the students and smiling a friendly smile that Faritina found unpleasant.


    If I want to go, I have to choose the right way.


    Faritina thought as she played with the drops of water on the table with her fingers.


    The other day, her mother had reproached Faritina for not attending the academy because the prince had personally delivered an invitation to her.


    Apparently, Faritina’s bad reputation had also come up at the tea party.

    It was said that she spent her evenings in unprincipled societies and played with men of low status to console herself over the loneliness of not being cared for by the prince.


    Faritina was taken aback and laughed at the rumor, but her mother said seriously.


    “I hear you’ve been paying a lot of attention to Gemini lately.”


    Faritina smiled.


    “But her whole body tingled as if a hot iron bar had been stuck in her spine.”


    Did she figure it out?


    “Yes. He’s so cute.”


    Her mother’s eyes narrowed.


    She’s like Serion.


    Despite her impatience, she thought of her mother’s good looks.


    Don’t be like that, you should study hard. Just because people don’t see you at school, they talk about you….


    Faritina deliberately shrugged her shoulders.


    “Let them say what they want. I’m still the prince’s fiancée. If he doesn’t marry me, he won’t get the rights to the gazelli. That’s what the marriage contract says.”


    “Have some respect, Faritina.”


    Who are you to say such a thing?


    Faritina puts on her arrogant smile while cursing in her heart.


    “”That’s not funny. Mother. The Prince is in love with the Baroness, a member of the Executive Committee. Even when I’m at the academy, he prefers to have lunch with his friends. This rumor must be a cover for the prince’s infidelity.”


    “That’s disrespectful…”


    “It is a fact. We are the ones who are treated with contempt. I am so angry that I have to see them meet every day. That’s why I don’t want to go to school anymore.”


    With a pouty face, Faritina turned her head away.


    “Oh, Faritina. It’s only natural for a nobleman to have a mistress or two. Your Highness is young and at an age when he would like to indulge himself. You will have to tolerate him.”


    “Of course I will tolerate him. I want to be praised for not being unfaithful. Mother. Do you want me to put up with this and watch? Or do you want to protest officially as Grand Duchess? If you don’t change your mind about the Baroness, I will reconsider our engagement.”


    Faritina knows that her mother would not be able to do such a thing.


    As acting duke, she cannot take an active part in the work of Parliament, nor can she form or maintain a faction.


    Nor could she use the Baroness as a pretext to try to break off the engagement on more favorable terms for the Granqiece.


    But on the other hand, as Faritina said, the position of the duke’s family does not allow her to endure the disdain of his fiancée in silence.


    It is easier to be conspicuous by absence than to pretend not to see it.


    That was a good excuse, Faritina thought to herself.


    “Is it true that he’s having an affair with the Baroness? Aren’t they just friends because they’re on the executive committee?”


    Who says they are not lovers? The other day at the welcome party in Modori he accompanied her instead of me.


    Faritina said, raising her eyebrows disapprovingly.


    That level of exaggeration is acceptable. It was a sophistry to silence his mother.


    If you can discredit me with rumors, I will discredit you too.


    “Frankly, I don’t care if the prince has a lover. It’s only within the academy. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t bother me, but I’m not so narrow-minded that I won’t tolerate games. In the end, I will be the princess. I’m going to accept that.”


    “Yes, you are right. You can’t stop a man’s heart.”


    If she were to denounce the prince’s lover, her mother would no longer have a position. She is a former baroness.


    So I will do as I please. Right now, I love Gemini. To love your brother or to have a lover before your fiancée. I know which is uglier. I didn’t do anything wrong.


    Faritina said, twisting her mouth into a deliberate arrogance.


    “I don’t blame you,” her mother said, squeezing her cheek.


    One step further.


    Faritina secretly gritted her teeth.


    “Modori Port was a very pleasant place to visit. Gemini really liked the seashells I brought back. I heard that the winters are not much colder than in the capital. I’ll take Gemini with me when I go on vacation.”


    Faritina said, and her mother frowned.


    “You can’t do that. He’s…”


    “The sea breeze is good for him,” she said. “The children in the harbor always played in the waves, even if the water was cold. The sea breeze will make him stronger. Don’t worry, mother. We will go slowly, we have time.”


    After persuading her reluctant mother, Faritina won a long vacation at the end of the school year to go with Gemini to the port of Modori.


    The departure date was the day after the prince’s birthday party.


    When the twins heard that Faritina and Gemini would be making the trip, they asked Faritina to accompany them.


    Especially Ceara lately wants to go with Faritina and Gemini when they go for a walk in the garden.


    She is happy that they miss her.


    But Faritina’s a little wary.


    Faritina secretly changed the contents of the potion containing muguet poison that Gemini had been given.


    It was difficult to get pills of the same color. She also made candies containing the antidote for muguet and gave them to Gemini several times a day as a reward.


    As a result, Gemini’s pale cheeks turned reddish and he was able to stay awake longer.


    She is afraid that her mother will find out through Ceara that she is protecting him from her mother’s claws.


    Faritina does not know to what extent her brothers and sisters are connected to their mother, as they never had more than the bare minimum to do with her.


    When Serion heard that Julian and Ceara were also going to Psyllium, he insisted on accompanying them.

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