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    The Goal Is To Survive

    Chapter 14

    Chapter 14: Visitor

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 14: Visitor


    Gemini was very happy with the souvenirs from the port of Modori.


    I couldn’t buy much because Serion was keeping a close eye on me.


    Faritina got a few things from the sea herself, for example star-shaped shells and big pink shells.


    The pattern of the two big pink shells matched each other.


    The maid of the Modori port who accompanied me to collect shells told me that in Psyllium they play with shells as if they were matching pictures, so I picked up many shells and enjoyed matching them.


    The smell of the shells, still fresh from the sea, was also very stimulating for Gemini.


    “Let’s go together when the weather is less cold.”


    Gemini was excited by Faritina’s suggestion.


    The prince, Faritina’s fiancé, came with an invitation to the Grandqiece’s mansion.


    He wanted to invite his fiancée, who was rarely seen at school, to a birthday party.


    On the way back from the academy, Serion was stopped and went with the prince to the mansion.


    “What is Faritina up to? I haven’t seen her around the academy.”


    “She has been going to school more or less diligently lately. She was forced to do so because she was not very diligent in the past.”


    The exams for promotion have started and the year is almost over.


    “I hope she will moderate her bad behavior. That’s what I’m going to do today. I am her fiancé, she should consider my position.”


    Gideon breathed an exasperated sigh.


    Was it bad?


    It seems this prince has taken his reputation to heart.


    Serion asked, deliberately playing dumb.


    “Don’t be silly, Serion. You live in the same house. You must know. She can’t come to the academy during the day because she’s out all night.”


    At night, right?


    Serion repeated sarcastically.


    No, she isn’t.


    “No your highness, she just won’t leave the house because he loves his brother.”




    “Yes, my youngest brother is frail. He doesn’t talk to anyone but his sister, so he must be very fond of her.”


    Gideon raised an eyebrow suspiciously.


    “So you think she’s in the house today?”


    “Of course she is. Or did you come here because you thought she wasn’t there? Is that your intention?”


    Gideon averted his eyes uneasily when Serion said that.


    He must have come after school without warning, hoping to use the absence of the house as proof.


    Serion was annoyed at his shallow thinking.


    Faritina was in the garden with Gemini. Today was the first time in almost a week that he could go outside, because it was a mild spring day after the cold weather of the last few days.


    Gemini’s legs are weak because he can’t get out of his room easily.


    After a short playtime and a cup of tea, Gemini fell asleep on Faritina’s lap.


    Faritina felt the warmth of Gemini’s body and also fell asleep.


    A warm blanket was gently draped over him.


    “I knew this would happen.”


    As soon as he returned from the academy, Serion asked his housekeeper where his sister was. She was in the garden with Gemini, he replied.


    He and the prince went into the garden, and sure enough, they found Faritina asleep with Gemini in her arms.


    “It is true.”


    Said the prince in amazement.


    Serion listened to the prince’s murmur with deep contempt.


    How shallow of you to blame your own infidelity on the bad reputation of your betrothed.


    The prince has a reputation for being just and kind, but on the other hand he is also good-natured and easily controlled.


    For the sake of the baroness, he overrides his position, as he did with her fiancé at the feast in Modori.


    My sister is in trouble.


    Serion thought for the first time.


    My sister is my sister, but this prince is also a prince who doesn’t even realize that he disrespects his partner. She knows that she is neglected and takes time to take care of Gemini.


    If there had been no pact, she would have quickly given up on the prince and retired to her kingdom with Gemini.


    Love trumps everything.


    “Let’s wake her up.”


    “Oh, no. She’s already asleep.”


    “You’re here to see my sister. Please wait in the parlor while I prepare her.”


    The prince looked uncomfortable, and Serion gently shook Faritina.


    Faritina’s eyelids fluttered.


    “Wake up. Elder Sister. Your betrothed is here.”




    “He’s been rushing around looking for evidence of your bad reputation. You should deal with him.”


    “. . .why don’t I just stay here and sleep it off? A bad wife would wear her fiancé’s goodwill on her sleeve.”


    “I have no problem with that. You can make him wait for hours. But Gemini will catch another cold here.”


    Faritina gently strokes Gemini’s cheek. It’s cold.


    Faritina leaves Gemini to the servant, who takes him back to his room, and goes to the prince.

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