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    The Goal Is To Survive

    Chapter 13

    Chapter 13: Shining thread

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 13: Shining thread
    As for the ore and dying, that’s another world… Please forgive me.
    My stay in Modri was worthwhile.
    At the party, they learned about the knight school that Colin attends, and about the education of children in the Empire from the minister of the Empire and the officials of the diplomatic missions.
    They also heard about a school where Ceara might be able to enroll.
    On the last day of their stay, Lord Psyllium took them once again to the area around the iron port, right next to the port of Modori.
    Faritina was impressed by the beauty of the raw silk imported into the kingdom and was given the opportunity to try her hand at weaving.
    “Even though I invested so much time, I could only make so much.”
    In an hour, she could only weave a few inches. Faritina looked at the silk she had woven with resentment.
    “It takes a good weaver about a month to weave a single roll,” she said.
    “How much do I get for a roll?”
    The price was lower than she had expected.
    Well! That’s all, even if it’s so expensive?
    “I’ll put the commission on the sale when it’s done. Some unusual weaving techniques can cost three times as much, but you have to be a good weaver. I’ve heard it takes about ten years to get that far.”
    “Oh,” Faritina sighed.
    “The work is hard.”
    “Ha ha,” laughed Lord Psyllium.
    “There is no such thing as easy work. Even the nobles look elegant, but we have heavy responsibilities. Some people have more talent than others, but governing is hard work.”
    “Yes, it is,” Faritina replied calmly.
    A noble who works behind the scenes to gain power and a commoner who works all day and can’t afford clothes. Neither of them has it easy.
    I’m not trying to live a happy life.
    I just want to be happy as long as Gemini is healthy and we can laugh at mundane things.
    But I’ve learned that as a weaver, you don’t make enough to support Gemini. It would take ten years just to be able to eat enough. I can’t wait that long.
    “You only have white silk…”
    The silk dresses you see in the capital are embroidered on a plain background.
    When made into a dress, the embroidery makes the dress heavier, but the silk itself is very light. This lightness and delicate thinness is its charm.
    “Yes, I’ve experimented with different dyes, but I haven’t found the right technique yet,” she said.
    “But what about this one?”
    Faritina looked at the red embroidery thread made of raw silk and wondered.
    It is very precious. The silkworms that spit out the raw silk are fed chopped ores. The silkworm then gives off such a bright red thread. But it is probably poisonous to the silkworm. The silkworm gives off about a third as many threads as other silkworms and then dies. So it can’t be mass produced. A single thread of hers would cost ten rolls of my kimono.
    Faritina carefully put down the red thread.
    “So it’s the red of the silkworm’s blood…”
    “In a similar way. The silkworm’s own fluid is not red, but it gives color in exchange for its life.”
    “It’s cruel, but beautiful…”
    Faritina murmured, raising her eyebrows slightly.
    The silkworm continues to spit out its threads and shortens its life to clothe people with beauty.
    From the silkworm’s point of view, this is a cruel and arrogant thing.
    If it hurts them, we cannot wear this beautiful fabric.
    But now Faritina’s heart beats for the silkworms.
    She doesn’t want Gemini or herself to be the silkworm so that her mother can shine.
    What kind of ore is it?
    “Peacock stone, I’m told.”
    “Does the arsenic in it make it red? I am curious.”
    Serion said.
    Serion wasn’t planning on coming with Faritina, but Faritina invited him.
    “Don’t you use the peacock stone as a catalyst for dyeing?”
    Faritina asked, and Serion replied.
    “You don’t use ore as a catalyst. Usually.”
    But raw silk is obtained from insects. It is not like cotton or hemp. If you eat ore and your body turns red, it might react to the peacock.
    Lord Psyllium looked at Faritina with a puzzled look.
    “Yes, I think so. Yes, that’s right. I hadn’t noticed that before. Raw silk is not like cotton or linen. Just what it can do is different.”
    Lord Psyllium smiled.
    “Let’s try it out. Thank you. Milady.”
    Faritina, pleased with Lord Psyllium’s attitude, promised to buy the silk if it got color.
    The price was to be paid in bills that could be drawn on the spot when the silk was ready.
    Faritina was pleased with the progress of the project.
    As she smiled, Serion gave her a warning.
    “You have a nasty habit of coming up with nasty things. Investing money up front.”
    “It’s not a waste of money. It’s an upfront investment. And we’ve already paid the bill, but we’re nowhere near broke. It’s not going to be paid out of this year’s budget.”
    “It’s a bad idea. And you know what? Don’t ever do that in the academy. You don’t have a very good reputation.”
    “What kind of bad publicity can I get if I’m not in the school?”
    It’s a rumor outside the academy. I heard you spend your nights in shady societies, selling aphrodisiacs.
    Faritina laughed at Serion’s insistence.
    “What a naughty girl! I’m a little proud of her.”
    “Don’t take it personally.”
    “What’s the use of peddling aphrodisiacs? They’re only good in a brothel. I don’t have to sell them. The family doctor will arrange it for me.”
    “Young people who have problems fantasize about what they can’t have.”
    “You’re right,” Faritina chuckled, as usual.
    “It’s no big deal,” Faritina muttered coldly.
    The words sounded sharper than ever, and Serion watched Faritina.
    “You’re giving yourself a bad name.”
    “If you can’t band together without making someone look bad, you’re a little thing. They say the academy is a simulated social scene, and they’re right. It’s just a simulation.”
    Serion could feel Faritina’s anger deep in her belly for saying that so harshly.
    “Don’t you want to put the rumors to rest?”
    “I don’t have time for that right now.”
    “Huh?” Serion narrowed his eyes and looked at Faritina.
    “Use the time you’re playing with Gemini for yourself.”
    “When it’s done.”
    No response, Serion stared at Faritina.

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