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    The Goal Is To Survive

    Chapter 12

    Chapter 12: Modori Castle Evening Party

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 12: Modori Castle Evening Party


    When they returned to Modori Castle, where they were staying, the prince stopped them.


    “I was looking for you.”


    I beg your pardon. Can I help you?


    “Serion. Do you know who you will be escorting tomorrow?”


    “Yes,” Serion said absently.


    “I haven’t decided yet.”


    That was by design.


    Faritina glanced at Serion.


    Although he was a high-ranking son who was popular with the ladies, Serion did not yet have a fiancée. He hadn’t even designated a partner for the soiree.


    Faritina knows that will be a problem.


    Tomorrow night there will be a reception for the students at Modori Castle. It’s on the agenda, so he must have known that and deliberately not picked a partner.


    “I need you to escort Amanda to the party. She doesn’t seem to have a partner.”


    The baroness stood behind the prince.


    When Faritina looked at her, Miss Amanda shrugged her shoulders as if she was afraid. She looks at Serion and Faritina with a puzzled look.


    Serion makes a thoughtful gesture, then his eyes meet Faritina’s.


    Many of the city leaders I met on my tour of the harbor today will be attending the soiree. I will be there to greet them.


    I have heard that people from the Imperial Diplomatic Mission will also be present.


    Faritina cannot pass up the opportunity.


    Your Highness, with all due respect….


    Faritina slumped a bit and asked to be allowed to speak.


    “Yes. What is it, Faritina?”


    If Your Highness will allow it, may I attend tomorrow with Serion? Lord Psyllium will introduce us to the others. We had planned to introduce ourselves after the first dance, but since Serion and I will be waiting for our respective partners, I would like to go with Serion to greet them tomorrow night. Your Highness may wish to attend with your good friend Miss Rejon.


    Faritina, of course, should come with her fiancé Gideon.


    But the situation is clear.


    I have heard rumors that he is accompanying Baroness Amanda-Rejon as his partner when she attends the Royal Night Party as a member of the Executive Committee, at which I am not present.


    “But you are my fiancée…”


    Why are you telling me this now?


    A little annoyed, Faritina turned her head and frowned.


    This is not a royal palace and is part of the academy’s events, so I thought a little rudeness would be acceptable. I’m sorry if I offended you.


    “No, I am not offended. Don’t be so formal. Faritina. I don’t know about that. Amanda, are you all right with this? Yes, it’s fine with me too.”


    “Yes, of course! !”


    Amanda jumped up with her arms crossed. Gideon laughed out loud.


    “But are you sure you want to do this? You’re leaving your fiancée behind.”


    “That’s what Faritina said, too. I’ll take that as a yes. Thank you, Faritina.”


    At the prince’s thanks, Faritina and Serion bowed with their hands on their chests to show that they had received his thanks.


    Amanda looked up and saw Gideon smiling kindly at her, and Amanda looked at Faritina with triumphant eyes.


    What an arrogant face.


    She managed to stifle a smile.


    While waiting for them to leave, Serion’s mood changed.


    “What the hell. That woman.”


    “Keep your mouth shut. Serion.”


    “Hmph,” snorted Serion.


    “You’re a fool. What good does it do you to let her take advantage of you?”


    “I’m just making plans for tomorrow.”


    “You think Modori’s power is more important than your fiancée’s position?”


    Yes, yes, of course. This is about a breakthrough for survival.


    That’s better for Faritana right now than royal prestige.


    “I don’t like to be bothered.”


    Faritina shrugged her shoulders.


    “Of course, a prince would be happier with a lover. After the fast dance, he’ll be all over his friends.”


    Serion looked down at her.


    Over the past few months, Serion has grown taller and taller. He is now a head taller than Faritina.

    Do you believe in not seeing what you don’t want to see?


    “We are shown things we don’t want to see. I prefer what interests me rather than being involved in something that makes me uncomfortable.”


    “I don’t know how lazy you can be.”


    You don’t even choose your partners.


    Faritina growled in her mind.

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