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    The Goal Is To Survive

    Chapter 11

    Chapter 11: Love is above everything

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 11: Love is above everything.

    The stay in the port of Modori is about three days.
    In this time you have a lot of free time to visit the foreign trade market, see the sea and the port city, which is not the case in the capital, and to do something.
    The students of the Noble Academy were provided with a castle as accommodation, which belongs to the lord of Psyllium.
    The castle is right in front of the sea, and there is a beautiful view of the coast from the castle.
    From the balcony of the room assigned to her, Faritina looked down on the coast.
    Since the season lasts from autumn to winter, it is not possible to go to the sea, but many students go to the beach out of curiosity.
    She saw the prince and the baroness in the midst of them, enjoying themselves in their own way.
    They were running away from the waves and standing close to each other.
    The prince quickly grabbed the young lady’s arm and pulled her back when she could not escape and was almost caught by the waves.
    They are like two lovers.
    I have heard that it is refreshing for high-born men to see you without a parasol and without regard to your rank.
    I suppose the prince is one of them.
    They’re very close.
    Faritina had never felt so cramped that she wanted to give up her position, but perhaps the prince had.
    If that was the case, the Baroness’s rude and uninhibited behavior would be stunning.
    There was a knock at the room door, and Serion’s voice sounded from outside.
    “Are you ready?”
    “Yes, Serion.”
    The door opened and Serion peeked out.
    “Well, this is a nice place.”
    “Yes, it is. Do you want to take a look at it? It’s very nice.”
    Serion and her looked out at the balcony, and Serion immediately noticed the princes.
    “So regal. Does he want to make her his mistress?”
    Serion muttered to himself.
    “Isn’t she the second princess? She has a certain status.”
    “She doesn’t have the proper legitimacy. She has nothing useful to offer.
    “You have love.”
    “Hmph,” Serion snickers.
    “Then she can only be a concubine.”
    “Ara. Love is better than anything else.”
    What are you talking about, lady?
    “Fufufu,” Faritina laughs.
    “I’m not lying. Otherwise I wouldn’t be so devoted to Gemini.”
    Serion agreed with Faritina for the first time.
    Faritina and Serion met with Lord Psyllium, the lord of the land.
    Lord Psyllium was not a member of the Granquiece faction. However, Faritina knew that he had been close to her father, his predecessor.
    He had visited them many times as a child, and had given them rare foreign sweets each time.
    She hadn’t seen Lord Psyllium since her father’s funeral.
    “You’ve both grown.”
    Lord Psyllium regarded them both with emotion.
    “I have heard of your brilliance, Serion. A genius since the beginning of the academy.”
    “What are you saying? I’m embarrassed.”
    Araara, you can look like that. You raccoon.
    Faritina raised an eyebrow at Serion, who looked pleased to see his cheeks tinted a little at Lord Psyllium’s words.
    Faritina praised the hustle and bustle of the Modori port and expressed interest in the unusual foreign products.
    Lord Psyllium was flattered and offered to take them on a tour of the city.
    Then Faritina said.
    “My second brother is enrolled in the Imperial Knight School. I am curious about him because he is far away and I don’t know how he is doing. Is there anyone in the Empire I can talk to?”
    “Your brother is in the knight school.”
    Sir Psyllium looked at Faritina with deep emotion.
    “That brings back memories. Your father once made a serious effort to enter a knight’s college.”
    “My father, Lord?”
    Serion had never heard of him. Sir Psyllium spoke fondly.
    “He forced me to train with him. In the end, my status prevented me from doing that. The empire was a new country, so there were no ties to it. That’s a good point.”
    “It seems that my father had made arrangements before he died. I didn’t know about them until recently.”
    “…He was a good man after all. Your father was. As a friend and a duke, I respected him.”
    Lord Psyllium had tears in his eyes.
    That could be it.
    If Lord Psyllium was sympathetic to her father, she might be able to create a way out before her downfall.
    But unfortunately, Psyllium belongs to a different faction than the Duke of Granquiece.
    The Duke of Parelto’s faction specializes in trade, which is different from Granquiece’s faction, which focuses on internal affairs.
    Psyllium, with its many ports, is a faction of the Duke of Parelto.
    And unfortunately, Viscount Gavle is also a member of Parelto’s faction.
    I don’t know if he’s acquainted with Gavle just because they share the same faction. It may be naive to think so, but it’s an option.
    In the afternoon, Lord Psyllium gives them a personal tour of the port town of Modori.
    “Modori has recently expanded its port. Large merchant ships can now call at the port. The main trading port for goods of interest to the young lady is the Port of Iron, which is near Modori. If you want, I can take you there too.
    “What is the most important trade in Modori?”
    Serion asked quickly.
    These days it’s mostly ores. There’s also a lot of hardwood that you can’t get over there. The wood comes from here, the ores from there.
    “Ores. What kind of ore?”
    “There are two kinds of ores: sand and iron ore.”
    Both are common mineral resources in Granquiece.
    “Why go all the way across the sea when you can get it here?”
    “Because the price is low,” Lord Psyllium replied.
    Faritina looked at Lord Psyllium, startled.
    “Low price?”
    There was a slight tremor in her voice.
    “Yes, iron ore and the like are offered here at a low price. In comparison, the stuff from over there is 20% cheaper. Lately, it’s even cheaper. But the quality is the same, so people prefer to buy it than in the big stores, which are bound to a fixed price.”
    Serion’s eyebrows shot up.
    “Is the quality the same? I didn’t know there were so many mines in the empire.”
    “It’s only been a few years since they started coming in. There must have been new mining.”
    Faritina’s heart is beating fast.
    The quality of the ore varies from mountain to mountain. It’s never the same.
    They falsify the origin by going through foreign lands, but it will be easy enough to trace.
    The nightmare is becoming a reality.
    This is a betrayal of Granquiece as they reverse the official price set by the state.
    Serion has been secretly watching the pale Faritina.

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