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    The Goal Is To Survive

    Chapter 10

    Chapter 10: In the carriage

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 10: In the carriage


    During the one-year course at the Noble Academy, there are practical exercises outside of school.


    Participation is optional, but Faritina has decided to participate.


    The destination is the territory of Silium.


    It is close to the border with the neighboring country and has some of the best ports in the country. This time the training site was set up in the most famous port.


    Serion was surprised that Faritina, who hadn’t gone to school for the past six months, was participating in this exercise.


    “What are you doing?”


    Everyone will go their own way to Silium.


    Since the ducal carriage was large, Serion had hoped to invite a friend, but surprisingly there was no one with him.


    You don’t have any friends, do you? You can’t mock me.


    Faritina smiled inwardly.


    “The Prince is on his way with the Executive.”


    Not knowing what Serion was referring to, Faritina, ‘So?’ She tilted her head.


    Serion looked at Faritina again with the same stupid look.


    “Well, I heard that the Baroness is riding in the same carriage, the royal carriage.”




    That finally made sense.


    “Are you sure? You’re his fiancé, aren’t you?”


    “I think it’s fine.”


    She responds to Serion’s agitated tone with a deliberate pout.


    “He’s her friend. And taking a carriage from the Baron’s house to Silium would be a burden. The prince was too kind to overlook it.”


    “Heh, you’re so calm.”


    “Ara? Did you think I would bite off my handkerchief in jealousy?”


    “I thought you would”, Therion replied.


    You’re rude as always. I wonder what you think of people.


    Faritina made no secret of her annoyance and glared at Serion.


    “I am aware of my position. The Executive Committee are the people who will be close to His Highness. I couldn’t care less about them.”


    “But still, it does make you curious.”


    “…I wonder.”


    Serion’s tone of voice was like an attempt at persuasion, and Faritina decided to ignore it.


    She tried not to think about Gideon.


    Until the nightmare, she had indeed been in love with him. To Serion, who knew how it had been, the current Faritina would be like gunpowder that would one day explode.


    He might want to find out more about Faritina to minimize the damage at that time.


    “…This engagement is a political engagement.”


    Faritina muttered quietly but clearly, without looking at Serion.


    “The royal family doesn’t care if you get married or not, as long as they get the right to distribute the Gazelito.”


    Gazelito is a remedy for a disease that is endemic to the kingdom. It comes from a special plant that grows only in one part of the Granquiece area.


    It was only when Faritina’s mother was saved with it that the medicinal properties of this potion became widely known. Eventually Faritina’s mother died of another chronic illness, but it was a medicine that Faritina was associated with.


    “Didn’t you worship the Prince…?”


    “Just because I adore him doesn’t mean we’re married. You’re in no position to say that.”


    Faritina said somewhat dismissively.


    “That’s true,” replied Serion inorganically.


    That’s how Dukes are.


    For the first time in her life, she felt a strange connection with Serion.


    Perhaps the feelings she had felt for the prince a short time ago had been false.


    Faritina thought soberly.


    If I became the companion of that gentle prince, he might love me. Perhaps it was this expectation alone that made me yearn for him.


    The thought made sense to her, but at the same time she felt very empty.


    The prince is only kind to everyone.


    He is as kind to his fiancée as he is to the ladies who flock to his soirees(Parties).


    There have been times when I wish I had him all to myself. But there was no way I could do that if the receiver wasn’t willing.


    “I miss Gemini.”


    Faritina murmured, remembering the affection Gemini showed her.


    “You shouldn’t have come. You brocon.”


    “I had business in Modori Port.”


    “What do you want?”


    “There’s an imperial mission there. I wanted to ask them about the school there.”


    “You mean Colin?”


    Faritina nodded.


    “The only one who followed him was a servant boy, right? He’s young and can be clumsy. I hope he’s not in any trouble. I was wondering what he’s doing at school. I was wondering if I could talk to him.”


    That’s what the faritina is here for.


    She wants to know if there is a school for girls.


    She wants to send Ceara there.


    You never know when embezzlement by your own mother will come to light. If that happens, Ceara will never get a proper partner.


    If she is stripped of her title, she will have to live her life as a commoner.


    If you are in an imperial country that is more difficult to reach, even if you fall, you may be able to receive education for one year, perhaps until you graduate, as long as you can afford it.


    ‘Huh,’ sighed Serion in exasperation.


    “So after Gemini, it’s Colin.”


    “Aren’t you worried? Serion.”


    “No, not at all. I’m sure he’ll make it. That’s why he left the country.”


    I’m sure you do. Faritina raised an eyebrow.


    If we can connect with Colin, we might be able to escape to the Empire in case of emergency.


    It would be difficult for her and Serion, who had already made their debut, to refuse the responsibility of being members of the nobility of this land, but the other siblings…


    “Why don’t you do something about yourself instead of other people? If you don’t, you may not only be on the Executive Committee until graduation, but you may even be kicked off.”


    “I may not be attending school, but I’m still turning in my assignments.”


    “What’s the point of staying in school if you’re not involved in politics?”


    “The measures I proposed were never adopted.”


    “You’re such a…”


    There was a hint of annoyance in Serion’s voice.


    “How did you manage to stay in school?”


    “That’s why they give you assignments.”


    The assignments are given as punishment for not showing up. Maybe it is a punishment.


    I could have written most of them while Gemini was asleep or at home, so I was more than happy to do the paper instead of attending.


    “I don’t know why you’re being so uncooperative.”


    Faritina leaned forward at Serion’s remark.


    “I beg your pardon?”


    “Are you being cooperative, Serion?”


    “What are you talking about? If you don’t cooperate with others, you won’t be able to implement the measures.”


    “Well” Faritina said, looking at Serion with genuine surprise.


    Serion glared at her, annoyed.


    “You are a rude person.”


    “Yes,? If it was rude. I’m sorry. Because it doesn’t look like that.”


    “If you weren’t my sister, I would have thrown you out of the carriage.”


    Faritina glanced under the fan at Serion, who crossed his legs and sniffed sullenly.


    Apparently Serion was more human than she had thought.


    She couldn’t help but laugh and giggle at him.


    “What is it?”


    “Nothing. It’s nothing at all. I’m sorry.”


    She apologized auspiciously, but the laughter didn’t stop, and she continued to laugh as Serion stared at him.


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