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    The Goal Is To Survive

    Chapter 1

    Chapter 1: Nightmare

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 1: Nightmare


    Faritina had a nightmare.


    It was a strangely real dream.


    Faritina, the eldest daughter of the highest nobleman of the country, was betrothed to the second prince. This was the prince she had secretly longed for since childhood. But on the day of her graduation from the noble academy, a month earlier, she was tied up, tortured with whips, drugged with poison and executed.


    The charge against her was that she had persistently tormented a female classmate.


    It is true that she did not like her.


    She did not like the fact that, despite her lowly status as a baroness, she had been elected to the Council of the academy because of her excellent grades and was pampered by the Prince and other nobles.


    Faritina, a Duchess, was not included in the executive committee.


    Her jealousy caused her to sarcasm and glare at the female students, but she had never done anything to endanger her life.


    However, he was detained on the charge of doing so.


    With her born nobility, she proclaimed her innocence and cursed the schoolgirl who had falsely accused her, but when her fiancé, the second Prince, came to see her, she looked at him with contempt and made new accusations.


    It was a betrayal of his birth family, the Dukes of Granquiace, to the Royal Family.


    The Dukes of Granquiace made a living by distributing the precious iron and steel resources and the highly effective herbal medicines produced by the land to the entire kingdom through the Royal Family.


    However, half of the production was being handed over to a certain noble family. And that noble family was selling it both domestically and internationally through black market sales.


    The noble family was the Duchess of Granquice, the lover of Faritina’s mother.


    The Duchess Granquise had been acting as the head of the family since the death of the head of the family, Faritina’s father.


    After her father’s death, her mother betrayed the Duchy for her lover and violated the contract with the Royal Family. Due to Faritina’s foolish behavior, the Duchy’s treachery, which had been hidden from the public, was made public and Faritina was executed along with her mother and brothers.


    It was a month before Faritina’s wedding to the second prince, which was promised to take place immediately after her graduation at the age of 18.


    The dream came to Faritina when she was 15 years old.


    What a nightmare.


    Faritina could not hold back the cold sweat.


    It was too vivid to be a dream. And the embodiment of her own inner malice.


    Faritina had entered the Noble Academy a year ago. And the other day, she was not elected to the executive board. The executive board included the prince, his entourage, and the Baroness in question.


    Am I going to die?


    In such a miserable way.


    Ignored and neglected by everyone.


    Her family visited her in detention, but all were foul-mouthed and insulting to her.


    It was her younger brother, Serion, who broke Faritina’s heart the most.


    If only I didn’t have you, the ex-wife’s child.


    If only you weren’t so stupid.


    Her heart ached as she remembered how he had cursed her with a face just like her late father’s.


    Serion was a legitimate son of a Duke.


    He had been known as a genius since he was a child, and he had a certain air of contempt for his half-sister.


    Besides Serion, Faritina had four younger siblings, but she was not close to any of them.


    Faritina’s mother was the daughter of a Count of a different faction from that of Granquiace, and her foster mother was a former maid from a Viscount family. The late Duke of Granquiace had an affair with his maid and took his current wife soon after she died.


    As a result, Faritina’s birth mother’s family loathed him like a scorpion, and the Granquise family and Faritina’s birth mother’s family, the Remiltons, were virtually isolated from each other.


    For the Dukes of Granquiace, who have high rank and their own lands, the dislike of the lower-ranking Remilton is not such a big problem. Due to stable relations with the Duke of Consul’s faction, to which the Remilton belongs, the issue of the Remilton’s and the Dukes of Granquiace has remained a family matter and has not become a major problem.


    Nor is it a major problem within the family. This is because the Duchy is large and the budget is distributed evenly among the children, especially Faritina, who is to become Princess and Queen, and she receives a good education and environment.


    Even if she has another mother, it’s not a problem as long as she is aware of her duties as Duchess.


    Faritina thought so too, until she had the dream.


    Serion’s words in the dream were particularly painful to Faritina.


    She was only worthy of being the eldest daughter of a Duke.


    Until now, she had been proud of that and confident in her ability to fulfill that role.


    But when that position falls, what will be left for me?


    The position that I had been so proud of suddenly seemed fragile and empty.


    A position is just a position, the rest is nothing.


    A single betrayal by the duke’s family can quickly cost you your life.


    There is no one who would beg for Faritina’s life.


    Realizing this, a chill ran down her spine.

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