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    An Obsessive Man Raised Impurely

    An Obsessive Man Raised Impurely (Web Novel)

    Author: 멈뭄
    Rank 165
    3 Releases 3.3K Views 123 Followers Ongoing Status
    Last Update 4 days ago


    She approached the villain with impure intentions just before his downfall.


    She raised him, who had turned into a child, waiting for him to return to his original form. She believed she’d never be affected by him, that she’d have no regrets.


    But it was merely her conceited vanity.


    When she eventually came to her senses and was brought back to reality, it was too late.


    “Noona, why don’t you hug me anymore these days?”


    ‘It’s true that I was the one who approached him with dirty purposes first, but his eyes that gazed back at me eventually turned impure as well.’


    “Bad things… I want to do it with you.”


    The words he spewed, now that he was a grown man again, were much too hot.


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