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    The voice was calling out her name in a kind tone that touched her heart.

    Cersinia looked up to find the owner of the voice. Then, she saw a man in a uniform walking toward her without hesitation.

    The man’s black hair, who was approaching her with a wide stride, fluttered in the sun. The eyes of the man, who has shiny skin like a sandy beach, were looking at her intensely. His dark purple eyes seemed to shine brightly like the night sky. And below that, straight, high-stretched nose and sharp jawline. He is a person with a handsome appearance.

    Whenever the man moved one step at a time, muscles that had fallen well under his broad and sturdy shoulders twitched in his clothes. He is tall and walking toward her with his long legs, like a picture.

    ‘How did you know my name?’ Cersinia chewed her lips out of anxiety. How did a man I’ve seen for the first time know my name?

    She was worried that it might have spread to other neighborhoods already. She really wanted to live a quiet life, but where did things go wrong.

    A man stopped in front of Cersinia, who was worried with a serious expression. He bowed his head to her on one knee without hesitation.

    “What, what?”

    Cersinia froze at the sudden action. The wind passed gently between the two of them. Then a strange but familiar odor was transmitted to her. The scent of this man is familiar to her. Her heart trembled subtly.

    The man with his head up was staring at her wrist, which was marked with rope. His persistent look at her wrist was as hot as fire. She felt embarrassed and moved to hide her hands. But his actions were one step faster.

    The man held Cersinia’s hand. His act of gripping Cersinia’s hand was careful. He seemed worried that Cersinia might get hurt. He brought her hand close to his lips. With his moist eyes, he kissed her hand.


    Her voice trembled slightly in embarrassment. The tingling sensation felt without a moment to stop. But she didn’t pull her hand out of his grasp or push him away because of the familiar scent.

    The man had been kissing Cersinia’s back of hand for a long time. It felt as if she had become a precious treasure that had been cherished for a long time.

    Cersinia gazed down at him. The man she saw for the first time today was unfamiliar but not unfamiliar. She was confused.

    After a while, he finally opened his mouth from the back of her hand. The spot where his lips touched was hot as if a flower had bloomed. The burning sensation shuddered through her body.

    The man raised his hazy eyes with longing. Cersinia faced the dark purple eyes which projecting herself.

    ‘No way…’ Cersinia’s pupils trembled. She knew it was ridiculous that he was a completely different person. But she opened her mouth to those familiar eyes.


    It was a beautiful voice like a chirping from a bird. He smiled with a dazzling smile as if he was satisfied with the name she called with red lips.

    “My Cersinia. I’ve missed you.”

    At the corners of his eyes curved like a crescent, Cersinia took a deep breath.

    * * *

    Three years ago.

    The story about Cinderella is about a commoner heroine who catches the eyes of the crown prince and becomes the crown princess. Cersinia was a villain in that obvious story. Cersinia, the only wizard of the Belpar Empire, is a strong woman who could freely use the magic of fire. An OP character who can shoot fire to burn out everything and absorb heat.

    No one in the Empire could defeat her. Thoroughly portrayed as a witch, she burned the heroine’s mother and half of the Empire. As if that was not enough, she even tried to kidnap and kill the crown prince. As a result, the crown prince escaped with his protagonist buff and stopped her attempt. Her end, who was evil to the bone and committed all sorts of evil deeds, was truly tragic.

    When she got caught, 15 iron arrows were targeting her without mercy. That iron arrow cannot be burned by fire. In addition, she was beheaded at the hands of the crown prince in front of everyone. As her blood flowed, she closed her red eyes. The crowd cheered at her death, and the crown prince was relieved. Her death was thoroughly planned. A plan prepared to kill Cersinia from a long time ago.

    An episode that will make the male protagonist even cooler. Cersinia became a scapegoat because of the author. Peace came to the Empire without her. The novel ends with the crown prince and crown princess making a 100-year marriage celebration in front of everyone.

    ‘How sick of that,’ Cersinia thought so. A love story made with one person’s sacrifice is all bullshit. While sitting at the table, she thought about that. She was nervous somewhere and trembling her legs.

    “Are you going to end it like this?”

    The sarcastic sound, as if it were just that much guts, offended her. Stimulated, she took a deep breath and responded.

    “Sixteen Black.”

    She puts all the chips on 16 black with a sweet voice. The spectators all applauded at the scene. Sitting in the middle of the most crowded gambling house, she was the main character.

    She came to light at the gambling house and turned her life around. One shot at life! She bet her entire fortune, feeling like it’s all or nothing, but what happened? God’s grace must have been upon her. She hit the jackpot two times in a row.

    Two times in a row.

    ‘Please… God, please,’ it’s definitely crazy. She should have just done it twice.

    She prayed to all the gods. What happened this time was a flash of an eye this time. She prayed the words ‘first and last’ wouldn’t apply to her. The marble in the dealer’s hand slowly rolls slowly. After a while, the marble made a sound rolled as if in a slow-motion scene. 3 seconds. It was only 3 seconds, but it felt as slow as a billion years. She couldn’t hide her nervousness, so she clasped her hands under the table. The moment when the tense 3 seconds passed, and the marble stopped.

    “Sixteen Black.”


    With a shout from the dealer, spectators cheered in uproar. She stood up with her shaking legs. Her heart, which had been pounding violently at her nervousness, turned into a pounding of joy.

    ‘There you go! There you go! It’s a turning point of my life!’

    The spectators soared with joy. She tried to keep a poker face, trying to hide her grin that leaked out. However, her excitement couldn’t be covered, so she took a deep breath. Even her appearance alone was so beautiful that the spectators gasped and breathed in all at once.

    “Here it is.”

    The dealer smiled bitterly and handed over piles of chips. She quickly swept the chips into a pre-packed sack. She didn’t know it was going to be like this, but she was glad to bring it. Eventually, she grinned greedily.

    ‘OMG, how much is all this? I’m really starting a new life,’ she packed all the chips and made her way to the currency exchange. It’s really over now. In here, she may lose all the money she earned for her future progress. She felt like she was going to fly away. The sack on her shoulders was heavy, but even that felt good. She was finally one step closer to her glamorous and quiet life.

    Her name is Cersinia, who has a desire to raise her wealth. It had been ten days since she possessed Cersinia’s body. Cersinia was a woman with fiery red hair and fair skin like snow.

    She has crimson-colored eyes, a tall nose, and red lips like pomegranate. Her appearance was not easily forgotten once they saw her, and her body was as good as her face. Deep collar bones and slender wrists and ankles. Even her body was also beautiful. She is a woman with a perfect appearance.

    But the original owner of this body had a fiery personality. She even had anger control disorder, and whenever she got angry, she couldn’t control her magic. No one dares to be by her side. She has always been a loner.

    ‘What’s the point of having a good look that deserves to be praised? She is a loner whose head will be cut off and die.’

    Her death was also considered as the long-awaited death was frequently talked about in the romance novel. As a character who committed horrific acts of evil, readers only wanted Cersinia dead the whole time they read it. She was dissatisfied with it. Using her character that can be drawn attractively as a tool to trigger an event. The novel doesn’t specify how Cersinia started her evil deeds. She was nothing more than an axis of evil that appeared without probability and created incidents. A misfortune character who has been used as a writer’s tool. Even after she died, the readers’ mouths kept talking about how evil she was.

    What a poor life.

    “That doesn’t mean I’m going to be like her.”

    Her angry voice popped out. She just thought her Cerisinia was pitiful. But when she closed the book and opened her eyes, she didn’t know she’d become Cersinia. That was three years before the story of the novel began when Cersinia appeared as a villainess.

    At first, she blamed her like crazy. She can’t believe that she will experience a cruel death. Her eyes went dark.

    On second thought, there were three years left. It was before the novel started. Besides, Cersinia was caught being a witch in the middle of the novel.

    What about that?

    “Before that, no one knew I’m a witch.”

    She thought it was God’s will. God’s will to let her live. So, she decided to live her own life, just like how she won the money recklessly in the gambling house.

    Knowing the end of the novel, she had no intention to do the same as the original. She will live a normal life, not as a witch. Quietly and serenely, without dying terribly. Living quietly without using magic could be the source of the problem.

    But since she’s alive, she has always wanted to live her life. Of course, she needs money to do that. The only legally operated gambling house in the Empire. That’s why she came here today. Cersinia hummed and entered the currency exchange with light steps.

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