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    Chapter 9: Goodbye My Nightingale


    The next morning, Dostoyev frowned as he boarded me.


    As usual, he stood me up and took the iron sword in its scabbard that Alisha had prepared for me, but he stopped when he strapped the sword to my waist.


    I clenched both my fists according to his will and punched into the air.


    Gong! and a sound echoed in the hanger.


    Dostoyev reached inside the cockpit and switched on the external speaker.


    “Alisha, you’re not making the right adjustments!”


    At my feet, she bows her head apologetically.


    “S-Sorry. I thought I did what I always do.”


    Dostoyev spread out my hands and moved his ten fingers smoothly, as if he were playing the piano.


    No, there is one finger that is lagging behind in its movement.


    It’s my right pinky finger that I was able to exercise some control over last night.


    You wouldn’t know it from looking at it from the outside.


    Only I and Dostoyev feel uncomfortable.


    Dostoyev made me get down on one knee and walked out of the cockpit.


    I saw Alisha out of the corner of my eye.


    She was pale next to the maintenance pool.


    Dostoyev stood in front of her.


    From my point of view, they both look like children, Dostoyev is almost two meters tall and Alisha is about 160 centimeters. They are truly an adult and a child.


    The hangar was silent.


    A few moments ago, two other Titans were noisily preparing to go out on their regular patrol, but the two maintenance men stopped what they were doing and looked at our direction.


    Dostoyev took a comb from the pocket of his furry winter coat and stroked his long gray hair.


    “Alisha, how long have you been here?”


    I could see Alisha’s throat gulping spit.


    “That’s three years and two months.”


    “That’s right.” Dostoyev nodded. 


    “I remember you were at the ‘Gate of Blessing’ before that. Sorting out the organic matter that gets dumped at the gate.”


    You were trying to create a new Titan by piecing together the useless parts of the Titans I had defeated. Of course, there was no way a single service kid could do such a thing, but it was enough to catch my attention as I happened to be passing by.


    I left you in the hands of your predecessor, Grandpa Suet. So, in the two and a half years since you left, you haven’t made a single mistake.


    Not even once.


    You’ve always been perfect.


    Until today.”


    Alisha began to tremble.


    Dostoyev said.


    “You’re fired. Get out.”


    “No way! Wait! If I lose my job, how will my sister and I be able to survive! ?”


    Dostoyev shrugs his shoulders.


    “I’ve heard that Grandpa Suet has never failed in 40 years, counting from his predecessor’s generation. Do you know why? If you mechanics fail, we pilots will die. And the Titans will be crushed, and the city will be destroyed by the enemy. The enemy will collect every last citizen as food.


    You seem to think it’s just a small mistake, but it’s the entire population of this city that you’ve put at risk.


    We are fighting for our lives. 


    Not only me, but everyone in this city. 


    You put everyone’s lives in danger. 


    You’re fired.”


    Alisha nodded and staggered out of the hanger.


    Dostoyev claps his hands.


    “Move! Everyone! Get back to work! The enemy could be closing in on us even as we speak!”


    The workers in the hangar shouted in unison “Ou!”.


    I was feeling gloomy.


    Dostoyev’s words are right on the money.


    But you can tell by looking at the entire hanger. Alisha was undoubtedly the best mechanic in the place.


    And even if the pinky is not responsive, it’s right there, perceptible or not. I don’t think it will interfere with combat.


    I wondered if Dostoyev had sensed my gaze.


    I slapped my armor with my hand.


    Don’t worry. I have a new mechanic for you. The best of the best.

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