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    Chapter 8: Hope


    Alisha removed the seat of my cockpit and cut and connected some wires.


    “I think that my inability to establish psychokinesis on you is more a matter of the authentication device than my aptitude. I think the reason you are not responding is because you are fixated on Dostoyev-san. So I am going to try to reduce the degree of fixation just a little bit. Just a little more than Dostoyev-san knows.”


    She put the seat back in place and nervously gripped the control lever.


    I was also nervous.


    I wonder what would happen if someone other than Dostoyev moved it.


    I hear a drop of water trickle down from somewhere on the hanger.


    The roaring of the snowstorm outside reached my ears faintly.


    Nothing happened.


    Alisha’s mind is racing, but I can’t feel her, and I can’t move a single pinky finger.


    Alisha let go of the controls.


    “It’s hopeless.” She looked up to the sky.


    That was when it happened.


    My finger moved.


    Pinky finger.


    I was able to make it twitch, but only by a fraction of an inch or so.


    Alisha didn’t notice anything, and with a disappointed look on her face, she turned off the light in the hanger and headed home.


    Immersed in a warm pool, I gave myself up to a faint hope.

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