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    I’ve Been Reincarnated as a Giant Humanoid Weapon ~Frozen World Reignited~

    Chapter 48

    Chapter 48: Bloodthirsty Macho Goggles.

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 48: Bloodthirsty Macho Goggles.


    I was carried into the hangar of the “mother ship” by the Imperial Titans and rolled around in an empty regeneration tank.


    Compared to those in the city, the bathtub was much deeper.


    Pipes ran along the floor in all directions.


    Huge chains and claws hung from the iron beams near the ceiling, and a rat-like creature scurried around in the corner of the beam.


    A small man standing next to the regeneration tank raised his glasses with his middle finger.


    “What is this garbage?”


    The man was short, but his arms sticking out of his rolled-up sleeves were as thick as tree trunks. Not even an arm wrestler could have managed that. He was covered with fresh scars, even on his face.


    He looked down at me with cold eyes.


    The pilot who had brought me said to him over a loudspeaker.


    “The commander wants to operate this thing.”


    “You’ve got to be kidding. Take a good look. Do you know what this thing looks like?”


    “Oh, it’s made of parts.”


    “That’s right, a mixture of parts from seven, maybe eight civilizations. Do you know what that means?


    The flesh of one Titan can be put on another Titan and not be repelled, but different civilizations have different arrangements of nerves and blood vessels. Therefore, you can usually only connect parts of titans of the same type, such as the central system that forms the foundation.


    The mechanics of this Titan are quite sophisticated if you simply connect them together. Apparently, there are some talented people among the savages in the mountains.


    But it’s impossible to operate it. Imagine this. Your own arms and legs are cut off and replaced by someone else’s. Well, maybe one or two arms, but the thing is too much of a mishmash.


    I can’t move it. That’s bullshit.”


    “No, but, sir (sensei), it worked, didn’t it? He fell off the mountain and landed on his feet. Well, then he got knocked down. It’s not like he didn’t move. I think the commander thought you could do it.”


    The macho man in glasses who called himself “Sir” put his glasses back on.


    “Landed, huh? That’s impossible.”


    “Well, I’ll leave it to you to fix it. I still have snow to shovel.”


    The Titan who had carried me left the hangar, his footsteps echoing.


    Macho Glasses said, “Wait! Where’s the pilot? Is he still alive? We need to talk to him!” but the Titan disappeared outside.


    A breeze blew in through the open door.


    Macho Glasses looked back down at me.


    “That thing is moving?”

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