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    I’ve Been Reincarnated as a Giant Humanoid Weapon ~Frozen World Reignited~

    Chapter 47

    Chapter 47: The girl was a slave (lie).

    Translated by SykTL
    Edited by SykTL


    Chapter 47: The girl was a slave (lie).


    Since we became one in the city, Riga and I can see each other, hear each other, and share superficial feelings even when she is not driving.


    I can see what Riga sees and hears when I am paying attention.


    At that moment, Riga looks up at the Titan she is looking up at.


    The white Titan of the empire is holding a spear weighing tons at the weak girl who came out of me. At the tip of the spear is the blood of the mountain people.


    From the outside speaker on the Titan’s chest, it sounds loudly.


    “Who are you?”


    W? A? U?” and the echo of the mountain tops reverberates.


    The sound is so loud that it sounds like an avalanche has been unleashed, if all the surrounding mountains hadn’t just collapsed.


    Riga looks the Titan right in the face.


    “I came to ask you to take me in.”


    “What do you mean?” And the voice is loud.


    I told her in my mind.


    ‘I was a slave and you saved me.’


    “I was a slave and you saved me.”


    ‘You saved me.’ Riga bites her lip and thinks hard.


    I said in my mind.


    ‘Right now, you have to stay alive. You have to wait for the right moment.’


    The red Titan of Yazde approaches, the earth trembles.


    I picked up the telekinesis Yazde had sent his men.


    “I don’t understand you, child. I have no time for questions. Lock her in the dungeon for now. Question her, and if she is suspicious, throw her out.”


    “Yes,” said the pilot.


    Yazde’s Titan comes even closer.


    “But this Titan is quite strange. The head, torso and left leg are Sun King style, the left arm is Lada Barbarian style, and the right hand and leg are Wanderer Shren style.”


    “Only the Sun King part can be used for our assembly. Should we take it apart here?”


    “No, it’s strange, but if we customize and upgrade it, it should be operational for our troops. We don’t have time to disassemble it. The scheduled return date is already seven days past. We need to return to the capital as soon as possible. As soon as you load it into the hangar, get to work clearing the mothership of snow.”




    “Post this, yes. Send it to Traden.”


    “To Sir? Well, his Titan didn’t make it back from Cannibal City, so he’s available.”


    “No other mechanic can tune this thing. They’re all too entrenched in the ways of the Empire. Now go.”


    The Titan in front of me grabbed me by both arms and dragged me through the snow.


    Yazde’s Titan glared down at Riga.


    Riga stared directly at him, his small body seething with agitation.


    Then two foot soldiers in white armor charged towards her.


    Apparently Yazde had radioed them.


    One of the infantrymen roughly grabs Riga’s thin arm and hurls her towards the mothership.


    I am dragged on my back so that I can only see the sky, but through Riga’s eyes I can see the mothership from the side.


    When I saw it from the cliff with the eyes of a Titan, I felt it was big, but from Riga’s point of view, a human, it was like a Titan’s castle. No, it really is a Titan’s castle, and…


    The caterpillars on the floor are as big as a small house. The wheels that drive the caterpillar are similar to those of the steam locomotive I saw at Shimbashi Station one day, but they are a different size. The mix of old and nice parts suggests that the locomotive has been in service and repaired time and time again.


    At the top of the track is a box the size of a five or six story building. The surface of the box is covered with white paint, but it has peeled off in some places, revealing the gray metal of the floor. Judging by the rust, it is probably an iron alloy.


    The width on both sides is about the same as an elementary school playground. On the far right, several chimney-like stacks protrude with white steam rising from them.


    The vengeful Riga was indeed overwhelmed and stood still.


    A soldier nudged Riga with a spear thrust.


    “Move along, you’re wasting heat.”


    Just ahead of Riga, a section of the mothership’s armor opened and a staircase with a railing led down.


    ‘Mr. Vamishra,’ Riga said.


    As for me, I was dragged through the wide-open entrance for the Titans.


    I remind her to keep her head up. From what I’ve heard, Titans are valuable to these guys, too. There must be a clue in there.

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