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    I’ve Been Reincarnated as a Giant Humanoid Weapon ~Frozen World Reignited~

    Chapter 46

    Chapter 46: A piece of the sun and nuclear fusion at room temperature.

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 46: A piece of the sun and nuclear fusion at room temperature.


    Riga followed my instructions and answered with a telekinetic wave.


    “The Titan is hungry and not strong enough. He can’t lie on his back, so I can’t go out.”


    I felt the Titan riders buzzing with telekinesis.


    “Was that a woman talking?”


    “And she sounded like a child. ‘Ms. Titan’?”


    Yazde said.


    “Potipa, Sikem, Gath, hold your spears. Sendeva, wake up the Titan. The rest of you get on with your work.”


    As I fell on my face, I saw the Titans begin to move their hands that rested on their sides.


    Four of them, who were shoveling the snow in front of the mothership, were using something like shovels to shovel the snow at great speed. The edge of the shovel is quite sharp. It can be used as a substitute for an axe in battle.


    Three of them shovel the snow around the base of the mother ship, and they carefully shovel the snow with their hands without using any tools. Perhaps because they can’t move as precisely as I can, the Titans stop when they get near the caterpillars, and the soldiers from the top of the mothership shovel away the snow with small human shovels.


    The two Titans face each other, flanked by the brood tank.


    They both sit down, say “Heave-ho” by telekinesis, and lift it up.


    “It’s still heavy as hell,” one of them mutters. “What’s in there that’s so heavy?”


    “You guys don’t know anything. There’s a ‘piece of the sun’ in there.”


    “A piece of the sun? If there was a piece of the sun in there, it would burn.”


    “Here’s a barrel,” said one of the Titans, tapping the brewing container, the “barrel.” “Not even the sun can match it, and all we get is the heat of the sun.”


    I thought in a corner of my mind.


    A piece of the “sun,” maybe a fusion power plant. So this thing they’re messing around with is some kind of nuclear reactor?


    The Titan standing next to me knocks me over, and the “barrel” disappears from view.


    I lie down on my back.


    All I can see is the gray sky and the tops of the mountains.


    The clouds swirl low in the sky.


    In some places on the cliffs, the ice and snow have completely fallen away, leaving the mountain face bare, probably from the earlier explosion and avalanche.


    Most of the surface of the mountain was the color of black rock, but in some places it had a metallic pale glow.


    Terms like “supermatter,” “superstructure,” and “matter outside of time” come to mind.


    According to the science shows I’ve seen as a human, the Dyson sphere exerts an astronomical load on the “envelope” surrounding the star because of its structure. The Dyson sphere requires a superstructure that will never break.


    The builders of the Dyson Sphere allow the structure to concave inward or outward to create a vast terrain of mountains and rivers.


    This happens because there is no plate motion in the Dyson Sphere. Since there is no orogenic movement as on Earth, a mountain range, even if it is created by mounding earth, will flatten out after tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or tens of millions of years due to weathering. For this reason, the foundations of high mountains consist of the superstructures themselves.


    However, it is hard to imagine that all the remaining rocks on the surface are peeled off by the shock wave.


    Moreover, even the Empire, which supposedly has science and technology, has lost its knowledge of fusion power generation systems, referring to them as “pieces of the sun,” as in a fairy tale.


    Apparently, this Dyson Sphere world was created much longer ago than I thought.


    “Hurry up and get off,” the Titan pilot says directly above me.


    Riga undoes the straps tying her hands to the controls and operates the hatch opening.


    With a popping sound, the air inside escapes, letting in the cold outside air.


    “I’m out of here.”


    With that, she stepped outside.

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