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    I’ve Been Reincarnated as a Giant Humanoid Weapon ~Frozen World Reignited~

    Chapter 45

    Chapter 45: CALORIES, ZERO (hungry and weak)

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 45: CALORIES, ZERO (hungry and weak)


    An imperial Titan steps on the child we are trying to save.


    A cold rage exploded within us as we fell.


    The memory of the destruction of the city comes back.


    An apartment complex collapses.


    A child’s doll falls from the sky.


    Alisha disappeared into the clouds.


    We clung to the rocks that rose almost every fifty meters from the ground, sinking at tremendous speed as we braked.


    We landed right next to the Titan that had killed the child.


    With a roar, the snow flew violently into the air.


    The Titan’s rider muttered, “What?” in a telekinetic wave.


    We instantly had an ideal picture in our minds.


    The first thing we’re going to do is cut off the Titan’s head with a single sword stroke.


    It was painful to lose the great sword he had picked up while climbing in the city, but a perfect blow in mind and body should be able to shatter the opponent’s neck vertebrae.


    Then I take the sword from the scabbard on the hip of the Titan I’ve struck down, and the spear from his hand.


    Then I throw the spear and pierce the chest of the Titan a hundred meters to the right.


    Close the distance to Yazde’s red hull and shoot him within ten seconds before the entire enemy can react.


    Since he’s the pilot who broke away with Yazde, he can probably stand up to us for a few rounds, but we’ll definitely take him out.


    And then there’s the close combat.


    It will be difficult if some of them cling to our limbs without regard for their own sacrifice, but if they are angered by the general’s defeat, we have a chance to win.


    The “What?” of the enemy Titans Before the telekinetic wave of the enemy Titan disappears, we have developed a perfect plan to defeat the last machines of the enemy.


    Now all we have to do is execute it.


    We start with the Titan in front of us.


    I swing my right hand to attack him with my swo—


    I fall on the snow.


    There’s a crash.


    “What?” muttered Riga’s body.


    The rider of the Titan she was trying to kill said, “W-What the hell was that? I thought it was going to rain, but then he fell.” I just collapsed.


    Our bodies didn’t move one bit.


    We had no strength left in our muscles.


    What had happened?


    Were we attacked just before we landed?


    Another Titan rider said.


    “Enemies, huh?”


    We concentrated, but all we felt was a slight tremor in the little finger of our left hand.


    Riga, confused, pulled one hand away from the stick.


    “What, Mr. Vamishra, what’s going on?” she cried.


    I felt every sensation in my body.


    There was no pain anywhere.


    But I couldn’t move.


    All the major muscles in my arms and legs stopped working.


    A strange tiredness enveloped my entire body.


    The same strange feeling I had while climbing.


    A feeling I had felt a long time ago.


    Every organ in my body was searching for something.


    My Titan brain was using logical thinking to give an answer.


    This is a similar feeling to the one I had as a human just before lunch.


    A feeling of restlessness, especially in the abdomen.


    In other words—


    “I lost my warmth.”


    I was “hungry.”


    For months I wasn’t hungry, and I didn’t know I was hungry because the visual sensations of Titans are different than those of humans.


    And now I’ve run out of calories.


    Probably a limiter or something turned on to protect the brain. If the calories aren’t replenished, she won’t be able to move.


    Riga groans in exasperation.


    Yazde’s telekinesis echoes.


    “You there, rider of the Titan! Stand up if you don’t want to be killed. If you want to live at all, get off the Titan now.”

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