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    Chapter 44: 14 to 1


    Shock waves are invisible.


    I remembered what I knew when I was human.


    The white spot that appears as a shock wave in pictures of explosions is the condensation of water vapor caused by the rapid decompression behind the air compressed by the shock wave.


    The spherical blur from the brewing tank spread explosively, and the shock wave, which must have occurred just before the blur, reduced many mountain dwellers on the snow surface to dust.


    The Titans of the mountain dwellers that were still standing were smashed against the rock wall.


    The mothership of the imperial army was shaken violently.


    The shock wave went straight into the precipice.


    The snow and ice that had clung to the ship were flung away.


    The dozens of climbers who were on the ledge above the mothership were thrown into the air.


    I hurried to cover my face with my arms.


    Immediately after that, there was a violent impact of an air mass.


    I looked up and saw that the clouds in the sky were being violently shaken up.


    But the clouds did not dissipate as they had when the city was destroyed.


    Perhaps Yazde had reduced its power.


    We looked down anxiously and saw that the snow on the valley floor had hollowed out like a crater. A glowing shell glistened in the center as if nothing had happened.


    What the hell was that?


    Unharmed from the explosion?


    What kind of material was it made of?


    The mountain people scattered across the snowfield started moving.


    Although they were hit by the shock wave, about a third of them can still move.


    But instead of attacking the imperial Titans, they looked up to the sky.


    The snow.


    Every peak becomes an avalanche.


    The snow rushed down the mountainside, echoing off the ground and filling the valley floor.


    From my Titan perspective, the snow was small, covering only a few feet of the entire valley floor, but it swallowed every one of the mountain dwellers.


    The Titans of the Empire slowly rose up and chased the surviving Black Titans with several Titans.


    The black Titans fought hard, but they were outnumbered and quickly torn to pieces.


    Yazde’s telekinesis reverberated.


    “Take them down a little more carefully. We’ve lost too many Titans on this expedition. Gather up all the pieces you can find.”


    At Yazde’s direction, the Imperial Titans were divided into three groups.


    One group was to excavate the mothership, another was to remove the snow wall in front of the mothership, and a third was to get rid of the surviving mountain dwellers.


    Some of the mountain dwellers had trouble getting out of the snow.


    Now an imperial Titan stood before the eyes of the one boy.


    He was only eight or nine years old, his skinny arms protruding from his tattered clothes, and he held a small knife in his hand.


    A large red mark on his abdomen. He is bleeding. He’s not going to make it.


    My super vision caught the tears in his eyes.


    In my cockpit, Riga shouted something.


    I realized my body was moving.


    I jumped off the cliff where I was hiding.


    I knew that I had done something stupid.


    At first glance, there were fourteen enemy Titans. And one of them was Yazde’s, a Titan with outstanding athletic abilities.


    It didn’t take the super intelligence of a Titan to realize that it would be wise to abandon the boy here.


    And yet I went off the deep end.


    Riga holds the stick with her other hand.


    We are one, and all our senses are heightened.


    “We” ran down the steep rocky slope in a flailing motion.

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