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    I’ve Been Reincarnated as a Giant Humanoid Weapon ~Frozen World Reignited~

    Chapter 43

    Chapter 43: Fur Titans and Lemming Men

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 43: Fur Titans and Lemming Men


    Below me, about a thousand meters away, human soldiers surround the mothership, spears and swords in their hands.


    From this distance, they look like rats.


    In fact, their clothes are made of some kind of fur, so from a distance they really look like a pack of wild animals.


    And the Titans of the Empire are like humans themselves. They “sweep” the wild-looking humans with their spears, as if they were sweeping with brooms.


    The tips of their spears turn red.


    The humans who managed to dodge the spears clung desperately to the Titan’s legs. When the Titan swung his foot, the man who had clung to him fell away. But soon another man clung to the leg and desperately climbed up. The Titan threw away his spear and wiped it with his hand. The fallen man crashed head first into the snow and did not move an inch.


    One by one, the humans crawled toward the Titan, killing and being killed. The Titans were distraught. Apparently, the humans were targeting the cockpit.


    A violent metallic sound echoes through the valley.


    It is a clash of the Titans.


    The native Titans with black fur wield stone axes against the Imperial Titans.


    The imperial Titan strikes the enemy in the chest with his rapier-like sword, but it is easily deflected by the thick armor.


    The black Titan charges forward in a cloud of snow.


    By all appearances, he crushes his allies, but they don’t care.


    The Imperial Titan manages to absorb the force of the axe blow with the edge of his sword, but he falls back and is hurled against the rock wall.


    A tremendous bang sounded, and shards of rock and ice rained down on the two Titans.


    From the rocky ledge, about a hundred meters above the mothership, a group of men peered out.


    They jumped onto the snow cover, and when it broke open, they clung convulsively to the rock face.


    The snowpack collapsed.


    Those who could not save themselves in time into the wall were caught by the avalanche and collapsed.


    The avalanche was small, but it buried the undercarriage of the mothership. The mothership’s funnel was blowing steam, but it was not moving forward or backward.


    We saw that the front and back of the ship in the valley were filled with the same mass of snow from the avalanche.


    There was no escape for the mothership.


    The locals broke out.


    One of the Imperial Titans had crashed into the snowfield.


    The Titan rolled over, shook off the natives clinging to it, and somehow got back up.


    A red stain remained on the snow.


    Hundreds of natives were already dead, but they didn’t seem to care, and they charged the imperial army.


    With the sound of escaping steam, one of the carrier’s walls opens.


    It lifts upward like the tailgate of a car.


    A red


    titan lands slowly on the snow.


    It’s Yazde.


    In my cockpit, Riga grits her teeth.


    Yazde says through the telekinetic transmission.


    “People of the mountains. Don’t throw your lives away for nothing. Let us pass.”


    The Titans of the mountain people reply in the same telekinetic way.


    “If you want to pass, leave the barrel. This will give us heat forever. For the barrel, we will kill each and every one of you!”


    “It’s not worth it.”


    Yazde’s Titan waved his hands, and two Titans exited the mothership. They were carrying what looked like the tank of a brewery… I wonder what It  made of. It look like metal or ceramic. The surface is slightly blue with no scratches and is faintly shiny.


    They carried the brew tank to the center of the valley. I didn’t expect the Titans to have so much trouble carrying it. It must be very heavy. The Titans’ legs were knee-deep in snow when they carried it.


    The Mountain People and the Titans have stopped attacking each other and are watching the brewing tank.


    The people on the cliffs look down fearfully.


    The two Titans lowered the tank to the snow and quickly moved away.


    The hatch of the mothership closed with a bang.


    A tribute to those of you who fought well. Go in touch with the great power,” said Yazde.


    All the imperial Titans fell to the ground, writhing their bodies.


    All of the Imperial Titans lay down on the ground and curled their bodies.


    The same wave of destruction that had devastated the city spread out spherically.

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