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    I’ve Been Reincarnated as a Giant Humanoid Weapon ~Frozen World Reignited~

    Chapter 42

    Chapter 42: Another world Mt. Aiga — lowlanders

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 42: Another world Mt. Aiga — lowlanders


    (SkyTL) Mt. Aiga: Mountains somewhere in France I think.


    After we crossed the heavy snowfield, steep mountains appeared.


    But we can’t tell how high they are.


    From a height of about a hundred meters they are hidden in dense clouds.


    The tracks disappear between the mountains.


    And I heard the sound of metal coming from behind. A high, tearing sound.


    What’s going on?


    Peony snow was falling from the sky at a slow, relentless pace.


    Riga regained her grip on my controls.


    “Is it the Imperial Guard?”


    Her cheeks had a healthy tinge of red.


    Her skin is white, so the redness is obvious.


    Probably,” I said.


    Riga tilted her chin down.


    I could feel her heart burning at the prospect of revenge.


    Her hands tremble as she grips the controls.


    It’s a tremor.


    Riga said.


    “Mr. Vamishra. I have a request.”


    “What is it?”


    After a moment of silence, she continued.


    “Will you give me your life?”


    Her emotions are so strong that I can sense her thoughts even though she is holding the stick with one hand.


    She seems to be going headlong into the enemy.


    I nod my Titan head.


    “I will give you my life.”


    Riga wipes away her tears.


    “Thank you. I wish I could repay you in some way.


    That’s a phrase any man would love to hear, but she’s too young and too small. What does she weigh, thirty-five pounds? That’s one thousandth of my weight. Because even if I were the right age and figure, I wouldn’t feel that way about my family.


    “You don’t have to thank me, let’s go that way.”


    I pointed in a direction that was ninety degrees off from where the rut was going.


    “What?” muttered Riga.




    I wasn’t trying to escape.


    I just don’t want to die for nothing.


    I want to avenge Alisha’s death, but Riga’s plan is too brave for a simple girl.


    I’m sure there are ten or almost twenty Titans still on the mothership. Among them is the red Titan of Yazde, which killed Dostoev in no time.


    A head-on collision would most likely kill us.


    We must avenge them and save the life of Riga.


    To do this, it is important to know the enemy.


    I will not attack them directly. I will go around them and watch them from the side.


    My Titan brain works very logically when I am aware of it.


    If I follow my brain’s answers, I will find myself at a precipice of incredible height. Because of the dense cloud cover, I can’t tell exactly how far I’ve climbed, but it’s probably close to 2,000 feet. The rock face is so high that even MT. Aiga would be proud of it.


    I clutched the rock face with the confident grip of a Titan, planted my foot on the slightest bump, and slowly climbed up.


    This is a feat that would have been impossible for me as a human, but the improvement in my motor skills thanks to my Titan brain has given me the climbing abilities of a professional climber.


    But the weight of my body is incredible and the mountain surface is frozen.


    If you’re not careful, you’re dead.


    Logically, the detour was the right decision.


    I didn’t expect such a high mountain to rise from the plain.


    If there had been no snow and the snowfield at the foot of the mountain had been green and there had been a lake, the mountains would have been reflected on the surface of the lake and it would have been very beautiful.


    The person who designed this Dyson sphere world does not have bad taste.


    If only the temperature had been set correctly, it could have been a paradise world.


    Every time the wind rushes past my ear, Riga lets out a little scream.


    She is a flatlander.


    She’s never been this high in her life.


    And suddenly she’s climbing.


    I break out in a cold sweat as she almost grabs the control stick with her free left hand as we sway.


    “Never grab the control stick with both hands!”


    As we become one here, her fear is directly reflected in my actions. I go straight down.


    Riga says, “Y-yes!” and braces her left hand on her hip.


    The rock I was holding in my right hand crumbled.


    A lump the size of a car fell with great force and disappeared into the clouds.


    There is a short pause, then I hear a dull thud.


    Riga recoils with a yelp.


    If it hadn’t been for the anti-reflux cord holding her right hand to the stick, she would have pulled her hands in front of her body and it would have been the end of the world.


    “But… Mr. Vamishra. Do we really have to do this! ?” said Riga.


    I grabbed the nearest bump and pulled myself up the overhang.


    I couldn’t even do a single pull-up with my original body. The body of this Titan is truly amazing. But the climbing had exhausted me, and I felt a fatigue like I had never experienced before.


    I looked around.


    Apparently, this was the ridgeline.


    “Riga, we’ll soon find out.”


    The other side of the mountain was relatively mild.


    After a short descent, we reached a large cliff.


    From the base of the cliff came a muffled, bass-heavy sound, as if massive objects were moving.


    I peered out from the edge of the cliff.


    Through the clouds, I can see the “battlefield.”




    A huge imperial mothership stopped on the plain of the valley.


    Even seeing it with my own eyes, I can’t believe how big it is.


    It is twice or even three times the size of the American Nimitz-class aircraft carrier I saw in Yokosuka.


    Its shape looks like a lunch box with caterpillars.


    Smokestacks stick out here and there like exhaust pipes with steam coming out of them.


    It was surrounded by ten white Imperial Titans.


    Further out, it was surrounded by three black Titans and about fifty human soldiers. The human soldiers were all dirty and looked like wildlings.


    One of the black Titans was lying on the ground, his body split in half.


    The two groups were in the middle of a fight.

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