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    Translated by SkyTL
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    Chapter 41: Blood ‘Anpanman’


    (SkyTL) Anpanman: A superhero who helps people in need by breaking off pieces of his face to give to them to eat.


    It hurts.


    I remember cutting my finger with a carving knife in art class in elementary school.


    The subject was to make an impression of a landscape in our neighborhood. I drew on a cedar board a river on my way to school. I wanted to detail the ripples on the surface of the water, so I pressed too hard on the cedar board. My hand slipped, the blade tore off my fingers, and blood flowed.


    Now my large finger, wounded by the ice blade, bled like a gutter on a rainy day. It was pouring, turning the snowfield at my feet red. The body temperature of Titans is much higher than that of humans, and steam rises from their bodies.


    My mass is much greater than a human’s, so it’s just a scratch, but it hurts.


    I try to frown, but I can’t.


    The armor under my helmet prevents me from making any facial expressions.


    Unless they have free will like me, Titans don’t move their facial muscles, so they’re not made for facial expressions.


    In my head, Riga says in a weak voice, “What are you doing?”


    “Grab a container. The one we used to melt the snow.”


    Riga has used the utensils in the cockpit to melt the snow and make drinking water. It’s a lid for a mental spittoon.


    “Ah, yes.”


    She clutches the container.


    “Then go outside.”


    I sit down on the snow field and place both my palms together on my chest like a staircase.


    Riga opens the hatch and staggers out.


    “Throw the container down,” I say.


    Although she has left Titan, the thought is still there. The telepathy between us seems pretty strong.


    She does as I say and throws the container.


    It quickly falls into the snow next to the pool of blood.


    “Down it goes, then,” I say.


    With the help of my palm and the ladder-like protrusions welded to my armor, she manages to land on the snowfield.


    I said.


    “Then drink.”


    “Drink what?”


    “What’s next to the container.”


    She looked at the pool of blood.


    It was about fifty centimeters in diameter and thirty centimeters deep.


    I could smell the iron odor through her sense of smell.


    She said.


    “I can’t.”


    “Why not? In the city you eat the flesh of the Titans. Blood is the best food. It contains hot water, minerals, iron, salt, vitamins, everything you need.”


    “I know it’s nutritious, but I can’t. Because Mr. Vamishra is not like other Titans. Mr. Vamishra thinks, rejoices and is sad, just like us. I am connected to Mr. Vamishra, and I know that he was once a human being.


    “But the people in your city also collected human flesh.”


    Riga shook his head.


    “My sister said we could eat the flesh of Titans, but never human flesh. Because that’s what our real parents did. And you, Mr. Vamishra, you are a kindred spirit. To me, you are like a family member. I cannot eat my family. I would never do that.”


    If I could move freely, I would put my hands on my chest.


    For Riga, like me, I am family.


    In the frozen world, separated from my homeworld, I felt something warmer than ever.


    “Drink. I am neither your parent nor your brother, but if I were your real parent, I would do anything to help my daughter. If I can help her by giving her blood, I will do everything I can to make her drink it. That’s what family is all about.”




    The sun’s weak rays shone on her through the clouds. Her golden, almost white hair shimmered, giving her a fairy-like softness.


    She stood there and said nothing.


    Every time the wind blew, her thin body wrapped in a thick cloak swayed.


    She looked as if she would collapse at any moment.


    I said to her,


    “If you don’t drink, you will never be able to avenge your sister.”


    She turned around and looked me in the eyes.


    She looked angry and sad.




    The blood of the Titan brought Riga out of danger.


    She recovered day by day, and after three days — after waking up and falling asleep three times — she was completely normal. After five days, she felt even more flushed than in the city.


    The world is as cold as the polar regions of the earth. So far, I have not seen any plants. This means that the inhabitants of this world rely on artificial food and raw Titan meat to get their vitamins. Previously, Alisha had said that she and her sister rarely ate Titan meat.


    Judging by this spectacular recovery, Riga’s illness could well be beriberi (vitamin B1 deficiency).


    In any case, thirteen days after leaving the city, we caught up with the imperial “mothership”.

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