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    I’ve Been Reincarnated as a Giant Humanoid Weapon ~Frozen World Reignited~

    Chapter 40

    Chapter 40: There is a world outside the Dyson sphere (a brilliant solution to the food problem).

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 40: There is a world outside the Dyson sphere (a brilliant solution to the food problem).


    A snowfield as far as the eye can see.


    There is nothing for Riga to eat.


    When she regains consciousness, Riga leans back in her seat and manages to hold on to the controls with one hand.


    “I’m sorry I worried you.”


    With one hand, she signals me to continue.


    My legs begin to move forward.


    Her thoughts were clouded by hunger, but I could still sense her desire for revenge against the Empire.


    We continued to follow the ruts left by the snowfield.


    I had raised the temperature in the cockpit, but without food, Riga’s strength was fading.


    In retrospect, we had both done something stupid.


    In our rage, we pursued the imperial army without thinking.


    The big miscalculation was the speed of their mothership, which was probably powered by tracks.


    I was going at least 60 kilometers per hour, but I could not catch up with them.


    Does the enemy have a gas turbine engine like the Abrams tank? In a world where heat is more precious than anything else, why would you need something so fuel-inefficient?


    Riga said.


    “Mr. Vamishra, tell me again the story of your world. In summer, please.”


    “Yes, in my country, Japan, there are four seasons. In this world, there is only winter, but there is also spring, summer and autumn. Winter is the coldest and summer is the hottest. The sun is shining and the heat is rising from the asphalt. Outside, everyone is sweating. Children eat crushed ice on the sidewalk. The ice is crushed into pieces and sweetened with juice.”


    At the mention of crushed ice, Riga chuckles as before.


    “I can’t believe you like to ice.”


    “When it’s hot outside, cold food tastes best,” I say.


    “It’s a dreamy world.”


    She has a lot of energy, but her stamina is almost depleted.


    Should we go back to the city?


    It’s covered in superfluids, so if there’s any food left, it should be perfectly frozen.


    When the storm subsides, we should be able to salvage something.


    But it took five days to get here, so it will take five days to get back.


    I doubt that Riga will survive.


    I myself doubt it.


    In the city hangar, fuel or some kind of liquid food is regularly pumped into the body through a hatch in the abdomen. As a semi-biological weapon, it seems to be very energy efficient, but it needs to be refilled.


    The wind whistles past my ears with a plaintive tone.


    There is really nothing on the snowfield.


    There is a rabbit-like creature roaming around near the town, but I can’t find it here.


    “There is a ‘warm land’ in this world, too,” Riga says. “But that’s a fairy tale. When I was a little girl, my grandmother told me a story. She said it was the place where you can go for a hundred lifetimes and finally arrive. Everyone who dies goes there and lives happily. My parents, my sister’s parents, and now my sister.


    Maybe that’s Mr. Vamishra’s world, isn’t it?”


    “No, probably not. The world I was on was called ‘Earth,’ a planet floating in space.”


    “Earth? Space? Floating in space? Sometimes you can see ‘oceans’ on the land behind the clouds, but does ‘space’ mean oceans and ‘land’ mean islands?”


    “No, that’s not what I meant. You think that this Dyson sphere is the whole world, but the world is more than that. It’s a much colder, much bigger, much darker ‘universe’ than this.”


    “Not of this world?”


    A mood of disbelief.


    For a moment I thought of asking her to take the controls with her other hand.


    When our brains are perfectly synchronized, we can show each other our memories. Last time we were in a confused state of mind, so only a lot of information was exchanged, but when we are conscious, we should be able to show each other certain memories.


    The clear blue sky of Yokohama in early spring, the bright green of Chichibu in May, the starry sky and Milky Way of Nasu Kogen, 


    If Riga could see them, she would be very moved.


    But the union of the two would exhaust her spirit.


    I cannot put such a burden on her, who has only her energy.


    “You are very interesting, Mr. Vamishra.”


    Riga murmured and passed out again.


    In the few moments it took her to lose consciousness, I fell to my knees on the snowfield. I was relieved to have avoided a fall, but then I lost control of my body.


    There was no time to lose.


    At the pace she was going, she wasn’t going to last two days.


    I have to do something.


    My Titan brain was getting impatient and wondering at the same time.


    Why am I so worried about Riga?


    It is true that I am indebted to her and her sister Alisha, and she always took care of Riga when she was sick.


    But now I feel that my beloved family is dying.


    I wonder if it’s because we had a heart-to-heart talk.


    My huge brain starts spinning at high speed.


    Let’s think logically.


    Riga needs calories.


    There seems to be nothing to eat within a hundred kilometers, no plants or animals in sight.


    I am the only one standing on the snowfield.


    There is only us.


    Just Riga and me.


    Suddenly I remember the solution.


    I laugh at my stupidity for not recognizing it sooner.




    As soon as she woke up and took the wheel, I hit the snowfield with my fist.


    The blow with its enormous weight blasted away the snow, breaking the thick ice and leaving a small crater.


    I grabbed the razor-sharp piece of ice with my right hand, pressed it against the armored joint of my left little finger, and pulled with all my might.

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